A Simple Way to Manage Multiple Clients

Nick Usborne

In the first article in this series we talked about how you can tap into ongoing retainer deals as a social media writer, even if you are just starting out.

In the second article we looked at the four-step process you’ll use to pick up your first social media client.

Today I’m going to show you how to organize your work and set up a process that allows you to manage multiple clients at the same time.

And yes, all of those clients will be paying you a fat monthly fee, like clockwork, every month.

OK, let’s get started.

1. Get a second monitor.

I don’t usually offer advice on what kind of computer hardware to buy. But if you’re going to make money as a social media writer, you’ll quickly find that having a second monitor on your desk is indispensable.

If you have one already, that’s great. If not, get one. They’re really inexpensive these days.

Why the second monitor? We’ll get to that in a minute.

2. Use scheduling software.

When it comes to listing your clients, their social networks and your responsibilities over the course of each day, week and month, you can do that with a combination of a calendar tool – like Google Calendar – and one or two spreadsheets.

One thing I like about Google Calendar is that I can set alerts to warn me in advance of whatever I have scheduled for the day. Those alerts pop up on both my computer and my phone.

You can also create multiple Google Calendars, using one for each client.

Now you can set up alerts for everything you need to do each day for each of your clients. Everything is organized. You always know what’s up next.

3. Download a social media management tool.

There are tons of these tools available, but the one I recommend and use myself is Hootsuite. There is a free version, but I suggest you go for the Pro version, which costs under $10 a month.

What can you do with Hootsuite?

Well, the first thing you do is set up a dashboard with all your clients’ network feeds. This way you can see exactly what is happening, all of the time, all in one place.

This is what your second monitor is for.

Use your main monitor for your regular work, and your second monitor for Hootsuite. You can manage 90% of all your social media work through that one interface.

4. Manage and automate your updates and posts.

Sometimes you have to work in real time as a social media writer. For example, when you respond to someone’s tweet on Twitter or question on LinkedIn, you want to jump on it right away.

But a lot of your work can be scheduled ahead of time. For example, your client might say they want to announce a new event or deal on Friday. They give you the graphics and info.

Create the posts and tweets for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram – these are all supported within Hootsuite – and then schedule them for Friday.

You can even schedule them for next week or the week after. Schedule the follow-up posts and tweets as well.

In other words, a huge chunk of your work can be scheduled in advance. Only a small part of it requires that you watch your clients profiles hour by hour.

And yes, there is a Hootsuite App, so you can keep an eye on things while you’re out for lunch or sitting on the beach.

And if you run out of ideas for your next tweets, Hootsuite will make some suggestions for you, based on your client’s topic and industry.

What all this automation means …

This level of automation means you can manage your time a lot more efficiently. It also means you’ll be spending less time on your client than you might anticipate. That, of course, means you’ll have time spare to take on more and more clients.

One more thing about Hootsuite. It allows you to create customized reports with a few clicks. And you can add your own business name and logo to each report. This kind of on-demand reporting will impress the heck out of your clients.

The more you, the greater your perceived value.

As we saw in the second article in this series, it isn’t hard to pick up your first social media writing client. It’s about reaching out to enough companies until one says yes.

Once you have worked for that company for just a few weeks, you are going to have enough experience to make picking up the next client even easier. Particularly if you can show them a few sample reports generated through your Hootsuite account.

This isn’t rocket science. You can do this.

And you’re going to love receiving those monthly checks!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about leveraging your social media expertise to get even more work out of each of your clients.

In the meantime, be sure to add your thoughts and comments below.

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Published: October 7, 2015

25 Responses to “A Simple Way to Manage Multiple Clients”

  1. Hi Nick,

    You are good at recommending we purchase tools from other companies to use with your programs. However, shouldn't we be purchasing your How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert program, so we will know how to get started working with social media for clients?

    I have already purchased your program and am looking forward to learning what I need to do to get started doing this for clients. I'm especially looking forward to reading the chapter on social media for MMWs.


  2. Nick Usborne's messages this week are so helpful! Thank you!

    Guest (Tammy Y)

  3. Great tips, as usual, Nick.

    However, I have to say I had a terrible experience with HootSuite and would caution everyone about using their service!

    I'm VERY tech-savvy...NEVER got (4) *common* accounts to work in HootSuite! (Problem with THEIR API) And, much to my dismay, their only form of support was via Social Media! No support desk, no email, NOTHING!

    I tried Buffer. Worked PERFECTLY the 1st time. Super-elegant interface & wonderful from the very start! The icing on the Buffer cake is that they are totally transparent as a company and the are imminently reachable. Just reply to any one of their emails!

    There is also Co-Schedule, a WordPress editorial calendar plugin. Better more for teams

    Hope this is useful info for everyone! :-)


  4. I am working on my list of 50 companies. Today I sent out about seven emails to get the social media contact. I have already gotten one response with a name and email address. I sent them a short intro email and am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Bill Taylor


  5. Nick I'll admit it. The whole social media "thing" intimidates the heck out of me. And it all stems from ignorance - mine. Your articles have helped me understand just how important social media is if one is to be a successful copywriter - and removed the "fear" factor.

    So, thank you for that. The articles have been very helpful! I did not take them as promotional - but BTW I just bought the program and am looking forward to it.




  6. Hi Nick. Nice Articles guiding well to bet on to the social media writing business. Thanks for all that.

    If you don't mind, can you please guide on the contents, the presentation etc., to keep the writings interesting. To what extent, our copy writing techniques are useful here ?

    Guest (K Venkatasubbu)

  7. Enjoying your daily tips and hints this week. Looking forward to the next 2 days. Thank you for your time and participation.

    Sincerely, GW

    Guest (George)

  8. annie oh my this is very good you have give me so much i wish i hade money to by all but i know it i keep on try i will make it i wont to worke for me so i can help orts i love this with my all plase dont stop help me annnnnne

    Guest (anie l douglas)

  9. Great deal, Nick. What if the Client wants to interact in any of the social media channels just to comment or answer a question to potential customers?


  10. Hi Nick,

    Would this be possible for someone who still works a full-time job? I noticed you mentioned that sometimes it is necessary to work in real time as a social media writer.



    Lisa L

  11. I am a total noob to copywriting, but I signed up for accelerated copywriting a month or so ago. Just learning the techie end of things is intimidating. These articles have been very informative. Thanks for sharing, and I wish I could find time and money to take the social media course, too! You have "sold" me on the idea.

    Julia D

  12. Hi Nick Great article and it is so easy to follow your steps I think I am stuck on the fear factor and worried about rejection. I have gotten LinkedIn, I have hootsuite, A new facebook page. A website is in the works.
    Thanks for all your advice Cathy


  13. Great article again Nick, full of information that we can put to work for us.

    Guest (Veronica)

  14. Bonnie here, started the course and though challenging for me as a newbie, it is very exciting to think of what could be! I want to retire from my full time stressful job early and hoping I can do this! You are great with explaining everything! Also is there somewhere on the AWAI site that gives direction on bookkeeping for writers? Will need advice big time for that! Thanks much!


  15. This will be my first pitch to these comoanies but I look forward to success and not get discouraged in any way if I fail I will get up and try again. Learned something new today about both hootsuite and buffer. Thanks Nick...

    Carmen Iris

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