Why Copywriting is a Lifelong Learning Process

Will Newman

Cave Bear.

My wife Linda calls me her Cave Bear because I hate leaving “my cave” – my tiny rural community in the mountains of northern California.

There are only two reasons I enjoy leaving my cave – visiting family and coming to Bootcamp. (And visiting family not so much. I’d much rather they visit us.)

I love Bootcamp for two reasons. First, even though I've been coming for 10 years, I always learn something new to bolster my copywriting.

More important, I come back year after year to renew old friendships and make new ones with my AWAI and Circle of Success friends.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Will Newman, a working copywriter, currently writing fundraising copy.

I’m also the Circle of Success Master Instructor. Over the next five days, I’m going to introduce you to five of my COS friends … and have them give you a peek into their lives in COS and in copywriting.

It makes sense to introduce Chris Allsop first. Chris was one of the first members to join COS. This year marks the eighth year of our friendship.

Chris lives in Canada with her husband, two of three daughters, and five cats. She specializes in writing financial and business opportunity copy. She also uses her copywriting skills to raise money for a university.

Chris is a skilled, thoughtful copywriter and a passionate person and wants to share two parts of her life as a copywriter with you.

In her own words …

About nine years ago I got a letter I’m sure many of your readers got. It’s the famous “can you write a letter like this one” promo from AWAI.

My job is a good job. But I just wanted something more … more independence. More freedom. More life. The appeal of being able to work on my own really pulled me in. So I joined AWAI and dug into the The Accelerated Program.

I thought I’d learn copywriting in a weekend, but I soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen that way. But I was bitten by the bug. I loved copywriting, so I kept going.

I quickly figured out copywriting is research, absorbing new techniques, studying successful letters … and writing. But most of all, copywriting is learning. And I love learning.

I learn something new almost every day when I’m writing. Of course I learn things related to what I’m writing about. But I also learn a great many other things at the same time. In copywriting, you keep learning all the time.

The Accelerated Program talks about “glicken” – or those unexpected freebies that come with being a copywriter. Over the nine years I’ve been writing copy, I’ve gotten my share of freebies. But the biggest glicken from copywriting is everything I’ve learned I might not have discovered otherwise.

Why did I join COS? I know a lot of our members joined because of all of the great benefits of the program. Like having all the AWAI programs at your fingertips for free.

And I joined for those types of benefits, too. All the additional resources. But that wasn’t my big reason for joining. I joined because of the seriousness of it.

I joined to prove to myself that I was serious. Serious about being a copywriter. Serious about making copywriting my real career. Serious about learning skills to be successful.

And serious about making connections with other people like me who seek the freedom of the writer’s life. Those connections with other COS members, with the COS instructors, and the AWAI staff have done more to put my career in high gear than other thing I could have done.

Being in COS has brought me closer to realizing a couple of big dreams. The first is to leave my current job. I’m close to that right now, which is good. Juggling my current job and my growing copywriting career is getting increasingly difficult. As much as I love my job, I’m looking forward to leaving it behind.

My second dream? One I’m sure I share with many other AWAI members … I’m definitely going to write the book I’ve had inside me for a long time. What’s the book on? Letting go of fear.

Letting go of fear.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started on your AWAI journey to realize your dreams … or have been in Circle of Success since it started like Chris … success depends on recognizing your fears. And letting them go.

Letting go of your fears isn’t just done in a moment. It’s a process. A process that takes place over time … as you’ll see tomorrow when you meet my next COS friend: Les.

I’d love to hear from you about today’s article. Why have you become a copywriter? Where are you on your success journey? What are your dreams? You can let us all know in the comment section.

Until then, remember to do the single most important thing you can do to become a successful writer of any kind: Write!

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Published: October 26, 2015

25 Responses to “Why Copywriting is a Lifelong Learning Process”

  1. Great article. I can really relate to Chris, especially her main reason for joining COS. I, too, joined mainly because of the "seriousness of it". Love all the other benefits as well! I find it's helping me get rid of fear -- something that's held me back for a long time.

    Guest (Jennifer Boidy)

  2. i've loved everything you it all make since to me i need to let my fears go also figure out why can't i write like i use too what nis stopping me to further my career like i want to because i know i can do this but i need to find out what is holding me back so if you help me please do it by telling me what can do to fix this i did have a operation but i'm getting better each day.


  3. Thank you Will for sharing Chris' article... and thank you Chris for writing it.

    I joined AWAI last Thursday and reading how copywriting is "researching" just added a new perspective for me -- and I love doing research.

    I am entering into the copywriting arena so I have the flexibility and ability of fulfilling a dream of sharing information that can help others in reaching their dreams and still be able to provide for me.

    It is nice to read about your motivating reasons becoming actualized!

    Debbie Fletcher

  4. Enjoyed the read "Cave Bear." Why did I get into Copywriting? Sold my business in Orange Co., CA, sold the house, and we moved to the Rocky Mountains of Utah 4 years ago. I was bored and stumbled over a book I bought about 8 years ago "Accelerated 6 Figures Copywriting" and decided "I can do this!" And we're serious about it, bought COS at Bootcamp. Somewhere was told to go after business in the area I'm familiar with, so when I got home, got on the phone within 24 hours and called somebody, got a referral, and next thing I know they said "yes", you're what we're looking for. The potential is off the charts. Major learning time.


  5. Hi, Will! I joined Circle of Success at Bootcamp this year (my first) and spoke with you briefly. Chris really inspired me at Bootcamp, and I told her so. I'm also starting my copywriting career while working a full time job. She reminded me to be kind and patient with myself, which was advice I needed......The two free Bootcamps is what swayed me to join COS in financial terms, but like Chris, it was really to prove to myself the seriousness of my intentions. Can't wait to get started!

    Joyce H

  6. I am on disability and want very much (though I kinda scared of it) to get off it and make my own living as a paid writer. I have self-published a YA book. Copywriting sounds the answer to my problem and sounds like fun too! I want to learn everything I can about it.

    Guest (Carol L)

  7. Wonderful article that leaves me with a lot of hope. I joined AWAI at the end of July this year. I have been putting in some pretty long days as my goal is to have my website finished and a client by January.

    I have completed the Accelerated Course, the Research Course and hope to complete the Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business to Business COPY be the end of this month.

    I do love to learn and plan to dedicate the rest of my life to doing something I love, copywriting. Making money won't hurt either. Thank you


  8. I Love what I am learning from my AWAI membership and I encourage anyone that wants to write for a living should get on board with AWAI.

    See I have some very big goals to achieve..

    ONE IS GET MY INCOME TO $500,000 per year


    I am allowing two years for this to happen also anyone that can help me get the kind of contracts and contacts I need for seo copywriting I will teach you my skill.

    TO THE TOP FRANK GORKA blog@frankgorka.com
    423 208 8097


  9. Great information, and so timely. The last act I did BEFORE seeing your email for today was signing up for the Circle of Success. I am burning my ships. It's time to dedicate myself to my own welfare! Your email must be a sign, I made the right call.
    To everyone's success!

    Patrick B

  10. Hi Will,

    I took your COS Leads class a few months ago, met you last year at Boot Camp, and read your blogs regularly.You have been a great inspiration to me.

    Regarding fear, I have only been able to write for people who approach me...

    How do I get past the fear of failure, or rejection? Like you, I am an introvert and rarely leave home. How do I overcome my fear so I can sell myself and my writing abilities?

    I know I have the writing skills, but fear the marketing portion needed to become successful.

    Thanks, Sue

    Sue Morin

  11. I am new to copywriting, tho I was in the ad biz 30 years ago. I managed the Taco Bell acc't in AZ at a regional Agency called Phillips-Ramsey, under the auspices of Tracy Austin.

    Writing, to me, was always the most exciting part. I once saved us from an expensive lawsuit when a nationwide campaign rolling out the next day with the song, "Hello, Hello Taco Bell" sounded a lot like a song I'd loved in college. I skipped the group lunch to run home and scan all my albums till I found Kenny Rankin's "One More Hello" and set it up for the whole team to hear after lunch. Their faces blanched as they heard THE song. I was a hero that day, as Kenny accepted the money they offered to let them use the song rather than scrap a finished campaign.

    Guest (Judith Ann Hillard)

  12. Thank you Will for writing this precious article.

    It was good to know that Will, the Cave Bear is coming out to attend the AWAI bootcamp.

    Keep writing Will.

    Thank you Katie and Iam willing to learn more.

    Guest (SingaraveluAP)

  13. I enjoyed reading this article and it fills me with hope. I have yet to become a copywriter, I am on the first step of the ladder. I have a lot to learn and am keen to get started. For now, I think my biggest obstacle is believing in myself.

    Guest (Beryl)

  14. Thank you Will and Chris, I really enjoy your writing and encouragement Dave E.

    Dave E Australia

  15. Hello all,

    I am quite new to writing and I have just started work with the exercises. thank you all for you materials.

    I have a background experience in IT systems integration and networking with some little power estimation(Inverter Syatem). As such I feel very comfortable with this domain.

    Bases on the program, I will take all industry and field equally giving it my all. I love to learn and not afraid of change.


  16. Hi Will,

    I really love the article today and will be more that ready for the plan of the week.

    Thank you


  17. Being brand new to AWAI and the copywriting world,I'm feeling a bit bombarded and don't really know which way to turn. I'm retired and living on a fixed income; and have already spent more than I can afford on the programs I've purchased. My feeling is that it would have been very helpful to me if the COS program had been offered right off the bat and the value of it emphasized. Now, having spent the $$ on the other programs, I can't afford to join the Circle.

    Cynthia Pierce

  18. Cynthia, just keep doing the work. It's taken me a full year and more to gather my funds to join COS. The more you do now, the more background you'll have when you join. And, even without being in COS, there are people there to help you. Just keep reaching out.

    Joyce H

  19. Yes, "lifelong learning" whence an eventual least-resistive path duly becomes our journey's best take at forks otherwise too bent. Like tattooing time itself. As information becomes truth well told. Embossed signposts, even. For our indemnifying guidance to wrest resolve from uncertainty's split-fate fit in Schrodinger's box. The artful dodger dutifully disentangling a mere copycat writ.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  20. Hello...I am so excited to have this opportunity. With all the support offered, I will be fine. Thank you!

    Helena Ball

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