The Perfect Way to Get Lucrative Retainer Deals With Clients

Nick Usborne

Hi, Nick Usborne here.

Over the next five days, I’m going to show you how to capture those elusive “monthly retainer deals” that so many freelance writers and copywriters dream about, but so few actually find.

What’s a retainer deal?

It’s when a client agrees to pay you a fixed fee each month, every month, for the foreseeable future.

These kinds of deals are something of a Holy Grail for freelancers. We love them because it means we can look ahead and know that at least part of our income over the next few months is taken care of.

This takes a lot of the stress out of freelancing. As freelancers we never know what the next month will bring. We stress about the future and we stress about our cash flow.

No wonder we love retainer deals so much.

But … a lot of freelancers have to wait years before getting deals like these. They have to build a huge reputation and pitch themselves as consultants as well as copywriters. It’s for their contribution as consultants that they get the retainer.

Well … now there’s a way to snag a few of those retainer deals right out of the gate, starting within 30 days of today. Regardless of your experience as a freelancer. Even if you are just getting started.

That’s right. Stick with me over the next five days and I’ll show you how to pick up one or more of these deals within a month.

Impossible? Absolutely not. Not if you pitch your services as a social media writer.

The thing about social media is that it happens non-stop. If you are taking care of a client’s social media, you’re doing work for them pretty much every day.

This is totally different from a project where a client asks you to write a few pages for their website, for example. In that case the scope of the project is agreed, you send in your estimate, you do the work, you submit your invoice … and you’re done. Now you have to go find another project from someone.

Social media isn’t like that. A client can’t ask you to do their social media for a week and then stop. Because their social media channels need to be alive and active all the time, indefinitely.

This is why doing a deal with a company to handle its social media writing pretty much ALWAYS means landing a monthly retainer deal.

How much? It depends on how many social media channels they want you to handle. But typically you would be charging between $1,500 and $2,500 a month for each client. Let’s keep it simple and say $2,000.

This isn’t for creating their Facebook or Twitter pages. That’s a separate fee. This sum is for writing their tweets, updates and posts across two or three different platforms.

And you don’t need to be super-experienced to do this. You just have to understand what your client is trying to achieve with social media, and then start tweeting and posting accordingly.

Let’s assume you have one of these clients. That’s $2,000 in your pocket each month, every month. $24,000 a year. Pretty nice.

But it doesn’t stop there. There is no way one client is going to take up all your time. So you go out and get another social media client. And then another.

Now you have three of these clients, all on retainer, for a total of $6,000 a month or $72,000 a year. And you’re still not fully booked.

And best of all, you’re now completely free of feeling any stress about your income for the next 6 or 12 months.

Does that sound good to you?

One final point. Social media is huge now, and growing fast. And most online writers and copywriters have yet to figure out that this growth represents a massive opportunity for them.

Jump in now and you’ll be way ahead of the crowd.

Tomorrow I’ll take you through a four-step plan to pick up your first client. It’s a lot easier than you might think!

Any questions or comments? If so, please jump in and share them below.

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Published: October 5, 2015

25 Responses to “The Perfect Way to Get Lucrative Retainer Deals With Clients”

  1. Brand new to all of this just signed up a few days ago please go slow. Thanks

    Guest (gloria)

  2. I would love to do this! Would it be smart to go after one niche so you have a better idea of what to post for all businesses you work with cause they are similar? I am also wanting to do pay per click advertising for business as well. Would you recommend trying to get businesses to do both with you or just one? If both, how do you sell $3000-$4000 worth of services to potential clients. I am new to copywriting and this seems like a big obstacle. Thank you!

    Guest (carlosg)

  3. Sounds good so far - I personally know people getting full-time jobs in this field.


  4. I'm ready! I am pretty tired of spotty pay and checks that arrive too late to avoid paying late fee on my bills, arrrgh! I'm going to open a Twitter account right now. Bring it on!


  5. This presentation seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I so delighted that your sharing the phenomenal secrets that you have learned and perfected over the years. I'm eagerly looking forward to your eMail Blogs. Thanks Nick for sharing the success tips for New Copywriters. Hats off to Rebecca for selecting this presentation subject at the present time.


  6. So true, I do love to write, but, finances will leave me out again. Just completed 5th knee surgery replacement so funds have been depleted by medical cost. I however, I do enjoy the letters so full of great expectations of when I join. Be Blessed All

    Guest (Eulane)

  7. Nick, I'm new to AWAI and just wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to what you have to say over the next week, am chomping at the bit to become a successful writer. Thanks for your wisdom.

    Guest (L King Dutton)

  8. no entiendo el contenido de este párrafo:

    Lo que pasa con los medios sociales es que se pasa sin parar. Si usted está tomando el cuidado de las redes sociales de un cliente, que está haciendo el trabajo para ellos casi todos los días.
    ¿ me lo puedes explicar por favor?

    hugo aguilera

  9. también necesito de su ayuda PARA la distribución de mi libro LA DISPENSA DE ILEGALES ES: ANARQUÍA O JUSTICIA.


    A decir verdad, me encuentro un poco necesitado de recursos y les voy agradecer la ayuda que me puedan dar con sus comentarios y conexiones en este medio y las personas que pueden ayudar para que sea difundido, ya que es tema de actualidad.
    Espero su respuesta Gracias Anticipadas

    Hugo Aguilera.

    hugo aguilera

  10. Thanks for this information! This seems like a great way to keep a secure monthly income that will continue to let you focus on other, less reliable projects. I'm looking forward to the rest of this week!

    Guest (chanson0926)

  11. This is a great idea! The income possibilities are limitless. I am looking forward to getting started!

    Guest (Marcia Studenski)

  12. I already have the it a living one that will include any updates?

    Clara Mae

  13. Very excited about this-- and to meet you next week at Bootcamp! Thank you :)


  14. Para Hugo Aguilera:
    El párrafo significa que el red y los medios sociales no paran para nada. Entonces, su cliente tiene que continuar con mensajes, etc, y por eso también tiene que seguir comprando sus servicios. Si el cliente no sigue con los medios sociales, va a perder sus propios clientes y todos los clientes de mañana. Por eso tiene que pagarle con regularidad.

    Guest (dontildeatontildea)

  15. Social media writing looks interesting. Will have to do more research. Want to read and give it more thought. Thanks.

    Guest (Vi)

  16. Hi Nick, I love this social media and retainer stuff. I am new and very eager to hit the ground running. I want to start earning right away so that I can begin to settle accumulated bills. Can you help land my first retainers hip as quickly as possible? What should I do to land my first client? Any link up or hook up contacts and introduction will be greatly appreciated.

    Guest (Patrick Esho )

  17. Nick, I bought your programme today, but I don't know how to get started on it. I could do with earning some money now, as my money is depleted.
    I also love the copywriting, that I am doing.
    I am not new to freelance writing, but I have had a few personal problems, but I have decided that NOW is the time to get on with it, after all I am not getting any younger. Thank you for your great articles that I enjoy reading immensly.

    Guest (Veronica)

  18. Nick, I don't understand exactly what constitutes a channel. If a client is active on Twitter and Facebook is this two channels? thanks for the information. I look forward to your response.

    Guest (Allan)

  19. I am totally excited and looking forward to learn morw on how to get my first clients. Thanks for your dedication and helping us new freelancers get started in a fascinating career.

    Carmen Iris

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