What Really Happens When You Have a Personal Copywriting Advisor?

Pam Foster

"I'm confident in writing headlines and I owe that to you. Thank you soooooo much."

Happy Wednesday! It's Pam Foster, your guest writer this week, and the above comment came to me from a new copywriter I recently helped.

You see, as a Circle of Success instructor, I get to meet and work with many new aspiring copywriters. This individual was one of those people.

His heart is set on writing for the financial industry. It's a tough niche, with a LOT of competition. But it's also a hungry niche with a constant demand for skilled copywriters.

So, he has decided to tackle this niche and make his dream happen as quickly as possible.

Now, before I go further into his secret to building confidence in his copywriting abilities … I'd like to talk to you about a bigger concept that will affect your growth.

You see, you may have already been pursuing each of the Five Phases of Copywriting Success on your own, using all the tools available to you through AWAI such as free articles and webinars, low-cost programs, online communities, and other terrific tools along the way.

And, you may have been making decent progress as you study the articles, samples, programs, etc. and apply your new knowledge to the work you're doing.

CONGRATULATIONS on these efforts!

It demonstrates your commitment to making the writer's life a reality for you.

But, to make accelerated progress that boosts your confidence and abilities — you'll want to consider adding a "power tool" that takes you much further … much faster.

That power tool is a professional copywriting advisor; an experienced master who's dedicated to your success.

To explain what I mean by power tool … let's go back a few years.

When I was an aspiring freelance copywriter looking to get out of the corporate cubicle world, I ordered and studied a number of AWAI programs on copywriting. They were excellent! I was getting the inside scoop on writing powerful copy and much more.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it was kind of great.

But I got stuck.

I was studying these concepts on my own most of the time, back in my house in Maine, without anyone to check my work and provide suggestions for improvement.

I had hit a wall in my writing skills and I wasn't sure who to ask for help.

My Delray Motivators peer group was awesome, of course — but they were all as new to copywriting as I was.

I had arrived at a point where I needed more. I needed the guidance of a seasoned pro.

So, I decided to invest in a copywriting coach, which made a huge difference in how I promoted my business. It was wonderful to have someone ask me the right questions, review my website, etc.

But … the coach was focused on my self-promotion efforts, not my specific copywriting skills.

I STILL needed someone who was more than happy to reinforce key concepts with me, answer me questions about the craft, review my copywriting samples, make suggestions to strengthen my work, and provide encouragement to me as I built upon my successes.

Luckily, I found an AWAI program offering the professional guidance of expert copywriters, with one-on-one support.

It was just what I needed to grasp The Big Idea of successful promotions, how to write powerful headlines and leads, how to emphasize a strong offer to make it irresistible, and so forth.

Suddenly I was feeling like the "Karate Kid" learning from the master … and gaining a ton of real-world insights as a result. With that pro looking over my shoulder, I was able to become a better writer very quickly.

It gave me the assurance to push forward and build a lucrative path that was right for me, knowing I could handle any type of assignment.

So now … we fast forward to the new copywriter I helped just a few weeks ago.

Bear with me – you'll see what this all means to you!

The new copywriter who thanked me just recently was very kind to give me credit … but it was much more about him making the effort while I provided guidance.

He was the one who submitted samples to me, listened to my feedback, submitted re-drafts and did all this with enthusiastic energy and focus. He made the most of this opportunity to work with me, and didn't stop.

And you know what? He not only found the confidence to tackle a tough financial promotion as his first copywriting project, he got rave reviews for his efforts.

I know he has an excellent chance at breaking into the financial copywriting niche because he's moving quickly as knowledgeable writer.

This is the kind of progress you can enjoy too, with your own professional copywriting advisor.

Consider finding an expert copywriter to help you starting now. You might want to reach out to a master copywriter and see if he or she will mentor you. Or you can sign up for an AWAI program that will guarantee you plenty of time with leading copywriters … as I did.

Tomorrow I'll explore the topic of making the right connections for your copywriting life. What I mean is, up until now, I have talked about meeting peers and master copywriters who can be helpful in supporting your quest. But … you also want to be aware of making the right connections. I'll explain tomorrow.

Meanwhile, please leave a comment about the concept of working with a copywriting advisor, especially if you've been fortunate to work with one.

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Published: October 21, 2015

21 Responses to “What Really Happens When You Have a Personal Copywriting Advisor?”

  1. Hi Pam Thank you for the tip.
    As a new member , you walk into the dense forrest. You think you can get out this way. But you bump into different bushes of thick leaves.
    my question to you is:
    Where can you find the coach who is willing to spend time ?
    where can you find him or her who wants to work with you on one-to-one basis?
    Have a peaceful day. God Bless jennie


  2. Thank you Pam for this insight.

    It so happens that I asked, at Bootcamp how would I find mentoring or at least a mastermind grp for precisely this purpose: oversee and guide my writing.

    Very timely and I eagerly await for your next post. This is a sensitive aspect of writing.

    Andre NORTH

  3. I can just see how beneficial this will be for me, as it's been for others.
    Thanks, Pam!

    Claire Ericksonu

  4. Hi Pam,

    I'm seriously considering this. Is there a place where I can find someone who can help in my niche?

    I was lucky to have 1:1 conversations with a couple super-hero copywriters at the boot camp last week. Although they offered me to reach out to them as needed, neither offer coaching (anymore).

    thanks & regards -Sravani

    P.S: BTW, do you offer coaching. If so where can I find out more?


  5. Hi Pam. I have been trying to set up my new business as a Freelance Journalist and find that it is a daunting process to go alone! Even though I am an experienced computer user, I find the process of setting up the web site and getting all the details organized correctly fairly complicated.

    The actual writing is a piece of cake compared to setting up the website. I feel that a set-up coach is as important as a writing coach/mentor and the ability to get this set up is outside my expertise. Please help!


  6. Hello, I have been scratching everything in life to earn a living. the more I tried I seemed to be going deeper AWAI seems to have a ray of hope for me. Let's get started, can we?

    Guest (DAVID BOKOLO)

  7. There is no doubt you need a coach or peer group to refine your Copywriting. What happens when you cannot afford the high fees or the monthly membership? It's not that I believe you shouldn't invest in your education. But, for many this is a reality. How do you start in the marketplace without coaches or peers because you can't afford them?

    Joan M

  8. I am new to AWAI and have been reviewing the tricks & tips on the Barefoot Writer newsletter. I think it would be very helpful to have a mentor or group that works together to perfect our writing. I have some experience but have been retired for a few years and would like to brush up on writing techniques. I am looking forward to delivering great copy in the future.


  9. I like to extend Thanks to Ms. Pam Foster for reiiterating the point of needed support of a professional in any chosen field. My hope is to acquire services of a professional copywriter who can help me thrust into the world of copywriting, and being a success doing so. I also like to apply mention to AWAI for sparking my interest back into writing period. I also like that the also given me a vehicle to possibly change my life. I am going to diligently pursue the goal of becoming a successful copywriter.

    Guest (Michael)

  10. Thank you, Pam, for this constructive suggestion. I'm working through the Accelerated class right now, so will keep this information on the back burner until I'm closer to producing material that will benefit from an advisor. I can't wait to get started. I have to use restraint not to get distracted by everything that's coming in my in-box so I can finish the course.

    Guest (Janet)

  11. Very good article. I agree. I hope to be in the fall term of COS and you are at the top of my list of potential coaches. I have read all of your recent writings that I have seen. Looking forward to the experience.

    Guest (Robert Phillips)

  12. Hi Pam,

    I have, a few months before, completed the AWAI's accelerated program in copywriting. I have approached two of the pros but nobody even answered me. How can one look for a coach who can help you. The established ones have no time to give you insights and training you require. Can you please suggest one?
    thanks and regards Mahesh seelvi (India)

    Guest (Mahesh seelvi)

  13. I have been reading Ebooks on Internet/Information Marketing/Copywriting and they all advised on getting a coach/mentor to guide me in my copywriting efforts. But so far, coaches/mentors cost a considerable sum of money. I hope to be able to reach their level and really skyrocket my success. As a copywriter, I was able to create a website for our company Redeeming Ministries of JESUS CHRIST RMCBRANCH and I've syndicated AWAI's content. I'm planning to convert the website into a full-pledged membership with 3 payment options. Hope to find a mentor soon. Sincerely with GOD's love and zillionfold blessings, Daniel S. Saladaga


  14. Pam Foster, it's great to read what you say here. Yes, my coaching focused on prospecting. And I think I've chosen to enroll in the AWAI programs that yeild the copywriting advice you mention. Specifically COS, with Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton and Nick Usborne. What a line up! This is my year to solidify my understanding and generate the best copy I can to put in front of these icons.

    Guest (Jen)

  15. Yes I'm all for this since I'm just getting started. I need a jumpstart to my first writing gig asap. I've only been a member since the middle of October. Please help 😄 thanks

    Ray D2

  16. I enjoy reading your article; however, I have not made a decision about this genre, as of yet. But, I do find the material inspirational...!

    Guest (Writer1)

  17. Pam - I love that you talk about the importance of a coach in helping your confidence as well as abilities. I have helped writers (especially for whom English is not their native language but who have chosen to write in English) who are actually much better than they realise. For them it often just takes a positive yet honest review from me (as a native English speaker) for them to gain confidence, which in turn seems to significantly improve their writing (they take more risks and therefore write more engaging content). Confidence is king!

    Guest (Christina Larkin)

  18. Thank you for this information. I do feel very alone at times with this endeavor, and the little time I have to devote to it is segmented into writing, reading, learning and taking notes, and worrying that I'll always be scared to take that Leap of Faith!

    Guest (Jayne)

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