Discover A Lucrative, In-Demand Writing Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight

Cindy Cyr

Hi, I’m Cindy Cyr, a marketing consultant but also a copywriter trained by AWAI. This week I’ll be sharing with you what I consider the best writing opportunity …

I’m going to bring you into a secret world that has a hungry, unlimited demand for fresh copy and content. It’s a world that is all around you, but if you are like most people, you’re unaware of it or may not even comprehend what you’re seeing.

In fact, millions of dollars are being made in this industry right before your eyes.

Here’s the thing. Once you embrace this writing opportunity you’ll have three proven ways (which I will lay out for you this week) to use it to create more money and a better lifestyle for yourself.

So what is this hidden opportunity? It’s the secret world of information marketing.

And while info-marketing businesses vary in types and size, they all have one thing in common: The actual products they sell and the marketing they use to sell them all must be written by someone … so why not that someone be you?

I’m sure you’ve read books, subscribed to newsletters, or taken courses on subjects that interested you or taught you how to do something. Perhaps you’ve bought a product because of an infomercial you saw such as Beachbody fitness products or a George Foreman Grill. Or you’ve enlisted the help of a coach or consultant.

Well, all of these fall under what’s known as the information marketing umbrella, which even extends to publishing.

The information marketing world is wide and varied. It’s a $60+ billion dollar industry and includes professional niche info-marketers such as dentists, doctors, lawyers, and realtors.

There are hobbyist and personal interest info-marketers that create info-products on topics such as knitting, music, and baseball.

There are business info-marketers that have developed info-products around their restaurant, magic business, and jewelry store.

How do you tap into it? I’ll explain how in this week’s Writer’s Life series, but first let’s look at some of the reasons it’s a great opportunity.

Info-marketing Opportunity #1: Info-marketers, by the nature of their product and how they sell it, use a lot of copy.

As mentioned, both the products and the marketing have to be written. This means you have two different opportunities within this industry to earn writing income.

1) You could write the course, book, e-book, and so on.

2) You could write the marketing materials to sell the info-products.

To give you some perspective, it’s not unusual for me to write 10-20+ pieces of copy per month for an info-marketing client.

Info-marketing Opportunity #2: You don’t need a lot of clients to make a good income.

Info-marketing clients understand two important principles:

  • Their business is based on written information.
  • Having your own information product positions you as the expert, which can lead to more sales and being able to charge higher fees.

In fact, it’s been my experience that this combination helps them understand the value of a copywriter; therefore they tend to pay well.

Plus, as I mentioned, they need a lot of copy—often on a weekly basis— which they often don’t have the desire or time to write themselves.

These two factors combined make it possible to make tens of thousands of dollars a year from just ONE client.

One of the easiest ways to “break” into the world of info-marketing is to make a list of info-marketing companies that promote products that interest you. I suggest your list include at least five companies. Sign up to their mailing list so you can get familiar with their products, offers, and marketing materials.

Tomorrow we’ll explore what you need to know to write for the info-marketing industry. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts, comments, and questions about writing for this industry below. I’ll be sure to answer your questions.

Writing for Info-Marketers

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Published: November 2, 2015

33 Responses to “Discover A Lucrative, In-Demand Writing Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight”

  1. Hi Cindy,

    My chosen niche for now is B2B in the training industry. Would this fall under info marketing at all?

    Joyce H

  2. I am VERY new to AWAI and I found Cindy's information extremely interesting. I had not thought about information marketing and I plan to find 5 companies that interest me and see what I can learn. Thank you!!!!


  3. Hi Cindy - I have been reading for weeks about all the money there is to make as a copywriter from AWAI, and I am not believing it. I have tried and tried to land just one copywriting client, and I have failed. Where are all these clients? How do I tap into this market?

    Guest (Tom Kubala)

  4. Could you give me 2 or 3 examples of info marketing companies? It sounds like this would be a good path for me to start.


    Guest (Bill Weber)

  5. Thanks Cindy. This is an awesome information. I am looking forward to reading from you tomorrow.
    Sincerely, Chinyere


  6. Hi, I'm wondering how one would find the lists of info marketing companies?:).

    Guest (Brooke)

  7. Sounds very interesting and exciting. I look forward to learning more about it. Thanks.

    Guest (ricky7734)

  8. Hi Cindy, my background is human resource management (planning,training and development) and education (teaching). Can you suggest what category of info marketing will be a good fit for the knowledge that I have acquired. Can't wait to leave my job.



  9. I've read the information you sent to me and I satisfied with it but how can I get my clients so that my dream can be easily actualized. Thanks.

    Guest (AKAndrew)

  10. Like others, I am very interested in info-marketing but don't know how to get clients. Also, some real life examples of successful info-marketing companies would be great just so we could see how they presently market themselves and the type of products that they sell.


    Guest (John H)

  11. Hi Cyndy, How do I search for medical/health info-marketers...what search words work best. I've tried and I'm not getting what I need.


  12. I am a nurse and have decided that I want to use this as my niche. There are several directions that I can take with this. Do you have any recommendations for someone just starting to narrow down and concentrate on.


  13. Hi Cindy, one of the markets I'm interested in is caregiving of the elderly and those with dementia. Is this an area in which there is a need for writers?

    SJ Smith-Grier

  14. Hi, I have taken a course from AWAI in copywriting. during april/may 2015. I completed the accelerated program within 30 days only. Now I am striving for clients to show my talent of writing. I am also going to write an e-book on some information project. I have read your write and it intriguied me. I will test to get five companies and start writing information projects.


    Guest (Mahesh seelvi)

  15. Hi Cindy, thanks for the article. But I still don't see an answer to the few questions about how to go about finding an info marketing company. Could you please give some examples? Thanks in advance!

    Guest (Tina)

  16. would like to talk to someone concernin the industry, very interested. 30 years bio-sciences

    Guest (art)

  17. Dear Barefoot Writers, this is Lara Clarke I joined the program a little while ago. Every one has been great!! However, I do not see how a former social worker who only ever worked with troubled teens and their families. Turn this into a lucrative career. My money was invested in the stock market I had IRA's that my father set up and did it very well. However, I have know knowledge as to how to manipulate or work it.

    Lara Clarke

  18. Good Afternoon,

    I am very interested in building a career as a copywriter, yet at the present time, I am not able to budget for the training program just yet. In the meantime what affordable resources would you recommend to help me educate myself while I save the money to take the certification program, so I can continue to move forward with this new career.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    Guest (Robin)

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