Discover the Eight Most Vital Elements to Include in Any Video Message You Write

Mindy McHorse

We’re talking this week about the many opportunities in the world of writing video scripts. Today, we’re going to cover the essential elements of any video script.

First and foremost, one of the most important things to remember in any video message you write is that it’s not supposed to be about you.

It’s also not about the product or service you’re promoting.

Really, a well-executed video message should be about the prospect you’re talking to. Because at the end of the day, your prospect is only interested in himself, his desires, his frustrations, and his fears (at least, when it comes to sitting through sales messages!).

So remember that any message you put out there should always come back to the pain points of your prospect.

Along with that, here are some other essential things you should address in any video message:

  1. Who is your speaker? Details matter, like where this person lives, and what his or her life is like. Include as much information to humanize your speaker as possible.
  2. How is your speaker connected to the product or service in the video? Did she create the product? Is she a customer talking about her experience with the product?
  3. What are your speaker’s credentials? Did she gain something because of the product in the video? Is she an expert on the industry of the product?
  4. What problem or pain point are you addressing? This is where you present the main problem you’re going to solve with whatever it is you’re promoting in the video.
  5. What is the solution? Here, you’ll want to offer the solution, but not necessarily as a sale. Instead, talk about the solution in general terms.
  6. What is your offer? At this point, you can introduce your product or service and share the offer that goes with it.
  7. What do listeners need to do take action? This is where you ask for the sale and request that your prospect either click a button, dial a phone number, opt-in to your list, or whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish with the video.
  8. Close the video. This is where any guarantees should be included, along with a thank you message for listening, and possibly contact information should any listener have questions.

These are the key points to address throughout any video message you put together, whether it’s a 30-minute video sales letter for a client’s product or a five-minute pitch for your own writing services (which we’ll talk about more tomorrow, including how to write your own video sales script).

Any questions on this? Ask me below.

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Published: November 10, 2015

5 Responses to “Discover the Eight Most Vital Elements to Include in Any Video Message You Write”

  1. And #9: What can uncertainty literally take away from marketed particulars insofar as waves of buyers are indeed realized?

    Like light itself. Inseparably BOTH particle AND wave; where the mutual dependence of both locating pleasure and riding consumerism's momentum can expand the universe. Goose-bumped and pocket-lined.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  2. Hi Mindy, I am working on educating myself more toward copywriting for my future endeavor. I've been following people like Clayton Makepeace, Michael Masterson, Bob Bly and a few others like yourself that I really admire. I have written a fiction novel that I've been told is really good. I've been submitting my query letter to literary agents and I get a lot of rejection. Do you feel that if I wrote a query letter like you would do in copywriting when you are selling might work better?

    Bob-Design Sage

  3. How do I get you to quit sending sales pitches and tell me what avenue will yield real information. At this point I can only believe that this is just an info-mercial and that you make your living off writing the ads and testimonials for the subscription revenue. I want to know:
    1. what paying opportunities are there?
    2. how do I contact them?
    3. What appeals to them?
    4. What does it pay?
    Tell me which of your publications has this sort of detail and i may very well subscribe. right now, all i see is someone trying to use "sizzle" to sell steaks that aren't fit to eat. She me what you have.
    James Sheetz

    Guest (jtexas)

  4. I read your article about writing video scripts. very interesting. I have been approached to do this, did it and did not know it was such a viable market. Im very interested in it as I have a television background n access to equipment.


  5. Hi Mindy, My question is where and how does one go about finding and landing clients that are looking for a copywriter to create the scripts?

    Michael Cambron

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