Six Words Your Client is Dying to Hear You Say

Rebecca Matter

What kind of writer do you want to be?

What does your writer’s life look like?

How much money do you want to make next year? How about five years from now?

I’d like you to spend some time thinking about your answers. Because this week I’m going to help you get there (starting today with the six words clients are dying to hear you say) …

Rebecca Matter here – taking the reins of The Writer’s Life to share with you five things you can do to ensure your success as a well-paid writer in 2016 (and beyond).

Based on your answers to my questions, the first one may actually surprise you …

Learn to write direct-response copy.

Because no matter who you write for or what you plan to write — these days it’s ALL direct response.

Now when I say direct response, many writers automatically think of direct mail … you know, the letters, flyers, catalogs … even postcards you receive in your mailbox, each asking you to fill out and send in a reply card, call a 1-800 number, or visit a website.

The reason it’s called direct response is that the order a customer places, or the action a customer takes, can be directly tracked back to the specific mailing. In other words, it’s measurable.

Thanks to marketing tools and software like Google Analytics, every action a consumer takes is measurable these days including …

How many emails are opened …

How many times an article is shared …

How many people purchased or signed up after clicking a link …

How many pages someone visited on a website …

How many followers or subscribers were added …

Like I said, it’s all direct response.

Which is GREAT for you. Back in the day, it was the long-form sales letter writers who made all the money. Why? Because sales letters were the only predominant method used to generate a response.

But nowadays, because every action can be tracked through technology, from a single click of a link to thousands of Facebook likes, long-form letters are no longer the golden standard!

This technology breakthrough in measuring direct response has created so many different writing opportunities it’s mind-boggling.

Companies desperately need writers who can make those responses happen. They want their writers to influence all of the results. They want to know if a web page, article, email, or social media post did its job.

And they’re willing to pay professional writers who understand how to do it very well for their skills.

It’s one of the many reasons why there’s never been a better time to be a professional writer!

(And why, if you’ve taken The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting — the industry standard for learning to write direct response copy — you can expect to get paid very well in 2016.)

Once you understand the finer points of direct-response, you have a HUGE advantage over other writers …

You can deliver copy and content that improves a company’s metrics. And while it’s not the only thing you need (you have to know how to write!), it is by far the most valuable thing to your clients.

Because when they ask: Can you make our emails work better … improve the results of our home page … get better open rates on our newsletter … improve our social media presence …

You will answer with these six words: “Yes. Because I understand direct response.”

Clients will immediately see your value. And expect to pay you higher fees for your services.

Because YOU focus on results as a writer.

So the first thing you want to do to set yourself up for a successful 2016 is to immerse yourself in learning everything you can about writing direct-response copy.

With practice, writing persuasively — which is the core of direct response — will become second nature to you. Everything you write will move someone to take an action, and you’ll have more opportunities than you can handle.

That leads us to the second thing you can do to ensure your success … and the seven million companies who desperately need your help.

Join me tomorrow and I’ll tell you more about it … :)

In the meantime, if you have a question about learning direct response, need some advice, or simply want to say hi, post a comment below.

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: November 30, 2015

31 Responses to “Six Words Your Client is Dying to Hear You Say”

  1. Hi, Rebecca. I enjoy your articles. But I did want to point out an error in paragraph 6 where you refer to "reigns." I think you mean "reins," right? Anyway, please keep up the great work. I learn so much about copywriting from you, Katie and everyone else at AWAI. Have a great day!

    Guest (John Ackley)

  2. It'll help me with my next client. Thank You sincerely

    Guest (Jerzy)

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for reinforcing the belief that there are millions of companies who need direct response writers.

    Could you please tell me which niches in particular are in the greatest need of direct response writers? Are we talking about finance, health, self help or maybe even information marketing an area I'm interested in?

    I look forward to your reply and thank you again.



  4. The Texas connection here. I want to work but everyone wants experience. I loved the people at bootcamp but I left disgusted. Everyone was just trying to sell you something and I was told... you don't go to job fair to get a job!

    With zero feedback on specs, participants have no idea how the did from A-F. Since AWAI accommodated marketers at Bootcamp this year, then maybe AWAI could accommodate Bootcamp participants as well.

    I'm working on the 6 Figure Writing Program... but everyone will need guidance no matter what program they study. I wanted to talk to you face to face, but didn't get a chance. I look forward to this weeks article.

    Guest (Jon)

  5. I'm sorry but I had to laugh...the first thing I noticed in the newsletter (like in the first comment) was the "reigns" that should've been "reins" (already been corrected here on the site).

    It actually is a relief to see others (professionals) botch up once in awhile too!

    I made a fairly major botch of a few emails I sent out for a client last week, and she was very gracious about it.

    Despite this small error, thank you for a great article!

    Sharon Brodin

  6. Hi, Rebecca. I always enjoy your helpful hints. I have been doing Steve's B2B Comprehensive Series and have enjoyed the writing process, the timely feedback, and the learning. I am attending the web intensive and am very excited about that.
    See you then.

    Guest (Pat)

  7. Thanks Rebecca, Im hung up on exercise nine in the Accelerated program for writing, need to make the time, I was hoping to find some low pay work to get my feet wet and maybe afford some of the other programs blasted at us each week. How do we make contact with all these needy companies to see what they need and try to meet there goals even as amateurs (did I mention the low pay) with out having to shell out a couple hundred bucks first?

    Guest (Devon Van De Kieft)

  8. Hi Rebecca, For your first questions:
    I want to make money NOW, RIGHT NOW!
    Not five years from now!
    The problem is marketers always look for expert writers What about new people? If they do not give new people a chance to work , how can new people become experienced?
    After applying for a few jobs without result, I just created my website.I still have to write many more pages.
    You can check it out and give me some feedback.
    Thank you. Jennie


  9. Hi I am from Iran Mohammad and many emails do not understand .zban are not good . I send to Persian . I understand better . Thanks Mohammed

    Guest (mohammad)

  10. Hi Rebbecca,you doing a great work.

    Guest (Moses Kommson)

  11. Rebecca: When will the next session of the Accelerated Companion run?

    Guest (Patty)

  12. Hi Rebecca, I do a lot of writing in rhyming verse. I recently sent a poem to a local restaurant and they printed it with a letter I wrote them. I also shared a poem with a philanthropic organization that is wanting to frame it and use it in upcoming email blasts and marketing. Are you aware of any clients seeking this genre of writing?

    Guest (MAT)

  13. HelloRebecca, Nice to meet you. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I am a newbie to the writing profession and very motivated to get a new career started. I would like to know how I can practice writing using some examples that you guys could provide. Let me know if that can be done.. I appreciate it.. Have a great day, Ward

    Guest (Ward )

  14. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for your reply, you're doing great work.



  15. How much does this direct response program cost? It sounds interesting, but there are a lot of things I'd like to have but I can't afford.

    Guest (PaulF)

  16. I've been receiving emails for about a month now and I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should pay someone for information so I can make money. I know everyone has to make a living but charging someone for information just sounds shady. I'm sending this hoping someone will be able to change my mind because I really would like to believe its true and I could make money from home. That would be a dream come true.

    Guest (Karen Jones)

  17. Hi Rebecca. Just wanted to say how glad I am to have signed up for the emailing list; always enjoy getting posts in my inbox from AWAI, even though it won't be possibly many years 'til any of it I've a chance to take on.
    I'm a teen at college starting my Marketing major, concurrently a budding author, and I feel that a copywriting path is one I need, want, desire. But as it's no easier to combine doing uni work AND writing, if anyone does comes across this message, how could I ever make it work?

    Guest (Anna-M N)

  18. Hi Rebecca! I am learning to write direct response copy right now. I worked in marketing for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company and always loved the writing part of the work. I always love your articles and look forward to beginning my writer's life soon! I hope to attend Bootcamp in 2016.


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