An Invitation For Us To Meet

The two most rewarding activities in my life – in order of importance – are teaching and writing.

AWAI has given me the gift of being able to combine these two passions in my work with Circle of Success and in writing The Golden Thread. These articles are one way I have of touching you every week, and I hope in doing so, I’m able to bring new ideas and stimulate thought.

One of my joys in teaching and writing is being able to meet you in person.

So, I’m inviting you to stop by and chat with me … about anything you’d like … copywriting, your career … truly anything.

How am I going to do this when I live in the mountains of California, and you live, well, my dear readers of The Golden Thread live all over the world?

Easy! We’ll meet in October at the 2016 AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. You might think that it’s kind of early talk about Bootcamp when it’s almost ten months away.

It’s not too early at all. I’ll tell you why shorlty.

But first, let me tell you why I look forward to my annual excursion to Bootcamp every year for the past eight years … and I’m excited about returning this next year.

Reason # 1: Professional Advancement . . .

I’ve been writing copy for over 15 years. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’ve been at something that long. But at Bootcamp, I know I’ll always learn new ideas, new strategies, and new secrets.

Direct marketing and copywriting constantly change and evolve. If I don’t change with them, I stagnate. Bootcamp keeps me up to date and on the crest. Bootcamp protects my livelihood.

If you’re a beginning copywriter, Bootcamp is the perfect place to immerse yourself in these state-of-the-art copywriting secrets and strategies.

If you’re an old hand like me – or somewhere in between – it’s the best place to refresh your knowledge and continue building your success.

Reason #2: Career revitalization . . .

Here’s a little secret about being copywriter. Copywriting carries tremendous personal rewards like satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

But copywriting is a solitary venture. You’re working inside your own mind much of the time. That can take its toll. Since I started coming to Bootcamp, I’ve found out that it revitalizes me. It rekindles the enthusiasm for writing that carries me through every day.

If you’ve been writing for even a few years, you’ll discover how re-energized you’ll be talking to other copywriters … sharing ideas with them … visiting with presenters … learning from them. Bootcamp is much more than a training seminar. It’s the opportunity to rededicate yourself to your career and your success.

And if you’re just starting out copywriting, Bootcamp will ignite that enthusiasm … and give you the sense that “I can really can do this. I’m going to succeed. I was born for this adventure.

Reason #3 (The most important one): YOU!

I saved the biggest reason for last. I love coming back to Bootcamp because I get to meet with you face to face. Just like I said at the beginning: I love visiting with you every week in The Golden Thread. I love “chatting” with you in the comment section and in email.

None of that, though, can hold a candle to standing in the hallway or sitting on a chair and chatting with you about our shared passion. Copywriting.

If we’ve never met in person, this is the perfect opportunity for us to do so. I’m urging you to look me up at Bootcamp. I’d love to chat with you and answer your questions . . . Or to be a cheerleader if you need it.

If we’ve met at previous Bootcamps, this October is the chance for us to renew our friendship … and to renew our mutual commitment and vigor to succeed.

Isn’t it too early to think about Bootcamp?

With Bootcamp 10 months away, isn’t too early think about it?

Not at all. And here’s why. Right now, AWAI is offering a Super-Early Bird Bootcamp Special.

|If you sign up right now, you’re assured of getting into this premier copywriting event that sells out every year. And over the past seven years, it’s sold out early.

But if you sign up now, you qualify for an exceptional $500 discount. What’s more, by signing up early, you can pay in easy installments … and put aside money for travel and accommodations.

Give your career a holiday present …

The end of the year is world-wide season for gift giving. So if you could give your career a gift that will keep paying off for years to come … why wouldn’t you?

Start by clicking here to learn more about the 2016 AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. And then take the crucial, first easy step to joining me this year in beautiful sunny Delray.

But please don’t put it off. The Super-Earl Bird Special will last only until Thursday, December 31st. I’d hate to have you miss out because you “meant to do it” but it slipped you mind.

Until we meet next October, keep reading … keep writing!

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Published: December 21, 2015

4 Responses to “An Invitation For Us To Meet”

  1. Hi Will, Forgive me if I begin by asking you a simple question:
    How can you help me to earn "Real money" in this copywriting career?
    Everybody talks about getting a copywriting job so easily,but not me?
    Have a Merry Christams and a Happy New year Jennie


  2. Hi Will! Its not so easy to become writer where I come from. I love writing stories but how do I make money writing stories? People are just after one thing "money"and will do anything possible to get it. I really don't know how to make a living from writing stories. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Newyear.

    Guest (Andhi)

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