Succeed Faster as a Writer by Picking a Niche

Rebecca Matter

What subjects do you like to read about?

What things do you know a lot about?

What do you like to write about?

Rebecca Matter here … with the third thing you’ll want to do to ensure your success as a well-paid writer in 2016 …

Pick a niche.

It’s often counter-intuitive to new writers … they don’t want to “limit themselves” for fear of missing out on opportunities.

But this one step makes a big difference in how fast you succeed, how quickly you can find and land clients, and how efficient you’ll be when working projects (which means more money!).

Plus, a niche offers instant credibility. When you tell someone, “This is my specialty,” they think of you as an expert even without your providing any additional proof or discussing your experience. (How awesome is that?)

Says Pam Foster, who chose the pet industry as her niche …

“When I re-launched myself as a niche-focused copywriter, my writing career took off very quickly.

“Once you commit to a specific niche market for your copywriting services, magic starts to happen,” Pam continued. “Suddenly you have a clear direction for all your marketing efforts and you know exactly who to connect with via LinkedIn, trade associations, industry journals, and other specific venues.

“Your niche-focused website becomes a beacon that demonstrates your unique understanding of that market. Potential clients are excited and relieved to find you. They think, ‘Finally, here's a copywriter who gets my industry and prospects!’ It's easier to build a portfolio of samples, clients, and testimonials in that niche — and it keeps bringing more and more potential clients your way. Choosing a niche is the gift that keeps on giving."

Now, yesterday we talked about writing for the web (the second thing you should do to be successful in 2016!) …

That’s not what I’m talking about when I say pick a niche. The web is the medium you’ll be using; your niche is more focused and how you’ll showcase your writing skills.

But how do you go about picking a niche? Well, one way to choose your niche is by industry.

What is your professional background? What do you enjoy reading about most? Who are the companies or organizations in that space?

In other words, what group of prospective clients would you like to write for?

Do you want to work with veterinarians, publishers of stock-trading newsletters, software engineers, home and garden store owners, fitness experts … ?

When you start thinking about it this way, you’ll quickly see why the list of possibilities for writers is endless.

The other way to choose a niche is by the kind of writing projects you’d like to focus on.

Specializing by task can help you get business just by reputation …

People like Gordon Graham (That White Paper Guy), Michael Katz (the Likeable E-newsletter Specialist), and Jay White (the King of Autoresponders), became known as the go-to writer for their specific project type.

And sure, they may decide to take on other work for valued clients, but their names are now synonymous with specific writing tasks.

Of course, you can always combine the two ways for an even more specific target market, such as, “I write newsletters for conservation organizations.”

As AWAI success story Roy Furr told us, “That was my epiphany — that’s when the magic started to happen. I needed to pick a niche and break into it.

Now that I’m positioned as a financial copywriter, it’s easier for me to get paid more for my work, get more work from the exact clients I want to work with, and be constantly in demand. And it took finding the right niche for me, and doing what it would take to get started in this niche, to accomplish exactly what I wanted from my copywriting.”

Faster growth for your business … an easier and stronger connection with clients … increased profits … just three of the ways choosing your niche positively impacts your business.

So choose your niche once and for all and share it with me below.

You’ll be one step closer to success in 2016.

And then join me tomorrow so I can help you take the next step … the one that actually brings the money into your business!

I’ve got a special guest joining me to help you. He’s going to make step four super easy for you …

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Published: December 2, 2015

51 Responses to “Succeed Faster as a Writer by Picking a Niche”

  1. Greetings of Success to you Rebecca. This article has activated my thoughts on my niche and how to really zero in on my going deeper into the What,Why, How, etc. for my favorite niche to write about.I really would like to receive more advice to get my idea on solid ground. My idea is for the spice industry. Especially the 5 C's of the Spice World. I do need a little help there though.I look forward to your response.Thank You for this great motivational article. Sincerely, Viola

    Aunti Vi

  2. The niche I chose was the gardening industry. I may narrow it down later (home and garden store owners, as you mentioned above, nurseries, native plants, etc.)but for now, that it. My website once launched will be named GardenersRock. Working on final project and then finishing the website.

    Sue C

  3. Great article Rebecca. My niche is writing copy for the financial newsletter market. Partially due to the fact that it's where I got my first breakthrough in the copywriting world. And also due to the fact that I have an MBA with a focus in Finance/Marketing. And to further peel the onion my undergrad degree is in Engineering, so I really got a spark when I'm writing for financial newsletter publishers who focus on the technology and energy sector.

    Jim Turner

  4. My niche wold bereligion, especially interfaith stuff.

    I also love to write about political issues

    Guest (Louis)

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    The niche I'm considering is health and fitness focusing on the 55+ community.

    Think this might be a good choice?



  6. After much thought I decided to focus on B2B for music labels and distribution companies.
    I believe my background in music retail, performance, and a love of media uniquely position me as someone who understands the industry.

    John Keyser

  7. I understand the need to specialize in a niche, and the concept behind choosing an area that you are interested in or have prior experience in.

    However, what if that niche is full of companies that historically just don't have money to spend on advertising (full of small charities and non-profit groups for example), especially if the economy is about to go through another wobble?

    I would love to work for the equestrian industry (not Horse Racing!), but I need to make a living too!

    Guest (David H-S)

  8. Since joining AWAI, I've said this a couple of times already, so I'll gladly say it again.

    Born a dyslexic artist, my pictures had each spoken their allotted "thousand words." But if "In the beginning," had indeed been but "The Word," my surviving dyslexia needs to front-run information theory's bent that ALL words -- and every combination thereof -- must be written, if not spoken. That our destined singularity depends on this is my forte on what's otherwise a twain that shan't ever meet.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  9. My niche market is to Seniors. I am a Certified Senior Advisor.

    Sharon Law Tucker

  10. Hi Rebecca! I've just about completed the Accelerated Program and have decided that the niche for my entree into copywriting will be catalog copywriting. It looks like a great way to start my career as it's short copy without the hard sell.
    However, I've got a problem.
    I need to find a way to break into this field without having to study another program, which I can't afford. If you have any suggestions(contacts, job sites, etc.) I'd appreciate it. Cheers!
    Perry Rease

    Perry R

  11. My niche is functional fitness designed for women.

    Guest (trish)

  12. Hello Rebecca!

    This was a great article about choosing a niche, even though I've already picked on or a few of them out (maybe several). Still, it doesn't hurt to refresh oneself on the topic of finding a specialty. Thanks again for the wonderful insight!

    Kimberly Smith

  13. I would very much like to write for knitting and crochet magazines and perhaps for horse magazines. All three subjects have held my interest for many, many years. Would there be hope for me there?


  14. I would like to be a travel writer. Whether it be to evaluate or recommend or just to educate others on new areas the may consider to go.
    Please advise.

    Guest (Deanna)

  15. Rebecca:
    I enrolled in Travel Writing but got interested in Photography to accompany writing along the way. I also enrolled in Copywriting because of my 60 years wide-range of experience in the work force as an Engineer. I have now acquired suitable camera equipment for my frequent trips to other countries (5 this past year) each about 1 month long and tickets for a 3 month trip to China in 3 more days. I have also found other excellent resources for the Photography part so expect to separately generate income from that. Will study while travelling.

    Guest (Phillip Rendahl)

  16. Hi Rebecca,

    I've finally achieved clarity that my niche should be financial copywriter

    Can you suggest types of projects that I can start with that are smaller, shorter term and ... in my perception at least ... lower risk than big direct-response packages?

    Cheers and thanks,

    Charles Walker, CPA, MBA

    Charles Walker Writer

  17. After 32 years as a medical massage therapist, I chose Alternative/Integrative Medicine.


  18. I currently have an MLM business Essential Oils that I would love to target as a money making website and dual purpose...not sure how to do add-ons. I have taught a local cleaning with EO class that went well.
    Would love to do Travel...dream of that often and have done plenty of local travel Some intn'l years ago...
    The Joshua Boswell survey revealed my strengths as honest and spiritual. I work with Royal Family kids and Personal Development Groups here locally. I feel a pull to work there.


  19. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for this great advice. My niche is wellbeing - encompassing Self-Help, Spirituality, Alternative Health, Personal Development and Natural Beauty. Your recent e-mail encouraging newbies like me to just get started on building our businesses really struck a chord and I built my website. It went live today at *celebrates!* Tomorrow, clients! I'm looking forward to evolving my site and business as I work through the rest of the course and learn even more. It's been fantastic so far! Thank you and AWAI for all the support, inspiration and guidance in your e-mails.

    Kelly McKain

  20. I like Allan's idea, but for the over 50 crowd. I'm at a crossroad, because I don't think the niche (start-up businesses) I'd like to pursue would pay all that well. What resources might help me delve deeper to find out that information?

    Guest (Peter)

  21. I'm a new member, but health is my passion so my niche is Age Reversal. My target audience is baby boomers and older.

    Gloria Reibin


    Guest (Devon Van De Kieft)

  23. After giving it much thought I've come to the most likely conclusion for my niche...Self Help! It is what I'm most comfortable writing about and where my interests lie. Thanks for the great article, Rebecca!


  24. For my niche I have picked the Christian Market...began writing fundraising letters fir Christian non-profits and ministries, now in the process of switching to Web writing for this market. My "heart" is for non-profits, and missions organizations, more than Christian trying to discover the web needs for these kind of organizations..,and which one hire freelance copywriters. :)

    A quick question...what about social media. Obviously there is a growing need for this, but seems that social media writing would keep you totally tied almist 24/7 to your computer, writing, then managing and rrplying to the responses. ..not what I would consider the "writers life"...any comments on this? Thanks, Susan

    Susan Palmer-Christian Copywriter

  25. I am having a hard time choosing between:
    Complementary medicine practices Spirituality, and Personal Development.
    I think I have to choose but it is very hard to pick one and discard the other two.

    Guest (Jerry Levin)

  26. I need help, I can't pinpoint my Niche. I'm not sure if there is a market for any of this.
    I like to read Murder Mystery Cookbooks, with recipes, cookbooks, inspirational books, like Joel Osteen’s “Every Day A Friday” I know about love, and loss of loved ones,living in a travel trailer for 8 years, X-Stitching,raising kids I like to write about memories of when my kids were little, positive reinforcement to my kids, places I have been, and people I have met

    Rhonda LD

  27. Yoga for seniors is what I first have thought, but what really amazes me about it is the healing that comes from it, the mind/body integration/healing that can come after so many years. Right now I think Yoga for Seniors is it -- that can be the springboard for every other thought.

    Guest (Melanie Lee)

  28. Hi Rebecca! I thought finding a niche may be too difficult, but I think I will start with Home Health Care. Considering that I did this line of work off and on for sixteen years; it may be a good place to start! Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow now that I have a starting place.Home Health Care had not crossed my mind?? I know the industry is growing and could use another good content copier. Ready to learn and getting excited!
    Thanks Rebecca!
    Kind Regards, Pamela D. Hall

    Guest (Pamela Hall)

  29. I've been thinking about this for a while now and in searching myself for what I like to do I've come up with wanting be in the home decorating and DIY niche. However, I have no idea where to even start with it. I would also LOVE to get into the traveling niche.

    Guest (Chrystal)

  30. My niche is happiness science for a parenting audience. I provide a parenting toolkit for raising happy, balanced children.

    Guest (Sandi Schwartz)

  31. Hi Rebecca! I'm sticking with the niche I decided on at Bootcamp, which is B2B for the training and learning development industry.My long history of teaching means that I understand what it means to learn, and how to showcase my clients' training opportunities.

    Joyce H

  32. I could use some help. I've got a degree in education, but I love reading things related to psychology & self-improvement. If you want to see my website, I can pass the link to you to see where I was going with that. Or I can sleep on it!

    Felicia R

  33. I'd love to write about Home & Garden,as well as Children/Mother. These are my two favorite areas, as I've had the most experience in them,as far as real life experiences. I'd like to write (seperately) :peotry,stories,suggestions,and educational articles in each of these areas.

    Guest (Liz happy at home )

  34. Hi rebecca, very thought provoking article. after reading this I have come to the conclusion that I must select a niche. I am interested in health industry. and i have today picked up the niche, after giving a proper thought, to write for health industry. I myself is very health conscious.
    I am interested in it and I am sanguine that in the coming year I must be a health writer.And I will do. thanks

    Guest (Mahesh seelvi)

  35. I'd like to be in the self-development niche.. If this even IS a niche? Meditation, psychology and the human potential has been a part of my life for the last decade.

    ..But is this even a real niche, that is profitable? I would love for someone to chip in on this.

    Guest (Isak)

  36. As a journalist by profession I can write confidently in three industries: Religion and church press, politics and Automobile Thanks

    Guest (Gasper-John Emenyeonu)

  37. I have an unpaid niche that might help me to gain inroads among prospective paying clients who donate to similar political and social activism causes, but I'm not sure how to put that to financial use.

    The other niche that comes to mind is what I'm thinking of as "The Clueless Do-It-Yourselfer." My biggest non-activist passion if renovating my house. I'm going to start a blog and see if I can get it to pay.


    Guest (Christina Dunigan)

  38. Hi Rebecca,

    I am currently writing for the travel industry for a tourism website. Not much income forthcoming but this provides daily writing exercise. I am also beginning to submit my photos to stock photo sites.
    So, being without any expendable income till January, I will work on the Webwriting 2.0 program. Then I will purchase an appropriate "List" and take off from there.

    Guest (Patricia T)

  39. After more than 20 years in the insurance industry, that's the niche I'll be starting with. Then hopefully, expand out to the Christian niche.

    Guest (David)

  40. My backgroung is in farming and growing food. So this may be a good niche to start with.


  41. Rebecca, great article. After much internal discussion, I have decided on the B2B training and development niche. In my previous job I wrote, and gave, quite a few PowerPoint training modules, so hopefully this will really work out for me. However, I'm not sure how to get started, so have enrolled in Joshua's Roadmap program.

    Alice W

  42. Hi Rebecca, I have a question: who are publishers of stock-trading newsletters? How can one contact them.
    Can I get an answer to a question asked here? Where?

    Guest (Claire Erickson)

  43. Hi Rebecca, I thinking in the direction of Pets and wildlife. Mainly cause I have a soft spot in my heart for all living creatures. So many animals are abused and so much suffering on their faces really breaks my heart. So if there is something I can do to help God's creatures that's where I want to be. That includes wildlife, insects and so on. But to pin it down even closer Cats tame or wild they have my heart. Is there a niche for this?


  44. Hi Rebecca. I have selected the financial newsletters as my niche. I'm an investor and I am always reading financial newsletters for investing.


  45. Financial copy writer. Personal finance for single parents.

    Guest (Prudence Moneypenny)

  46. Hello Rebecca. I would love to write reviews for beauty products especially fragrance reviews.

    Guest (Michelle)

  47. Keeping Employees from leaving.

    Guest (JB Miller)

  48. Hello Rebecca. My niche will be personal development-encompassing fitness, alternative health and dating.


  49. It seems to me that most folks need a boost in awareness, simply because it's impossible to act on something if you're not aware of it!

    My blog consists of little hints to assist the reader in moving up the 'Ladder of Awareness' which just might prove to be of eternal value.

    Guest (carl frederick)

  50. It was easy for me to find my "niche" because I have been a musician and music teacher for most of my life. As a music teacher, I took my High School Concert Band to England for our first International travel performance ... and I witnessed a bigger change in my students attitudes and approach to life than I expected. So, I became aware of the value of Travel as an educational source through that experience. Hence ... my niche is "Arts and Travel" as one of the best forms of education that life can provide. So, I am now working on a website with that name, and have the domain name registered, and am working on the logo design. If you have any guidance in this, it will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Guest (Raymond)

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