The Most Unique Gift in the World is …

Jen Adams

Merry Christmas! However and wherever you may be this holiday, I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Especially because we’re about to talk about the best gift of all, from a writer’s perspective.

Jen Adams here, wrapping up a week of celebrating the unique gifts of the writer’s life as they related to some of the most popular gifts of the last 100 years.

Right now, wandering down any local toy aisle, all the “must-have” gifts of the season are electronic.

You’ve got your Tickle-Me Elmos, singing characters from Frozen and other films, and rebooted Furby “dolls” set to terrify another generation of children.

But these talking dolls are just the tip of the iceberg … half the things I used to think of as traditional board games are now fully compatible with my smartphone and laptop. And one of the #1 best-sellers of the bunch is actually a robotic dog, the Tekno.

It has over 160 emotions and functions, giving everything a “real” dog would — including the ability to play fetch — with none of the real-world responsibility. Some 40 million have been sold worldwide and “trained” through smartphones and iPads.

Next up? Those crazy toymakers are probably trying to replace us!

Except … they can’t.

Despite all the content spinners and headline generator programs offered on the web claiming to replace writers with computers … we’re still here, and still going strong.

In fact, we get to enjoy the distinct pleasure of watching all these would-be conquerors get left in the dust, time and again, by real, human writers.

And isn’t that the best gift of all … to be completely and utterly irreplaceable?

As writers, we’re special in ways no technology can replicate. Technology doesn’t trump us — and even more exciting, we get to use it to make our lives easier, more fun, and more portable all the time.

For example, I no longer have to type up my notes. I can scan them, or snap a photo on my phone and sync it to the cloud. Or, if my fingers get tired of doing any writing at all, I can use voice recognition software to put words on the virtual page, from anywhere I chose to work.

Add in the dozens of bookmarking, editing, and graphic design programs available to me right now — often for free — and I’ve never been more powerful as a creative force.

So yes, while my coffeemaker will soon also be taking my blood pressure and calculating my tax bills, my job as a writer isn’t threatened in the least by the advances of technology. And neither is yours.

Instead, we’re continually becoming that much more valuable … we’re the creative brains that dream up the marketing content and copy that gets all these fancy machines and tools bought up first place!

So today, celebrate yourself and your wonderful, irreplaceable talent. And, if you do have a favorite tech tool or app that makes your writing life easier, share it in the comments. We’ll all benefit from knowing about new time-savers … especially since each one helps us have even more time to enjoy the fantastic writer’s lives we’ve chosen.

Merry Christmas to you, dear writer, and thanks for spending the week with me!

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Published: December 25, 2015

12 Responses to “The Most Unique Gift in the World is…”

  1. Thanks Jen, I have found that Evernote is the best app a writer can find, you can use it to write your ideas wherever you go, and reorder them later on your computer. You can create tags, notebooks and more. I simply can't live without it!


  2. Regardless of the type of content you create, the place your content appears is important for Google rankings. It should appear on a major website, or a keyword optimized website for long tail keywords.

    Here is a domain suggest website I us to save time finding the right domain name for a website to promote that content.

    flawlessurl dot com

    Guest (John Lombaerde)

  3. What?!

    The "most unique gift in the world"?

    How many times have copywriters and advertisers been hammered for saying "most unique"? Even by AWAI presenters!

    It's either unique or it's not, is it not? :-)

    [Yes, that's an intentional double not (knot?).]

    Sorry. It's Christmas, and the ol' curmudgeon has to have some fun.

    Guest (Clarke Echols)

  4. I love Evernote ...


  5. I love using pixlr dot com to design/edit bookcovers for my wattpad account. I just started doing it but it's awesome.

    Guest (rain200)

  6. Merry Christmas Jen Adams, and thank you for a wonderful and inspiring post. I am a robot aficionado, so I REALLY got a kick out of reading it!

    As for me I use the free app "Scratch Pad" (developed by The Sad Robots)on my tablet and my Android phone. It's a very simple word-processor. It's customizable, so with a black background and light-gray text, I can write at night when inspiration may suddenly strike. I used it a lot of nights when participating in NaNoWriMo last month. :)

    Sara A Watts

  7. In 1989, pre-WWW, pre-email, I took a distance writing course. I was employed as a teacher/counselor in a special program for at-risk youth in which we were on the road, camping outside, seven days a week. Imagine my delight whenever we stayed in a spot that had an electrical outlet. For I carried a portable, cutting-edge ELECTRONIC typewriter. A small digital display allowed me to type and modify 100 characters before printing. What a cool time-saver it was.

    Jerry Waxman

  8. Spritz is a brilliant app that makes reading up to 700 words pr minute effortless.

    Also Paul Scheele's photoreading. It's not exactly computer tech, but I dare call it a technology. Makes information retention way easier.

    Guest (Isak)

  9. Thank you Jen, for a wonderful week. Your jaunts down memory lane were most inspiring. The best in 2016 to you and yours.

    Guest (George White)

  10. Jen, Thank you for your emails this week, I looked forward to each one. A welcome relief from the unusually high volume of Christmas bargain/jargon emails.

    I appreciate how you tell the story of a product and relate it to the issue you are writing about, keeps me engaged and reading. Where can I study with you?

    Technology rocks and writer's have the perfect tools to write with.

    Hope you write more emails.

    Joan M

  11. According to Christmas scripture, if "in the beginning" had INDEED been "The Word" -- whence all things came into being as life was the light of all people -- then The Word is indeed our greatest gift!

    In turn, that all words are spoken, in every language, and in every possible combination, giving due testimony via a light common to all is our true mission.

    And from The Word having ALSO become flesh comes our expulsion from Eden's best compensation commensurate to tree-of-life temptation.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  12. For organizing a lot of info, I like Treepad (for Windows, also runs under WINE in Linux) and CherryTree (Windows, Linux, and Mac). Both applications let you organize a bunch of branches on the left and when you click on a branch, you have a text page on the right for whatever notes you want. Both programs have been huge time savers for me.

    Tom OM

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