Key Message Copy Platforms: The Nuts and Bolts of How to Build and Write Them

Casey Demchak

Hi, Casey Demchak here. Back with you for Day 2 of The Writer’s Life.

This week I’m providing you with expert insights on how to write Key Message Copy Platforms, so you can make this unique service a dynamic and lucrative part of your copywriting business.

Yesterday I explained that a Key Message Copy Platform is a comprehensive document that contains all the important marketing statements about a product, and that it’s a copywriting service every company needs.

I also told you why the New Year is a great time to pitch this service to your clients.

Today I’m going to outline the content I normally include in Key Message Copy Platforms. Then I’m going to teach you a simple three-step process for writing them.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and do it!

Every Key Message Copy Platform I’ve written is unique to itself. In fact, no two have ever been the same. However, on average they are 12 to 15 pages long and include marketing messages that fall under these main headings:

  • Product tagline ideas
  • Description of how the product works
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) statement
  • Explanation of the human value benefits provided by the product
  • Customer testimonials and other “social proof”
  • Multiple marketing messages that support the product’s secondary benefits
  • Key message benefit statements that overcome anticipated product objections
  • Headline ideas for use in various product marketing materials
  • Call-to-action lines for use in sales letters, web pages, e-blasts, etc.

(Of course there are other sections you can include, which are described in detail in my AWAI program, Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success. But these are the sections you’ll almost always include.)

You have a lot of flexibility when you write Key Message Copy Platforms. This means you can add, subtract, mix/match, and customize sections to meet your clients’ specific needs.

They key is to be creative and strategic in your thinking.

My simple 3-step process for writing Key Message Copy Platforms

I’m a simple guy, so I created an easy three-step process for writing Key Message Copy Platforms. I’ve written dozens of them over the years, so trust me — the process does not have to be any more complicated than this.

  1. Collect and review background information about the product for which you’ll be writing. The type of information you’ll want to collect includes:

    a. Previous marketing literature about the product

    b. Memos about the product created by the marketing team

    c. Technical specifications and diagrams

    d. PowerPoint Presentations

    e. White papers about the product

    f. Competitive information

  2. Interview your client for 30 to 60 minutes to fill in any gaps that are not covered by the background information he or she provided you.

  3. Based on the background information you collected and the interview you conducted, write your Key Message Copy Platform and then make revisions based on feedback from your client.

    a. First draft

    b. Second draft

    c. Polished draft

That’s it. A simple three-step process for writing a straightforward 12- to 15-page document that every company needs for every product they market.

And again, the beginning of the year (that means right now!) is a great time to market this service to clients who want to get their new marketing campaigns off to a red-hot start.

Plus, once you complete a Key Message Copy Platform, your client will see you as the “content hero” for that product.

This makes you the natural choice to write all the marketing materials that spring from a Key Message Copy Platform (web copy, sales letters, brochures, e-blasts, video scripts, and more)!

If you have comments or questions I’d love to hear from you. So feel free to share them right below.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to identify three ideal situations for marketing Key Message Copy Platforms to prospects who want to make 2016 their best year ever.

Take a lot of inspired actions and make things happen!

Key Message Copy Platforms

Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success

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Published: January 12, 2016

14 Responses to “Key Message Copy Platforms: The Nuts and Bolts of How to Build and Write Them”

  1. Very cool! I was approached by someone about this very thing just last night. Your article provides a beautiful template that will make the work easy. Thank you!

    How would you recommend pricing this sort of thing?

    Guest (Anne Michelsen)

  2. I promese to continue foward in working in USA now to more than 40 years more around the country do the maximum for help the maximum of all the citizen here and the citizen live to go more grow the economies to the maximum to complete pay the debt then we have completed for have again bearer live everyone againg

    Guest (Wilfredo Aviles Ramos)

  3. Hi Casey, Thanks for sharing this!

    From a writer's perspective, this sure seems an effective product to offer. But how do clients/marketers view it.

    In other words, what would be an effective way to pitch this service to the client.

    Any sample pitching email/letter would be very helpful to look at and get concrete idea. Is it possible to share a sample with us?

    regards, -Sravani


  4. Hi Casey Demchak,

    You made references to Monday's training. I did not get that of Monday from you on my email. Kindly resend it to me sir.


    (AWAI Member)

    Guest (Bimbola)

  5. Simple? I don't know. How 'bout somethin' more concise like this? >>

    I) Examine what's in the box (per Aristotle);

    II) Think outta the box (per Plato); and

    III) Market-merge both; appealing only to the strong-willed survivors of our ceaseless flux of being (per Nietzsche).

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  6. Hi Casey, you mention this as a B2B service for products, but it seems it would also be valuable for B2C companies who offer a service, such as natural health care-? It sounds a bit like writing outlines, or ideas, for several letters, all in one, which is daunting. Are there any samples we could read? Thanks.


  7. Most psychologists say our attention span is only seconds. So why 15-21 pages?
    Most people want to be happy but I don't see that issue addressed either. I find myself thinking that the longer the letter the more expensive the product. Can we see a sample of your work? I am trying not to critique your writing. I just want to see what one looks like. I am new to this format. And, as you can see I have some preconceived notions. I got an A in psychology at Cal-State at Los Angeles. Please help me understand. Thank You. Diana Oh! I am also an artist.

    Diana Marie

  8. I Thought About It- Here It Is!

    Guest (Danny)

  9. Hello Casey; I switched to B2B c'writing before I've even begun. I'm a musician,and planned work with musical instrument manufacturers, doing emails/newsltrs. They don't use coywriters, apparently.So, I switched to B2b. I am now taking Steve Slaunwhite's B2B course. I have already taken yours. I did a KMCP for my copywriting service; it's in the rough stages. working with clients will be an ongoing mission to tailor it to the needs of each one. Hope I can develop the confidence soon.

    Neil Stubbs

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