Make Your Website Work for You

Joshua Ford

Have you ever been put on the spot?

You know … one of those situations where you must come up with an answer … or convince someone of something … with no notice or prep time?

I’ve been there … and you probably have too. You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it can be … especially if your response bombs.

This may have even happened to you with a copywriting client …

You were put on the spot and told to, “Sell yourself,” or asked, “Why should I hire you?

Then you do your best to convince the client to hire you … To sell him on why you’re the best choice.

Bob Bly calls this, “being the dancing monkey.”

What’s Bob’s advice to keep from being the dancing monkey?

A great way to head off being put on the spot and made to dance is to address questions and concerns ahead of time.

And … “What’s the best way to do this?” you may be asking …

Use your website to convince and convert clients …

Like you may have read in the previous article … you want to try to think like your client.

What questions would you have if you were the client looking to hire a copywriter?

What specific things would “sell you” on hiring the copywriter?

As you can imagine … the more you address these concerns ahead of time … the better you position yourself. The more prepared the client will be before you talk to him.

You may be asking how to do this.

Here are a few of Bob’s tips …

Have a FAQ Page on Your Website

You want to have a page on your website that answers frequently asked questions.

This way most of your prospects’ questions are answered before even talking to you. This saves you time and better prepares the clients before meeting you.

You can also send a client to your FAQ page if they ask you a question that’s already answered there. This is a way to avoid being the dancing monkey.

Show Samples of Your Work

If you have samples of your work you want to display these on your website.

You can do this by creating a unique page for each sample. This way you can send clients the link to each specific sample.

Doing it this way will allow your client to go directly to the samples most relevant to them … without having to sort through all your samples.

Boost Credibility with Testimonials

A great way to boost your credibility with clients is to post client testimonials on your website.

The more testimonials, the better.

You want potential clients to be blown away by the number of positive testimonials.

As you can already gather … when they see that you did good work for other clients … it reassures them they will probably get good work from you too.

Well, there you have it …

Now you can use your website to convince and convert clients and control the process from the start.

You can escape being the dancing monkey and instead speak with clients who are better prepared to hire you.

So, was this helpful? Are you thinking of ways you can start using your website to get more clients?

Let me know in the comments section below.

I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Coming up tomorrow … Another Bob Bly tip for getting clients.

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Published: January 27, 2016

10 Responses to “Make Your Website Work for You”

  1. Fantastic ideas. I did not ever think about selling myself on a web site. I have one for myself and how to do things quicker, more efficiently and cheaper, but I also have reserved one with just my name that would be prefect to introduce myself as a writer. The FAQ idea is so fantastic.
    Thanks for the article.

    Guest (Karen)

  2. Great ideas for copywriters who have some experience in the business. How would a person new to copywriting set up a webpage? Perhaps a webpage is best left until you have experience?


  3. Hey Joshua - When will start giving us some tips on how to get clients?

    Guest (Tom)

  4. I think this is great stuff. This idea is multitasking as it is saving the writer's time, selling his service, informing the client and giving him/her ideas.
    I had a website where I was toying with the idea of writing content as a 'Ghostwriter' before becoming an AWAI member. The idea was kept in the garage and not used as; a lack of time, not being as techy as I needed to be and not having the specialist training that AWAI gives. How can this site help? ghostwritingprolificcontent dot com

    Prolific Penster

  5. The FAQ page on the web page is a really great idea. Many of the service industries have FAQ pages and can increase the credibility status for the writer.

    Good Q & A subjects could include definitions such as what is a white paper, what is a case study, what is a blog, what makes up content, etc.

    This gives the audience a good insight into your areas of expertise.

    Thanks for the post

    Guest (Randy Doell)

  6. Once a web site is designed, the owner needs to get it on the internet. What is the least expensive way to do this? I know you need to pay a fee to reserve a domain name. Don't you also need pay a fee to a host site owner? All this costs money, so the writer needs to budget for that. I don't want to spin just one wheel. All four would give me some real power!

    Guest (Mary O)

  7. Yes! This WAS helpful. Thank you, Joshua.

    Even the sunshine whence shadows nevertheless project is not immune to the gravity of ANY given situation.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  8. I truly am grateful for the thoughts on what to put on my web page. How to answer client questions is very helpful to newbies such as myself. Thank you Mr. Ford and Mr. Bly for your thoughtful directions. Keep them coming!

    sylvia h

  9. I'm interested in responses to Sherrilu's post of Jan 27. I'm a new aspiring B2B writer and I'm just working on developing my website. I'd like advice targeted to my situation - Joshua's article is excellent, and assumes the writer already has material to showcase etc.


  10. This gave great information for a newby like me. Thank you.

    Stepping Out

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