Top Copywriter Shares Secrets for Getting Clients

Joshua Ford

I was more than excited when asked to share Bob's secrets with you. As you'll soon learn, these tips will help you get more clients, better manage them, and ultimately “wow them” with your copywriting services.

The truth is most copywriters make the mistake of turning off their marketing because they are so busy with the clients they already have.

Then, once they finish those projects and things wind down, they find themselves frantically running around to find new clients.

They often have to go for a stretch of time without any clients and, more importantly, no money coming in.

So they crank up the marketing until they fill their pipeline and repeat the client/income yo-yo process all over again. You've probably gone through this cycle yourself.

Bob says one of the ways to breakout of this cycle is to shoot for twice the number of leads you can actually take on.

It's better to keep your marketing and self-promotion efforts running even when you're booked. This way you can maintain a steady stream of income at all times.

Plus there's another benefit to having 2x the number of leads you can handle:

You Get To Be Selective

Imagine you’re communicating with a potential client …

As the conversation progresses you get the feeling it’s not a good fit.

How good would it feel to be able to pass without worrying you’re losing income as a result? You aren’t worried because you know there’s another client in the pipeline right behind that one.

This is another major benefit to having more leads that you can take. You get to be more selective when choosing which clients and projects to take.

Only Do Projects You Enjoy

When you are struggling to get clients you may have to take on projects you don’t like. After all, the bills don't stop just because your income does.

Always marketing for new clients and keeping your client pipeline full will allow you to only work on projects that you like. Another benefit to having more leads than you can handle is removing “neediness”.

If a client can tell you need the work they will see it as a sign of neediness. When a client perceives you as "being needy" it makes them nervous and skeptical. It hurts your chance of landing the client.

So, these are some key reasons you want to keep your “lead pipeline” at twice the amount you can take on.

So … whatcha think? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal another “client-getting” secret to help you grow your freelance copywriting business.

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Published: January 25, 2016

9 Responses to “Top Copywriter Shares Secrets for Getting Clients”

  1. After hundreds of messages I have received from AWAI, I am finally getting information that I truly need. I look forward to the tips, ideas, and plans you will be providing. Thanks.

    Guest (Tom Kubala)

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for sharing the information with me. I enjoyed reading it. I think it is a very nice piece of information to read. I like the it was precise and concise.

    I think it is a good strategy to use in getting constant flow of good clients to give a writer a consistent means of income flowing. I liked it!

    Thank you again for sharing it with me. As a newbie I need every tip that will help me succeed.

    I am looking forward to your next message.

    Esther O Asiedu

  3. An outstanding article! keep the funnel hopper full. Besides as another man said, "you don't know how much you can do until you take on more than you can do." Usually, more than you can do only last a little while.


  4. Joshua, thank you for sharing 2x the leads. It makes sense to keep the pipeline flowing. My own personal concern is 'timing'. How do you cope if several clients want results 'yesterday'? How do you juggle quality, well-researched copy while writing several pieces simultaneously?

    The Craft of Quality Copywriting

  5. Thank you for this article, albeit for a completely opposite reason to its intention. I hate doing sales, but I was considering AWAI because they made it sound as if work would be at the picking. Writers were in huge demand so getting work was easy. This article shows more of the truth, I think. It sounds like it's very competitive out there and you really have to sell yourself and stay on top of the ball. THAT is not for me. So, thanks again for your honesty. You saved me from a costly error.

    Guest (Jacqui)

  6. Excellent article. I wanted to comment on the "neediness" aspect. I am an insurance broker and when starting out every single sale was important. But prospects can sense that "neediness". Once established I say "your schedule is my schedule. I don't need your business today to eat next month. When you are ready to go I will be here for you." I think that approach (generally) would work here too.
    And to the previous comment, we are all in sales, don't worry about it. Sales is important. Nothing gets done without a "sale."


  7. Hi Joshua, I have heard this advise before from several of the AWAI staff.
    I still feel awkward about following it however because it seems strange to lead someone to contact you, then deny them services. Have you ever gone shopping for your groceries, filled your basket, only to get to the check-out line and find a sign indicating that "this lane closed"?

    Nora King

  8. I think it is a good idea and has more benefit than mentioned above. When neediness is perceived clients tend to want to under cut your price. With a 2X load, apart from having a consistent flow of jobs you can be a bit more choosy as strong demands tends to suggest quality.

    Prolific Penster

  9. I am new to AWAI and seek to get to know some other members in my local area. Can anyone refer me to someone? Jim Hulton, The Write Stuff of Blue Bell, PA Thanks much!

    The Write Stuff

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