March 2016

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Two (More) Strategies for Building Your Writer’s Life

Monday you learned Business-to -Business Master Copywriter Ed Gandia’s first two strategies for building B2B success. Today, we give you his final two.

How to Create a Solid Plan for Success

Following in the footsteps of someone who has gone before you and learning from their experience, can make all the difference in your success. Find out how Joshua Boswell and his Launch Tour made that difference last year for freelance copywriter and AWAI member George Ortega.

How, When, and Why You Need an Updated Headshot

Discover why it’s essential to get an updated headshot to market your writing business, and learn tips for making sure the photo you get is as good as possible.

Ed Gandia’s B2B (and Other Career) Strategies for Success

Business-to-Business copywriting looks like a great opportunity for me to take a new direction in my career. But I’m turning to someone who’s done it before for guidance.

This Word Technique Helps You Become a Copy Genius

An apology to an AWAI favorite... A word technique used by the top writers... Satisfying your prospect’s emotional needs... Come to Bootcamp

Bootcamp First-Timer to Return to Hire Copywriting Team in 2016

This AWAI member, currently in sales and lead generation and specializing in hospitality writing, plans to hire up to 12 copywriters at Bootcamp this year!

A Fun, Easy Way to Realize My Dream

I love writing in fundraising copy. But from hearing B2B master copywriter Steve Slaunwhite has made me consider a new direction to realize a fundraising dream.

Turn Prospects into Clients with the List-Kickstarter Matrix

When you're a new B2B copywriter, one of your biggest challenges isn't finding prospects to approach. Rather, it's about narrowing down your field.

Why Are B2B Copywriters in Demand?

Are you curious how Business-to-Business copywriting can fuel your quest for the writer’s life? Steve Slaunwhite tells how easily it can happen here.

9 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines That Boost Open Rates

We spend a lot of of our precious time writing body copy. We're so focused on the CONTENT that we don't think about the "outside edges" of our work.

So, What Exactly Is Business-to-Business Copywriting?

We’ve been talking this week about Business-to-Business copywriting. Only I left out a major part of this discussion … exactly what B2B copywriting is.

… Because I Didn’t Like Being an Employee

Steve Slaunwhite is the acknowledged master of Business-to- Business copywriting. We interviewed him to learn how he got started … and a few more secrets of B2B success.

If I’d Known Then What I Know Now

Finding the right niche is like finding a good partner. But it isn’t always easy, especially if, like me, you don’t know what’s available to you.

How to Avoid Skinny, Weak Guarantees

You can’t simply dash off a guarantee and expect it to convince your reader you’re sincere. You need to “beef it up” so he knows you stand behind your product.

Live: The Barefoot Writer March Issue

The March Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

The Lasting Power of the Positive

We’re mired in a swamp of negativity in almost all aspects of modern life. Is there any room left for positivity? Not only is there room, writing success may depend on it.

Tips to Overcome Self-Sabotage

Find out what self-sabotage habits plague creative professionals and get tips on overcoming them so you can move forward in your personal and creative goals …

Business-Building Advice You May Be Taking Too Far

You’ve probably heard the advice to choose a niche so you can market yourself more effectively. But can you take it too far?

In-Person Networking Yields a Major New Project for AWAI Member

Experienced copywriter and AWAI Member finds success with self-marketing and moves forward, feeling self-assured in her future with the writer's life.

The Best Way to Create Your Own Perfect Marketing Mix

Do you freeze up every time you think about landing clients? Put together a marketing mix that will have you landing more clients faster.

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