Want to Grow by Leaps and Bounds? Learn How to Crawl First

Steve Maurer

Talk about crawling! I made five dollars on my first paid article.

Well, $4.95 to be exact. And for two years, it didn't get much better. Understand that I’d recently had over $9,000/year cut from my wages. I chose writing as way to make that up that lost income.

Those first two years brought about $2,000 each. And each year, I wrote over 400 articles. Don't do the math … it's scary.

I wasn't really crawling. Just rolling around and scooting. But …

Things changed.

Learning to crawl and walk much faster

I've watched my kids and grandkids grow. Kids start by scooting, then crawling. Walking is next. Running and leaping aren't far behind.

In the last part of 2012, I found AWAI.

Or maybe they found me … doesn't matter. What matters is that I learned how to write persuasively. What matters is that I learned to write marketing content, not just content.

What matters most is that I went from scooting to crawling to walking. And now, just a few years later, I'm starting to run.

One step at a time works fine … for a while

I studied my programs and learned to write more effectively. But when I realized I could earn while I learned, it was an epiphany.

Key lesson here: Don’t be a professional student. Start prospecting as soon as possible. Your business starts paying for your training.

Creating a website that brought in prospects was essential. As the writing and SEO improved, the site rose up in Google search.

The next thing I learned was marketing. A LinkedIn profile was part of that. My first long-term client came from there. And I built an Information Packet.

As I mastered each skill and used it, my business grew. Writing income doubled yearly.

My confidence skyrocketed.

Overcoming the two hardest obstacles in the way

Learning to write new projects was never an issue. More than once, I said yes to a project, then got the training program and studied like crazy.

More clients came along. But one obstacle kept me from a better income.


I didn't want to price too low and leave money on the table. And I didn’t want to price too high and lose the contract. It all came to a head with a prospect in California. I got out all my books and created a fee schedule. I quoted $3,000 for the job.

They accepted it. (It took a while to start breathing again!)

The other obstacle was writing for anyone. I tried that at first. $5 an assignment, remember?

So I sat down and assessed my situation. And I realized industrial B2B manufacturing fit best.

I've been a part of that niche for 30+ years.

And they have deep pockets.

Starting to run

The clients I get now are dream clients. In fact, a heavy hitter in the electrical device manufacturing field signed me last week.

The secret to success?

Learn to crawl, then walk, then run. It took me some time. But now that I've learned to run … the leap to the full writer’s life isn't far away.

Not far away at all.

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: April 19, 2016

8 Responses to “Want to Grow by Leaps and Bounds? Learn How to Crawl First”

  1. I am very new to this whole thing and I've took Mindy McHorse's advice by deciding for myself that the Writer's Life is the one I want for me and my family. I'm also gonna take your advice as well and kinda pace myself til I understand everything I'm doing and need to do.. Thank you so much for writing this. I so needed to see it and it really spoke to me.


  2. Excellent article!! Like you, I am in that genre of manufacturing/chemical/O&G technical B2B.... Unfortunately, I'm still in the corporate environment, but trying to wean myself over to the freelance side. The more of these articles I read, the more I feel the Universe is sending me signals!


  3. From where Steve began to where he entered, the world of writers through certain steps (scooting, crawling, walking and running ),the way here is clear in deed, but to make it clear to beginner like me What's the nature of most favourite projects that are attractive to the client? .
    Steve experiment shaped to me 80% of the idea, that'll greater.

    Guest (Magey thow )

  4. I'm taking one of the AWAI's Resume Writer Courses. Your advice seems to apply to all types of writing. I'll follow your lead.

    Thomas Arillotta

  5. Boy, hasn't Steve's story addressed my long and needless struggle with the whole niche thing, and the fear of stepping out for fear of rejection.

    His story appears so candid and real!

    And, the big takeaway for me is that you will make it as you go along.

    Great article Steve, and I sincerely thank you Mate:)

    Guest (Teejay)

  6. The success to be a writer, sometimes doesn't need to get everything ready for you, to start or kick off.
    Yes, it is a fortune to some people to get what they need in easy way ,and a struggling to some through many trails.
    Above these all patient plus hardwork are the only key to your desire .

    Guest (Magey thow )

  7. I'm inspired after reading Steve's article to learn crawling now and looking forward to walk oneday with a target and vision to run in future.

    Learn Learn Learn Learning is Limitless

  8. Lord, I love your style, Steve!



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