How Social Media Writing Opens the Door to More and More Work

Nick Usborne

On Wednesday, I told you how you can snag some amazing monthly retainer deals by pitching your services as a social media writer.

Retainer deals are great because they provide a steady, regular monthly income, and even out the cash flow dips that plague so many freelancers.

Today, I’ll explain how to use these social media retainer deals to boost your income even further.

Yes, it just gets better and better.

First, you land one or more social media writing contracts, and then you use those contracts to land some additional, high-paying projects.

Example #1 …

When you’re creating updates and tweets for a client, you’ll often find yourself writing about and promoting the latest web content your client has just published.

Maybe your client just put up a post about how Omega-3 keeps a woman’s skin looking young. And part of your job for the day will be to link to that page of content on Twitter and Facebook.

Over time, you’ll develop a deep insight into your client’s content marketing efforts. You’ll see which content drives the most click-throughs and Likes from Facebook, and which generates the most replies, retweets, and Likes through Twitter.

In other words, after a while, you’ll know better than anyone else which kinds of content work best and drive the most engagement.

At that point, you can turn to your client and say something like, “Hey, I just wrote up a two-page report on how to optimize your content marketing efforts. It identifies which types of content give you the most traction on social media.”

Once you have impressed the heck out of your client with that report, you follow up with, “Given my intimate knowledge of what works best for you, would you like me to start writing some of your web content?”

Boom … you just landed yourself some new work, in addition to your existing retainer deal.

Example #2 …

Something else you’ll be doing for your clients on social media is helping them feed their sales funnels.

You grab people’s attention through the client’s social media channels, and drive prospects to some web content, or maybe directly to a sales or subscription page.

In other words, you are taking a lead position in helping them drive sales.

Again, over time, you’ll build some keen insights into what works and what doesn’t. How so? Because as the person handling social media, you’ll have access to tracking and reporting tools that tell you exactly how well a given social media campaign is doing.

Now, you do the same as you did when you picked up those content-writing gigs.

You write up a two-page report, wildly impress your client, and then suggest they use you to write their sales emails, landing pages, or sales pages.

And why not? You are a trained copywriter with unique insights into their prospects and customers.

Why this works …

As their lead on social media, you get to see the big picture. You get to learn a huge amount about your client’s customers.

Even the simplest tracking tools, such as those provided by Facebook under the “Insights” tab, tell you a great deal about every single update you create.

The trick is to be a little patient. First you invest your time in doing a really, really good job with their social media. It’s fun work and you’re being paid by retainer. It’s all good!

Give yourself two or three months doing just the social media. That will give you the time to become a real expert on both their content marketing strategies and their promotional strategies.

It’s only then that you step up and offer some other writing or copywriting services.

Now you have your base retainer fee taking care of all your income needs … plus additional fees for doing some of their content and sales copywriting work.

Social media writing alone can earn you an amazing and predictable annual income.

Leverage your work in social media, and you have the perfect segue into doing more and more work for the same client, and massively increasing your total income.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Published: April 29, 2016

6 Responses to “How Social Media Writing Opens the Door to More and More Work”

  1. Hi Nick,

    I have a BS degree in Computer Information Systems. One of the courses I took is systems analysis.

    A few concepts in your social media marketing program are very close to some of the principles I learned in my systems analysis course. For example, there are some similarities between your 6-stage process of implementation and the systems analysis life cycle for a software system.

    I really enjoyed your program and recommend it highly to others.


    SheilaApril 29, 2016 at 8:58 am

  2. Hi Nick, My question has to do with conflict-of-interest. If I were to pursue work in social media I would work within my niche market. In doing so, would I be writing blogs and otherwise attracting attention that will be forwarded to my personal website and to my LinkedIn profile? Or is this work performed as a ghost writer? If I imbed myself in discussions, would this be considered self-serving although I would still be working for the client?

    Nora KingApril 29, 2016 at 3:16 pm

  3. Hi Nick,

    Yes, you do have the mind of a systems analyst, in my opinion. All the information you provide to us in your programs are very well thought out. Sometimes it takes an analytical mind to do that. :)

    I also didn't mean to make you "nervous" when you saw the first version of Mobile Phones Research.

    You too, have a great weekend.


    SheilaApril 29, 2016 at 7:06 pm

  4. Hi Nick; I am still completing the Accelerated Copywriting course, and I have signed onto two of your products: Web Copywriting 2.0 and Social Media Marketing (the course you are offering now.) I had planned to delve into Web Copywriting to have a firm foundation for the field. But Social Media Marketing seems a faster way of breaking in. As I am pressed to have an income within a couple months, would you recommend jumping straight into Social Media Marketing?

    Jerry WaxmanApril 29, 2016 at 10:11 pm

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