Someone Has to Take Advantage of This … Why Not You?

Will Newman

Welcome back. Today, we’re going to continue looking at why I finally decided to stretch my horizons and become better grounded in web copy.

On Monday, I said web copywriting provides far more opportunities and pathways for businesses to promote themselves than direct mail.

Today, we’ll look at a few of those opportunities. But first …

A quick look at the world I ‘grew up’ in …

When I began in this gig — and up until about 10 years ago — direct marketing centered around items mailed though the post office.

The #10 business envelope dominated formats. These were often stuffed with long-form sales letters and a number of ‘gates’ — add-on items like buckslips, lift notes, order devices, and other response-boosting items.

Savvy marketers experimented with magalogs, bookalogs, digests, and other formats that took long-form sales letters and tweaked them to look less like advertising.

In those days, copywriters wrote complete packages from start to finish with the help of designers and other professionals.

That was then, but …

So many more ways into the sale today …

Boy, has this changed. The same direct mail setup still exists, but the Internet provides new dimensions to direct marketing.

For example, as a web copywriter, you might be hired to write a series of emails to drive the reader to a company’s website.

Those emails might be a direct sale. Or just as likely, they might not be direct. They might be an attempt to interest the reader in information or special offers such as free e-books, which only later lead to a sale.

If you’re the writer of the email, you might write the landing page. Or you might not.

You might also be asked to write autoresponders — email messages sent to prospects who didn’t respond to a previous email, urging them to look at the offer or go to the website. Autoresponders also target prospects who clicked through to an order page but didn’t order.

As a ‘content writer,’ you could be writing any of these parts of a web campaign. (Content writer is a tricky title few people really understand. We’ll talk about it on Friday.) Or you might be hired to write information pieces or special reports … or whatever’s needed.

Traffic doesn’t just get driven to the Web by emails. Space ads in newspapers and magazines, TV and radio ads, billboards, even direct mail … anyplace you see “Visit our website at” means someone wrote that copy. And, of course, someone had to write the copy on the site the prospect visits.

Your takeaway …

I’m interested in learning more because I know fundraising clients can use all these marketing channels. In fact, I can’t think of a single copywriting niche that doesn’t use web copywriting.

That barely covers the opportunities offered to web copywriters. And if this seems a bit overwhelming, here’s your takeaway: Web marketing takes many forms. Someone has to write every step along the way. That someone could be you.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you about some serendipity that dropped into my life the other day.

Until then, comment below and tell us what you’re thinking.

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Published: April 20, 2016

15 Responses to “Someone Has to Take Advantage of This … Why Not You?”

  1. I'm of the impression that your offerings are designed to make you and your partners money by continually sending out emails with great and wonderful messages on how to become wealthy; but with one catch. That is, if I were to sign up, it would cost me a lot of money just to see if I could accomplish what you and your partners claim is possible. It's obvious by the great and wonderful discounted prices on various "how to" devices that you have come upon what you perceive as a "get rich quick" scheme that hopefully people like myself will buy into.

    I guess the saying " if it's too good to be true, it probably is" applies here to.

    Guest (Reg Wiebe)

  2. Not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but the hyperlinks in your wonderful article are not working. I was particularly interested in the definition of landing page.

    I really enjoy your articles, Mr. Newman. They are unfailingly fascinating and thought-provoking. I'm intrigued at the way your material manages to be fresh and engaging, as well.

    Thank you!

    [FROM WILL: Thank you for letting me know bout the links. They are inserted after I send my articles in. However, when I clicked the links for the previous article here, they worked for me. Maybe one of AWAI's great web people fixed things. Try again to see if they're working for you.]

    Pat H

  3. "Someone Has to Take Advantage of This … Why Not You?"

    I can answer that. It's because most companies and orgs who need web copywriters already have them on staff. It's very hard to find companies with a need for copywriters who don't already have them.

    When you do find a web copywriting job, you usually have to wait 3-6 months for the client to make up their minds to do the project. Half the time, they cancel it before it gets started. In the meantime, you're still scrambling to find work.

    Rob Lindsay

  4. Hello Will, Yes, you are right !
    As a web copywriter, that person is hired to write whatever the clients needs him/ her to write.
    For me, at this very moment , I am still studying the B2B program KEY MESSAGE COPY PLATFORM.
    Also I just registered for another B2B program:SECRETS OF WRITING HIGH PERFORMANCE B2B COPY.
    I definitely get into B2B NICHE.


  5. Hi Will,

    I'm thinking I like what you've said, how you write it and how it reads :)

    Jennie Jen

  6. What exactly does someone have to do to stay active with this program? I would like to just email things per say.

    [FROM WILL: Hi Levinaw. The starting place is to learn the craft. Study basic copywriting principles first, then get on to learning how to be an effective web copywriter. Good luck.]

    Guest (Levinaw)

  7. Hi Will:

    I am really excite about this program, and when I read the many ways to be a web-copywriter, I became just a little over whelmed...Mostly because I am not a real web surfer...I play games and watch movies, and before this program, only on the weekends...Now,I am online everyday reading and studying the practice letters. I would really like to own the Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program, but finances are preventing me, and as a single person, money is very tight.

    Monica P

  8. Will, Thank you for your tips today! A "Web Copywriter" position sounds very exciting to me. I am definitely interested in getting started! Keep your wonderful expertise coming! I look forward to opening your teaching segments every day.

    Guest (Kathryn Hamblin)

  9. Hi Will, We talk a lot about niche markets. I've been surprised that the web and writing on the web is actually considered to be a niche market, this because it seems to be fundamental to every one of us. It seems to me that it is the 4th essential (i.e. reading, writing, arithmetic, web).

    [FROM WILL: We suffer from a paucity of terminology in this business. The term 'niche' covers many different aspects of copywriting. From my perspective neither web copywriting nor B2B are true niches. They are what I call 'super niches' that contain writing opportunities in all the true, more specific niches. Make sense?]

    Nora King

  10. I'm very much interested in writing, and I find these materials here an invaluable resource. I look forward to fully registering and starting the program with AWAI within a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing.

    Guest (Wiliam)

  11. Truly informative; especially if this type of writing is someone's chosen niche.

    Thomas Arillotta

  12. Hi Will: Keep up the great work with your columns. I'm currently taking the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and love it. I have a question and would like your advice.

    My best friend's wife, Cecelia, is a brilliant woman, who is fluent in four languages, has multiple degrees, is a CPA and certified chef and teaches Spanish and German in her spare time while her children are in school. I think she would be a terrific direct response copywriter. Is there a market for copywriting in Spanish, her first language? Thanks. Lee Bishop

    Guest (Lee Bishop)

  13. I really appreciate your articles in THE WRITER'S LIFE. I am stepping into this new career and at times am so overwhelmed not only by the immense opportunities, but also by how very little I know. You define as you go and relate in such a way I feel like I can breathe a little easier. I am trying to study the ACCELERATED program and when my mailbox is overwhelmed by BAREFOOT WRITER, WRITERS LIFE, AWAI, I take the day to go through as many as I can. I always enjoy your articles. Thanks for them. Brigitte

    Guest (Brigitte)

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