May 2016

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Job Fair Exhibitor Plans to Return to Bootcamp this October … and He’s Looking Forward to Hiring More AWAI-Trained Copywriters

Since Job Fair at last year's Bootcamp was such a success for Jesse Moskel, he'll be returning this October in hopes to find two more writers as good as AWAI member Gary Mull.

Job Fair Changed This AWAI Member’s Career — and Continues to Do So Today

Gary Mull went to Bootcamp knowing exactly what he wanted - to work with Marketing Consultant Jesse Moskel. Gary went beyond his comfort zone, completed a spec assignment, and has been working with Jesse ever since!

When to Use B2B Power Words in Your Copy

Although B2B lacks the hype of most direct-response copy, there are still opportunities to use B2B power words in your copy to boost your results.

Consistent and Creative Self-Marketing and a Focused Work Ethic Bring Success to this Circle of Success Member

For Doug Fogel, COS not only helped boost his freelance success, it also gave him an opportunity to explore different niche areas with access to different free AWAI programs. Read about his experience here and find out how you can join now!

The Only Person Who Can Really Tell You About Your Prospect

Demographics and psychographics are a good starting place for getting to know your prospect as a real person. But there's only one person who can fill out the picture completely.

Learn From the Master of Online Copywriting at this Year’s Bootcamp

For those learning how to write for the Web, there’s no better teacher than Nick Usborne, an award-winning Master Online Copywriter.

How to Break Free of the 'Fear and Greed' Trap

'Fear and greed' become a trap for you when you assume they’re the only emotions to target in your prospect. Here’s how to break free from that trap.

Take Your Business Global: How to Work with International Clients

You’re not bound to work with local clients. Or even clients in the same country as you. Use these tips to work with international clients.

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Big Lie’ of Copywriting

Many so-called copywriting experts will lead you astray, feeding you misinformation about capturing your prospect’s emotions. Don’t fall for this ‘big lie.’

Circle of Success Member Is Finding Her Writer’s Life Step-by-Step

When COS member Karen Todd attended Bootcamp in 2015, Job Fair introduced her to a new area. She has since settled on a niche and will start blogging, creating a website, and getting clients! You can read her story of success here.

Ignore This Essential Copywriting ‘Rule’ From Mark Ford and Risk the Success of Your Copy

Many writers of all stripes make a serious error that dilutes the effectiveness of their writing. But for a copywriter, this error can be deadly.

Use These Proven Copywriting Formats to Get Your Copy Noticed

Use one of these four proven copywriting formats that will smash through the clutter of 362 ads a day.

New Online Networking Tool Provides a Flood of Clients for this AWAI Member

After fixing up her LinkedIn profile, COS member Sherri Caldwell was able to show off her freelance skills and copywriting experience to land clients and get more projects. You can read her story here.

Penny Hunt's Secret Sauce for Success

Today, Friday the 13th, is a lucky day for us… thanks to COS member Penny Hunt. She wants to pass on to us her “secret sauce for success.”

Lifelong Writer Finds Fun and Spare Time Income in Retirement with Copywriting

When COS member Penny Hunt decided to retire, she continued working doing something she always enjoyed - writing emails. This was a great way for her to supplement her income, and email copy is one of the fastest ways to make money as a freelance copywriter. And for a limited time AWAI's program Email Copy Made Easy is available for a $300 discount!

How Motivation, Connection, and Association Can Bring You The Writer's Life

Sarah Sloan was stuck in a career as a cosmetologist… a career she disliked intensely. But she found ways to break away.

How to Write a Spellbinding Story for B2B Clients

Discover the five critical elements in every spellbinding story and how you can help your B2B clients tell their story to connect with more prospects.

Add a Little Client-Getting "Secret Sauce" to Your Marketing Mix

Unconventional marketing strategies can set you apart and turn the conversation from you trying to land clients to them trying to get on your calendar.

Is Sarah’s Story Like Yours? Breaking Away from a Hated Career

Sarah Sloan was stuck in a career as a cosmetologist… a career she disliked intensely. But she found ways to break away.

Need a College Degree to Be a Copywriter? Don’t Tell Steve Agin

Connection and association. These twin pillars of success fuel your drive for the writer’s life. Today, we visit with Steve Agin, who’s finding those pillars with other members.

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