“I Can Improve the Quality of My Books and Enhance My Financial Status … All While Helping Causes I’m Proud to Support.”

Will Newman

It’s really great seeing you back here today. This week, we've touched on some essential secrets of copywriting that Circle of Success members learn in the Targeted Learning Programs. (Click here, here, here, and here if you've missed any of those articles.)

To finish off this week, we’re going to visit with COS member Jerry Levin to find out why he's becoming a copywriter.

Jerry has many eclectic interests. He enjoys reading, writing, and speaking … especially about personal development and spiritual topics. At the same time, he has a deep fascination for science and the relation of quantum physics to spirituality and consciousness.

When Jerry first contacted me, he said that he’d retired twice. His first career was on the faculty of a medical school where he taught and researched pharmacology for over 30 years.

After retiring from that career, he made a huge switch and became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

After spending three decades in Western medicine, Jerry now enjoys learning about complementary health and what it offers for supporting and healing of chronic health problems and generally maintaining wellness.

Jerry loves spending time with his wife and friends. He has three adult children and four grandkids and relishes any chance to be with them.

I asked Jerry why he'd chosen to become a copywriter. So …

Jerry, in his own words …

I started writing a nonfiction book entitled Affirmative Prayer. I wanted to help readers incorporate the ideas into their lives. In the process of trying to write this kind of encouragement, I discovered AWAI.

As I began reading more, I discovered copywriting was really persuasive writing — writing designed to get readers to take a desired action. Eureka! Just what I needed for my books.

I was also attracted to AWAI by the possibility of substantially improving my retirement income. While I’m fortunate in having enough to meet our needs, it’d be nice to be able to better support causes we believe in, go on more vacations with family, and support my mother-in-law if that becomes necessary.

I now realize I can improve the quality of my books and enhance my financial status all while helping causes and organizations I’m proud to support. That’s a win-win-win!

After joining AWAI, I made the logical choice of joining COS. How could I not make this choice? I get access to the full library of AWAI resources (with a few exceptions … and even those come with significant discounts).

Plus, there's repeated access to the Targeted Learning Programs. The Headlines course was great and the Leads course is looking to be every bit as good.

I joined for two more reasons. First, as a professional educator over 30 years, I’ve never seen such a large set of EXCELLENT programs. Excellent teachers who are masters at what they teach. Well organized, well written engaging instructions. And excellent exercises throughout each program. It’s an unbeatable combination.

Second, free access to two Bootcamps.

As for Bootcamp, I’m so looking forward to being in the same room all day, for several days, with this group of committed students and Master Copywriters. And then Job Fair will provide me with initial exposure to marketers looking to hire copywriters. What an amazing opportunity that will be.

I'm looking forward to meeting Jerry in person when I present at Bootcamp this year. (In fact, of the many things I enjoy at Bootcamp, meeting AWAI members tops the list.)

I did ask Jerry if he had any last words of wisdom for our readers. Once again, in Jerry's own words …

Please, stop holding back. Stop waiting for ‘conditions to be right.’ PLEASE!!

I’ve found hundreds of excuses to resist moving forward with developing my copywriting skills. I’ve been keeping myself from success. There’s nothing stopping me but me.

I’m done holding myself back.

Join me on this path. See you at Bootcamp.

Thank you, Jerry!

I’d love to hear your response to what Jerry had to say. And I know Jerry would too. Tell us by commenting below.

I look forward to seeing you next week.

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Published: May 20, 2016

8 Responses to ““I Can Improve the Quality of My Books and Enhance My Financial Status… All While Helping Causes I’m Proud to Support.””

  1. Once again, if the repeated promise made in the Accelerated Program For A Six Figure Incocme, that this program will make me a Six Figure Copywriter are true, it will bless me, others, cause me to seek more from you, and bless you. I assume in first the satisfaction that you have done some good, and will receive the opportunity to do some more good, and be rewarded additionally monetarily. Thank You. p.s. If you want to receive money for providing additional information, in the future, perhaps you should remove the guarantees that you now make about the Six Figure Program, including changing its title. L.O.L...

    Guest (BEAR )

  2. Jerry, I think you have a great "One-Two" punch going for you here. Deep rich life experiences, and a great heart. And now you are actively seeking to "pay forward" the years of knowledge,wisdom,and experience for an altruistic outcome which will benefit many lives.

    Lil Acorn

  3. Excellent article ,and courageous words from Jerry to people like me,at beginning of their journey.

    Guest (Magey thow )

  4. I totally agree with Jerry -- there's nothing holding me back, but me! I'm doing the Companion Series now with Steve Slaunwhite. I'll move on to another B2B program as soon as I'm done. I'll also have to start looking at the Bootcamp Challenges. And I'm working on my website, too. I'm excited to be working with such great programs, and such great people -- both our teachers and other COS members!


  5. Jerry is right in saying that nobody else but you are the person who holds back you to get the foot forward for doing anything. Copy writing is writing a lot and if you care for it you can be a copy writer otherwise not. It is you yourself who make excuses like "I have no time" "I have no material" and more. If you want to be a copy writer everything is available with AWAI, as Jerry has found. So don't delay start today.

    Guest (Mahesh seelvi)

  6. Jerry sounds like one helluva guy. Quantum mechanics et al.

    And the need to live w/o any hesitance to fulfill his dreams.

    After all, "so soon as this want or power is dead, man becomes the living sepulcher of himself, and what yet survives is the mere husk of what once he was." ~~ Shelley

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  7. Spot on Jerry!

    COS and Bootcamp combo. platter are not essential but enhance the library of courses. They open doors to dialogue with highly skilled writers difficult to obtain elsewhere.

    Will see you at Bootcamp Jerry!

    Lyn Marler

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