The Most Important Thing You Must Do to Achieve The Writer's Life

Will Newman

Over the last three articles, we've been looking at ways to succeed in creating the writer's life by dipping into the Circle of Success Exclusive Blog vault. (Click here, here, and here if you missed those articles.)

When you become an AWAI-trained copywriter, you learn literally hundreds of secrets to becoming successful.

Yet no matter how many secrets you learn … or how many of my articles you read … or copywriting programs you take … or copywriting books you study …

These keys to success mean nothing if you don’t do one thing.

This simple “secret” is nothing new: If you want to achieve the writer's life, you must write. And write more. And even more.

Write something every day. Seven days a week. Try writing at least 250 words. Make it something that will have the biggest impact possible on your career.

What do you write?

Choosing from a world of possibilities

When you’re first starting out …

Copywriting is persuasion. Make your daily writing persuasive writing. If you’re just starting out, find something you’re passionate about and persuade someone else to see your point of view.

Write your local newspaper about an important issue. Convince readers your cause should be supported.

Write a personal letter to a friend praising the benefits of a product you like. Or, write family members about pursuing the writer's life.

Write a testimonial letter for products you’ve tried that have wowed you. Or, write to a company about one that disappointed you.

Did you visit a vacation spot you loved? It doesn’t have to be a fancy escape to Belize. Write about the three days spent fishing near where you live.

Once you’ve written your letter, don’t send it. Let it sit a few days. Then, for one of your daily writing sessions, don’t write. Instead, rewrite.

Look at your writing with a critical eye.

Does it say exactly what you wanted? Did you use the best words possible? Have you eliminated words you didn’t need … and simplified your language as much as possible?

Afraid you’ll run out of things to write about?

Not a chance! Carry a notebook and pen with you everywhere. (You’re a writer now. Never be without your tools.) When something interesting, compelling, or disturbing strikes you, write a few brief words about it in your notebook.

And when you make the decision to seriously pursue training to become a copywriter with AWAI's support, it won’t take long before you find something to write about in the AWAI materials.

Something like the restaurant letter in The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. There are exercises like that one throughout the AWAI programs.

And if you make the decision to fast-track your career by joining Circle of Success? You'll have access to COS Spec Assignments. These give you real-world writing experience … with the possibility of getting paid for your work. (You can find out more about how COS can help advance your career right here.)

Here's an essential 'rule of writing.'

The more you write, the easier writing gets. You’ll gain more confidence. You’ll love to write and write even more. And soon, you’re submitting real Spec Assignments to companies you want to write for and getting paid.

But, it won’t happen if you don’t take that one important step … and write every day.

Tomorrow, I have a treat for you. One of my friends in Circle of Success will share a unique view on success. (She also uses the strategy of writing every day to further her career.)

Until then, let us all know what you would enjoy writing about by commenting below.

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Published: May 26, 2016

13 Responses to “The Most Important Thing You Must Do to Achieve The Writer's Life”

  1. I would love to write about Doctor Who. It is such an amazing show with so much history behind it and there are so many ways to enjoy it! I personally enjoy the audio dramas.

    [FROM WILL: Write about it! I agree; it is a great show. Write a review, revise your writing, then send it to a fanzine or newspaper. Good luck!]

    Mary G

  2. EXCELLENT advice!!! Now, I must employ that advice into my life! Thank you for the reminder!


  3. Hi Will,

    I write every day on my facebook page about Nature. However, the second and third parts I have a problem with. I see things that have to go on my page, now!
    I am wondering if this is hurting my training?
    Sometimes, I write in my head what I'm going to say before I write it, but I mostly go off gut reaction. I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks and I'm already up to 75 page likes.
    I don't want to hurt my training in any way, so if I need to rein in could someone let me know.

    Natures Copy

  4. Perhaps some appropriate quotes.
    -Do not wait; the time will never be just right.
    Napoleon Hill, writer
    -There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
    Colin Powell,statesman
    -It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” — Mark Hunteresman
    -You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.
    Lou Holtz, athlete and coach
    -Take action. Success is not guaranteed, but inaction will guarantee failure.
    Ken Poirot, writer

    these are for me too. Hope they help.

    Guest (Glenn M)

  5. In the past, i would write commentary notes after bible study, so the Christian market would be my primary niche. Secondarily, anything that has to do with the medical profession.

    Guest (T Dickerson )

  6. Thank you for the article today. You at telling me some good stuff. I'l'll be waiting for tomorrow..

    Guest (Dr A J Jackson)

  7. AS I read Will Newman's articles, pursue Part 1 of the accelerated program, listen to week one of the companion series, and explore many of the other areas of the AWAI website. I am beginning to have an idea of what copywriting is all about. I say beginning. I no longer work in my original fields, but still consider myself an author, and can see copywriting as a fit alongside being a novelist. However, there is much to learn. I am still tentative to throwing myself into this all the way and am slowly going through the material and immersing myself with the language and terms and skipping around to see it from as many vantage points that I can inside the website material.


  8. Do you believe in "REBIRTH".

    How many secrets are there unrevealed?What are we able to do by getting informed about the unlimited power of "mental rebirth"?

    We will be able to change our way of life by experiencing rebirth.It contains significant pleasure to open the doors of success.

    Everybody dreams of a life free of failure.
    Life is very short to carry out those hard discipline course to obtain a meaningful career.
    By mental rebirth you cross over from 0-level to top of every science human could achieve until today.

    Guest (ali rely)

  9. Your initial contact email to be was misleading. You said you'd give me ideas for what topic to write about for thirty days. So far all you've done is try to impress me with who you are and sell me your courses which I'm not interested in. So in bailing.

    Guest (Raha)

  10. Your messages are always informative and inspirational. The Circle of Success offer is especially enticing.
    I recently joined AWAI and signed up for some great programs: B2B, Accelerated Copywriting, and Creating Email Newsletters.
    The program exercises takes time. Doing each exercise over several days while continuing studying the program works best for me.
    I concur, writing every day cannot be stressed enough. Seeing yourself sitting down talking to your reader,is also very important.


  11. I have learned all trades outdoors and I'm an artist. I'm finished with the grind of traffic and the lifestyle. I'm going to be an artist full time. I'm a glass blower, painter, gardener, and more. Now I believe i have a passion for writing and with your help I won't have to be a starving artist!

    Ryan B

  12. hello Will you comments are inspiring and truthfulit gives me a kick in the pants i needed to here all of this and break this procrastination cycle thanks

    [FROM WILL: I'm glad to provide the necessary kick in the pants.]


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