Copywriting Saved Her Business and Now She’s the “Behind the Scenes” Secret Weapon for Major Companies In Australia

After a 14-year stint in the Australian Army and 20 years as a registered nurse, Pauline Longdon was burned out. So she started her own business doing what she loved. But there was a problem … and copywriting didn’t just come to the rescue, it also kick-started a new career and her success as a highly sought-after copywriter.

“I started my copywriting career out of necessity. I had an alternative healing business. I invested a small fortune to hire a marketing company to write a package for me. When I got the material they created, I cried. It was terrible! There was no way I could use it,” explains Pauline. “So I decided to learn all about copywriting . And I immersed myself in learning copywriting with some of the best in the business. It turned out I was quite good.”

Pauline didn't stop with writing copy for herself. She branched out and started taking on freelance clients in many different niches, both B2C and B2B, and found real copywriter success.

“People took notice of my copy and in 2012, I was offered a position on a copy team for one of the biggest direct-response marketers in Australia. During that time, I wrote for 42 different businesses. Then I decided to become a freelance copywriter full time,” says Pauline, who also happened to be a winner of a Spec Challenge during AWAI’s 2015 Bootcamp, for which she received $1,000.

“I started out working with small businesses to showcase their heartfelt and mindful messages in a way their market could relate to and understand. Now I work with larger companies doing the same thing. While I work alongside some well-known people in Australia I prefer to stay behind the scenes as their secret weapon.”

Pauline still has the spirit of giving she developed in her alternative healing business … and she continues to help some of her students too. She’s also very giving of her time as a copywriter.

“I was having coffee with a friend and he told me he was having problems getting copy for his new landing page just right. I asked if he’d had a copywriter do it for him and he told me he had spent a fortune on copywriters from an outsourcing site. He had used two copywriters and they still hadn’t nailed the hook, headline, or call to action,” says Pauline.

“I asked if I could have a look at his page. As soon as I saw it I knew what needed to be fixed. So I started to write new copy for his site on the only piece of paper available … a napkin."

“I gave him a great hook which I knew would appeal directly to his target market. I gave him a new headline too and redid the call to action. He was surprised at how quickly I was able to write the new copy for him. But what he didn’t know was, I had been listening to him speak about his business and his market the whole time. All I needed to do was translate what he was saying into a compelling message he could use on his site.”

All in all, Pauline is enjoying her new freelance copywriting career.

“I believe I already have the writer’s life. I have the freedom to travel when I want. I can schedule my work around my commitments. I am able to control how busy I am and how much money I earn. And best of all, I get to chose who I work with,” says Pauline.

Now she’s moving onto the next big thing in her career: Attending Clayton Makepeace’s Speedwriting: How to Create a Great Sales Page in 7 Days or Less in Denver this August.

“I have been waiting for the opportunity to be trained by Clayton. I have his Quick Start program and love it. Clayton is a Titan in the copywriting world, so when he announced the workshop in Denver, I couldn’t book my ticket fast enough,” says Pauline.

To find out more about Clayton’s event, Makepeace’s Speedwriting: How to Create a Great Sales Page in 7 Days or Less, go here to get all the details.

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Published: June 20, 2016

6 Responses to “Tips for Copywriter Success: Copywriting Saved Her Business and Now She’s the “Behind the Scenes” Secret Weapon for Major Companies In Australia”

  1. Brilliant Pauline, more power to you.

    I'm always intrigued to know what leads people into wanting to build careers as copywriters.

    Nice story!

    Donald C Obii

  2. G"Day Pauline as I am a newbie I would like to keep in touch with you reside in n.s.w.


  3. Pauline, Great article. Most informative.

    Thomas Arillotta

  4. Great article Pauline. I have been a great fan of Pauline for a lot of years. Pauline is a great inspiration to me and thousands of others.
    Well done Pauline and congratulations on your huge success.


  5. Good going, Pauline! Enjoy your time in Denver, and hope to see you again at Bootcamp. Cheers!

    Nancy Ross Brewer

  6. Hi Pauline, Great article, very inspiring.
    I am a Perth retiree and I am halfway through my course and enjoying it tremendously. I can't wait to finish and start looking for clients. I know the Aussie market uses copywriters but do you think the Aussie market is as open as the American market for copywriters.

    Barry Hall

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