Are You Wasting Your Time with Frustrating Web Searches?

Will Newman

When I started copywriting, the Internet as we know it was beyond most people's imagination. Over those almost 20 years, it has become an indispensable tool for copywriters like us.

And this huge change means you have a better chance of achieving the writer's life quicker.


Because if you want your promotion to be successful, you must make it believable.

And credibility is crucial not just because it sells your product. More important, it builds the long-term relationship you need to have with your prospect.

Credibility depends on many factors, but one of the most important is being able to prove what you say.

Today, I’m going to tell you about several of the sources I rely on all the time to build credibility — sources that go beyond simple Yahoo!, Bing, and Google searches.

Researching “scholarly” sources

When I start my research, the first place I turn is Google Scholar. This service lets you search for articles in scholarly or academic publications. Journals where you can get data on subjects as varied as the Gross National Product of China or clinical research on the herbal supplements.

Click here to get to Google Scholar. Be sure to bookmark it when you get there so you can come back to it frequently.

Note: While searching is free, some results require payment if you want to see the full article. Still, Google Scholar is a great way to at least scan the abstracts and start your research.

Keeping on top of the financial world

Are you fascinated with writing copy for the financial niche? (It is, after all, the most lucrative copywriting niche.)

Then let Google keep you on top of the financial news with their Google finance page.

It gives you the latest market summary, trends, top financial news and stories, and tons more. Click here for Google’s finance page. And be sure to bookmark it.

New news and old …

You might already be familiar with Google News for finding out what’s happening right now. But it’s also a great source for tracking down older news stories that can add credibility to your copy.

For this purpose, I recommend using their advanced search option. Click here to go to Google News. Don’t forget to bookmark it, either!

Books … the source of much knowledge and credibility

Books can be a wonderful source for ideas, statistics, and stories that add credibility to your copy. Google has, in their words, “the most comprehensive index of full-text books.” To search that index, go here for Google Books.

This site allows you to search for titles of both current and out-of-print books on virtually any subject. Some books have preview text. Some older, out-of-print books have the entire book available to read.

Tomorrow, a “just for fun” article where I get to air some of my biggest gripes.

Until then, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us what’s on your mind by commenting below.

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Published: August 25, 2016

15 Responses to “Are You Wasting Your Time with Frustrating Web Searches?”

  1. Thanks Will, I always look forward to your tips. This is extremely timely today, as I am overwhelmed with the "junk" that has come back from some of my searches for this last exercise in Advanced Training.

    Your tips and advice have helped in more than several times.

    Thanks Again !

    Diane W

    Guest (Diane W)

  2. Thanks for these valuable links. I really appreciate it.


  3. Thank you Will, great resources!!


  4. It has been my joy to read AWAI publications for several years. My business as a Government technology contractor kept me busy --- until four years ago when I started researching commodities - including petroleum. Now most of my time is spent consulting with petroleum buyers and sellers. With changing markets, research never stops.
    Thanks for that wonderful article today.

    Guest (Carol Moseley)

  5. Fantabulous! I did some great research in a very few minutes. A wonderful resource. I do have it bookmarked. Thanks!

    Guest (Dr Rick)

  6. Thank you Will, for sharing this invaluable resource. This is pure awesome!

    Guest (William)

  7. Wonderful article, Will! Such good research information!

    Guest (Kathleen P)

  8. I want to thank Will Newman for the enlightening and helpful article sent to my mailbox. It is invaluable. Thank you.

    La Mara Villa

  9. Thanks Will. I am a newbie and Joshua wants me to research on 20 potential clients of my niche: coconut related products. The 20 coconut companies I pinpointed have wonderful websites, are in the social media, and are in wholesalers/retailers inventory. What I hope to do is write a copy that will reach the consumers so they will start demanding coconut related food and household items from their favorite stores - thus pushing these stores to stack more from the producers, my prospective clients. Your resources, I know, will feed me stats and facts that will make my potential client pay attention to me! Hopes of a newbie!



    Mimi Ermino

  10. Thank you Will, you inspire me a lot and I'm working hard to be like you very soon.


  11. Will -

    Thanks for the 4 Google search tips. These will be very helpful during the research phase of my projects.


    CJ Meese

    CJ Meese

  12. Thanks so much for this very informative article! These links will be invaluable!

    Guest (Eva Rissler)

  13. Thank you so much Will, for this invaluable resource.

    Guest (William)

  14. Thank you Will for the links I am sure they will be of great help in making my research just little easier.

    Debbie French

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