Freelance Writer Jobs Are On The Top-Paying Work-At-Home List for 2016’s 2016 list of “10 Top-Paying Work-At-Home Jobs in America” includes WRITER. Let’s look at what “top paying” means.

This "10 Top-Paying Work-At-Home Jobs" list is proof:
freelance writer jobs are among the best!

In June 2016, released an email alert listing the “10 Top Paying Work-at-Home Jobs in the U.S.” I glanced through the list and saw several jobs I’d expect to see, such as Consultant (#1), several computer/IT-type jobs including Software Engineer and Tech Support Agent, and also Virtual Assistant, Web Developer and Recruiter.

But then as I continued scanning, there it was – rounding out the list at #10: WRITER!

This is fantastic news for aspiring and working writers, because it’s another strong indicator that you really can make a make a great living through freelance writer jobs.

But what does “top-paying” really mean when it comes to being a freelance writer? After all, there are a number of websites that offer copywriting jobs to the lowest bidder … sometimes paying only $10 per article. Yikes, this is the starving-writer approach to getting work. You’ll want to avoid those websites.

Instead, we’re excited to show you some of the top rates you can expect to earn as a freelance writer with companies that understand the value of quality, knowledgeable writing.

Solid writing skills are in demand more than ever, as evidenced by the 18,873 writer jobs currently listed on, 22,564 writer jobs listed on, and “1,000+” writer jobs on

Granted, many of those jobs are full-time, on-site positions, but many others are offering telecommuting/work-at-home positions and freelance work. And, on, you can narrow your search by Freelance (295 writer jobs) and Telecommute (234 writer jobs).

In short, thousands of companies are looking for skilled writers now, and are willing to pay well for copywriting — or content writing — that brings results. This is why it’s a great time to be a professional writer.

Let’s look at some of today’s top-paying freelance writer jobs for professionals who know what works

If you’re a professional direct-response copywriter, web content writer, SEO copywriter or B2B copywriter … you can expect to earn exceptional rates for your valued work. Here are some of the most popular projects — and their fee ranges — available to skilled copywriters now.

Web content and other online content writing

  • Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting
  • Optimizing a Website: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting
  • Landing Page: Single Sales Promotion/Online Sales Letter
    $950-$3,000 and up, depending on the length
  • Blog Posts: Unique, helpful, newsy or entertaining content, with SEO woven in
  • Video or Podcast Script
  • Online Case Study
  • eBook: Special Report, How-to Guide, etc
    $2,000-$7,000, depending on length
  • Autoresponder emails (series)
  • E-newsletter
  • Social Media Management: Posting content and monitoring activity, 5 days a week

Offline/print copywriting services

  • Direct Mail: Simple Sales Letter with Order Form
  • Direct Mail: Lead-Generation Package
  • Direct Mail: Financial, Health, or Info-Marketing Publishers
    $7,500-$15,500+ (plus royalties)
  • Brochure (3 Panel)
  • Print Ad
  • Radio Commercial
  • Buying Guide or “Tips” Booklet
  • Annual Report
  • Telemarketing Script
  • Ghostwriting a Book (memoir, business book, etc.)
  • Employee/Human Resources Materials

That’s just a sample listing of 21 different types of writing projects that companies have right now. There are many, many other types of writing jobs out there … and the need is ongoing. This means that once you’ve landed a client and done a nice job for them, the work will keep coming. That’s because all marketers need to steadily promote their products and services and use fresh, compelling content to bring in new business. Otherwise, their content-savvy competition will speed ahead of them.

In addition, once customers make a purchase, companies need to communicate to them on a continual basis, cross-selling other products, providing new solutions, and generally keeping them happy and loyal. This is where a steady stream of newsletters, emails, direct mail and other marketing communications materials play an important role. It never ends, which is great for writers!

Another category of top-paying freelance writing jobs is trade show materials. Consider the B2B (business-to-business) market. In that world, one supplier alone can spend more than $100,000 on a single trade show for that industry. For instance, in the veterinary industry, there are several industry conferences and trade shows each year. At each show, hundreds of companies are vying for attention and business from the attendees (veterinarians) … and it all takes copywriting: posters, signs, brochures, demo videos, speeches, coupons, and more. Plus it extends to the supplier’s website, emails and other online materials.

All of these different marketing projects are among the top-paying gigs for writers.

For a list of fee ranges for 75 different freelance writer jobs, download our free report.

Of course, to charge these rates, you’ll definitely need to demonstrate your skills and experience, and show that you have the chops to produce effective writing that delivers results. The good news is, if you don’t have that type of experience yet, it’s very easy to learn copywriting these days. (Browse AWAI's free copywriting articles to get an idea.)

And, be sure to check out to find the latest opportunities for writers.

Pam Foster is the Director of Copywriting Training at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute), which has been helping people develop skills to acquire financial security, independence and freedom since 1997. And as the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, travel writing, photography and graphic design home-study programs, AWAI has helped thousands of people do just that.

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Published: September 17, 2016

3 Responses to “Freelance Writer Jobs Are On The Top-Paying Work-At-Home List for 2016”

  1. As a long-time freelance translator of a language pair that is very much in-demand, I am floored to see that Translator is #2 on the list of "well-paid" freelance writing jobs.

    LOL If translators were paid according to our expertise and time invested, we'd be on par with attorneys. Instead we compete with poorly paying agencies & dirt-cheap newbies using GoogleTranslate. It is just this untenable situation faced by so many translators today that has led me to explore copywriting *instead*.

    Guest (Beth J)

  2. Since I realized AWAI, I haven't done any writing. I don't blame anyone for this but, I am requesting to be guided to job sources, please.

    Ifeyinwa Achia

  3. Thank you for your comments! Sad to hear of the low pay for translators, but a great copywriter who can provide services in different languages may be extremely powerful for you!

    Also, to find copywriting jobs, try and

    Guest (Pam Foster)

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