October 2016

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Make Prospects Happy, Keep Your Sentences Short

For copywriters, simple writing is important in sales letters because it keeps your prospect engaged and guides them all the way through to the close.

Try Everything Wealthy Web Writer has to Offer for Just a Buck!

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You Can Make a Six-Figure Income Helping Clients Tell Their Stories!

Writing case studies is a popular AND well paid path to success as a B2B copywriter - and right now you can save $50 on AWAI's Writing Case Studies Program. Get all the details and sign up here.

Eating Frogs and Your Success in Achieving The Writer's Life

Is procrastination slowing your progress toward the writer's life? Success guru Brian Tracy has a strange but effective solution.

AWAI Member Begins Copywriting Job with Confidence

Martin Casper was recently hired for his first copywriting job: creating an entire website for a client who’s never had an online presence. And he feels very ready.

How Gary Wright Found Success in His B2B Niche

Find out how Gary Wright landed his first copywriting client by choosing a B2B niche related to his expertise and experience.

How Being Predictable Can Ruin Your Copywriting Success

If your writing is so structured your reader knows what’s coming next, he may decide to stop reading. That destroys your sale… and maybe your success.

Freelancer Never Stops Working Toward Copywriter Success

This AWAI member is always learning and improving as he works toward even more copywriter success.

How to Achieve The Writer's Life by NOT Selling

Believe it or not, your success as a copywriter may depend on not selling your client’s product. Here’s why.

A Comprehensive Editing Process for Web Writers

The copy you turn into clients should be strong and clean. Polished. Use this comprehensive editing process to put your best work forward every time.

How Embracing Failure Can Lead You to The Writer's Life

Many people might say failure is a roadblock to success. They're wrong! And here's why.

Copywriting Jobs Allow Pat to Pursue Her Interests

AWAI member Pat McCord has plenty of time for writing books thanks to the high-paying copywriting jobs that give her a flexible schedule and financial freedom.

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A Lesson in How Little Observations Can Become the Backbone of a Great Idea

At its heart, copywriting is about turning ideas into winning promotions. That’s why you should never limit the sources you use to come up with ideas.

Three Enormous, "Accidental" Boosts to My Copywriting Career that You Can Benefit From

Are you like me? You like to "go it alone" as much as possible? Early in my copywriting career, I discovered how dangerous this attitude can be.

How You Can Get Three Paid Writing Jobs From One Common Life Event

Changing jobs is one life event that could turn into another paid job opportunity - resume writing! Most job seekers aren't writers...but this reliable source of supplemental or full-time income could be for you.

The One Thing Stopping You From Being Successful

Is not getting clients in the way of your success? Nick Usborne is here to help your business thrive, and give you step-by-step coaching with his program Marketing Confidence - on sale now for $149. Sign up and get all the details here!

What Will Your Marketing Message Be?

Marketing yourself can be tough. Prospects say “no” and you feel badly. Nick Usborne tells us how he’s eliminated rejection and kept his spirits high.

The $10K Challenge Winner Will Be Announced at Bootcamp

Every year, one member is chosen to work with AWAI to tune of the $10,000 in fees. The big announcement is at Bootcamp.

Stay Tuned to Find Out the Next Copywriter of the Year

Each year, AWAI recognizes the copywriter who has contributed to the industry and to the education of the next level of copywriter.

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