October 2016

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Who Says You Can’t Do That?

Is anyone giving you the message you can’t achieve the writer's life? Nick Usborne singles out the most important person doing this in your life.

How to Market Your Copywriting Business Consistently

Banish the excuses! Here’s how to market your copywriting business consistently all year long. It’s easier than you think!

7 Tips for Staying on Task

Do you struggle with distractions? The beautiful day outside? Errands to run? Use these tips for staying on task. You’ll grow your business when you do.

Stop Trying to Sell Your Skills to Potential Clients! There's a Smarter, More Effective Way

When you try to attract new clients by listing your copywriting skills, you’ve got a lot of competition. Here's a better way from Nick Usborne.

Don't Miss Out: Everything You Need to Get Started - and Succeed as a B2B Copywriter!

You can get started as a B2B copywriter in as little as six weeks with Steve Slaunwhite's Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy...and until midnight tonight, October 11th, you can save $150. Get all the details and sign up here - before it's too late!

Show Me the Money! Hitting the Richest Lodes in B2B Copywriting

Business-to-Business: A “super-niche” where you can write many types of projects about many different types of products. But where are richest lodes?

The Perfect Niche Could Be Right Under Your Nose

There are many reason to write for the Business to Business market...and right now you can save on AWAI's B2B foundation program, Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy! Find out if this could be the niche for you - and how you can save $150, now until October 11th at midnight.

An Insider’s Look at Why a Single B2B Copywriting Project Can Easily Grow into Dozens

B2B copywriting can be a steady road to the writer's life. One reason is that a single B2B job can easily grow into dozens of well-paying assignments.

The Secret Advantage that Separates “A-List” Copywriters from Ordinary Writers

There’s really only one secret for climbing the ranks to “A-list” copywriter: You have to master the skill of coming up with good ideas

Got fear? Find Out How to Use it For Writing Success

The October Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

7 Strategies to Make Your Client Pay What You’re Worth

If I charge too much, the client won't hire me. If I charge too little, I won't be paid what I'm worth. Here are Steve Slaunwhite’s strategies for avoiding this common dilemma.

In-Demand Writing Opportunity: These Companies Need You Now!

If you're looking for better opportunities to get clients AND a lucrative niche, then B2B may be for you! And right now, AWAI's B2B foundation program, Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy is available for a $150 discount...but hurry, this savings ends October 11 at midnight.

The Top Email Marketing Services for B2B Writers

Communicating with your prospects and clients is critically important. Here are several email marketing services that make it easy to stay in touch.

The One Headline Type that (Almost) Always Fails in B2B and the One that (Almost) Always Succeeds

Many copywriters think headlines that tease the reader are the peak of creativity. Truth is: These headlines can kill success in B2B — and in all niches.

Sign up Before it's Too Late...Bootcamp From the Comfort of Home - And at a Discount!

I'm sure by now, you've heard that we'll be "livestreaming" this year's Bootcamp and Job Fair. So if you can't make the copywriting event of the year - you don't want to miss out on the virtual event either! Find out how you can still save 50% if you sign up by midnight tonight, October 5.

Market Your Freelance Web-Writing Services in 30 Minutes or Less

Not enough time to market your freelance web-writing services? Say good-bye to that excuse with 31 marketing steps you can take in 30 minutes or less.

How to Land Five Copywriting Jobs with No Experience

Alternative health copywriter Lacey Jackson, a brand new freelancer, has used LinkedIn to attract loads of attention from potential clients and land copywriting jobs.

The “Hinckley Buzzard Strategy” for Achieving Copywriting Success

What can you learn from the buzzards of Hinckley, Ohio? Dan Kennedy says you can learn how to build a solid copywriting career… quickly.

7 Keys for Cutting Your Writing Time in Half … While Doubling Your Income

Writing good copy takes up a lot of time, right? Carline Anglade-Cole says no. Here are her keys for cutting writing time in half while doubling income.

A Groundbreaking Moment for AWAI’s Annual Copywriting Bootcamp

Don’t agonize over studying winning sales letters when the experts are ready and willing to give you all the help you need.

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