October 2016

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We’ve Never Done This Before… Exciting Opportunity to Attend Bootcamp - Even Though it's Sold Out!

With limited space - and such a life-changing event - Bootcamp sells out every year. But this year that doesn't have to hold anyone back...even when it comes to Job Fair. Get more details and sign up here!

Free Webinar and Q&A: Inside the B2B Copywriting Opportunity – A Writing Niche with Loyal Clients, High Fees, and Very Little Competition

There are many reasons why B2B is an outstanding niche - and this week B2B copywriting master Steve Slaunwhite joins Katie and Rebecca on a free webinar all about the incredible opportunities within this industry. Get all the details and sign up here!

[Exclusive VIDEO] 9 Month Pregnant AWAI Member Reveals How She Is Not Letting Travel Restrictions or A “Sold Out” Bootcamp Stop Her From Attending the Copywriting Event of the Year...Video Tells All

Because Bootcamp is the Copywriting Event of the Year it sells out quick! But you don't have to miss out...find out how you can still be a part of this career-changing opportunity - virtually, from the comfort of home.

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