Two Months in and this Alternative Health Freelancer Has Five Clients Ready to Hire Her for Copywriting Jobs

A Proactive LinkedIn Self-Marketing Strategy Has Been Essential to Her Success

Lacey Jackson started The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting in March 2016. A few months later she officially “hung out her shingle” as a freelance copywriter specializing in alternative health. And …

“Some of the first people to reach out directly to me within the first few weeks were NewMarket Health, PrevientMD, Agora Health UK, Pure Radiance (Dr. Al Sears’s skincare line), and a supplement company that is local to me,” says Lacey.

“NewMarket Health reviewed my samples that I wrote just for them because I am completely brand new. The samples must not have scared them off because they are looking through their products now to see what needs copy and I will be doing my first assignment on spec.

“Pure Radiance is also looking at products needing copy and I have a spec assignment with them too. PrevientMD and I have had meetings already, and we will be discussing the projects I am going to work on soon. They have multiple projects and intend for this to be an ongoing collaboration. Right now Agora Health UK is reviewing the sample packet I sent them and will be in touch.”

Not bad, huh? No previous experience. No portfolio. And Lacey, just few months into building her business, has a full plate of copywriting jobs with her dream clients. In fact, when that local supplement company offered her a six-month contract, she turned them down because it was an in-house position. She prefers the flexibility of the freelance life.

LinkedIn has been a major part of Lacey’s self-marketing strategy as she recognized the power it has for showing her expertise to clients. And she’s taken steps to make sure her profile is as attention-grabbing as possible.

“LinkedIn has been huge for me. I have thousands of companies at my fingertips. The clients on LinkedIn seem to be very direct and clear in what they want or don't want, which is nice for me,” explains Lacey.

“I made sure to make my profile customer-facing. I showed a lot of benefits to working with me based off of my previous work experience as a Doctor of Pharmacy for 10 years. Also of note, I did not fill my profile with random connections that were easy to get. I wanted to make sure any prospect looking at my profile/connections would instantly know that I am running a professional business with relevant connections (no fluff).

“I am sure it could be made even better, but for right now it seems to be working just fine. :) I have even had requests from fellow AWAI members to help them with their LinkedIn profile content!”

Of course, her profile is just part of the equation. Lacey is also very proactive in networking with potential clients. She regularly reaches out to people she feels are a good fit for her services, and reads and comments on their articles/posts. She does her “homework” before making contact.

“My strategy so far has been to research and target companies I would like to write for. I research their company site to get the names of their editor, CEO, president, marketing director, HR director, etc. Then I send my request for addition to their network, but I do them in clusters,” says Lacey.

“That way if one of them accepts my request, when their colleagues see my request they also see we have a recent common connection with someone directly at their company. I have noticed if two or more people connect quickly, the acceptance rate for the others goes up quite a bit.

“When someone does reach out for samples, I always review their site copy and feel of their site. I include at least one piece that I write specifically for them trying to pay attention to what their needs are.”

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous when you first start interacting with clients and working on real-world writing assignments. Lacey is no different, especially with five clients wanting to work with her so early in her career. But she’s taking it in stride.

“I have to be honest, I did not expect to have so many top notch companies reach out so quickly. And while I am very grateful it is a little overwhelming,” says Lacey. “My learning curve is going to get pretty steep if I intend to keep up with everything. I am also excited to get some experience working with a few clients before Bootcamp and Job Fair.”

It’s been a whirlwind so far. But for Lacey it’s all worth it because it brings her that much closer to the writer’s life. In her past career she worked long hours and was too tired when she got home to be a real part of her young children’s lives.

“My children's smiles, laughs, and youth are something I can't get back later. I want to get back to loving life and living it WITH my family, not on the sidelines. And the writer's life makes all of this possible,” says Lacey.

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Published: October 4, 2016

3 Responses to “How to Land Five Copywriting Jobs with No Experience”

  1. I'm tired of the long stressful hours, yet just barely getting by ... I've come across AWAI and now I think that the Writer's Life may be the thing for me...


  2. Great article!

    I'm working on my LinkedIn page as I know it will be a significant part of my marketing strategy. The information in this article is fresh and exciting! I look forward to finishing the Accelerated Course and landing my first client!

    Guest (marysmithhansen)

  3. Thank you so much for this article! Thank you Lacey for sharing your success strategy! I have been struggling with my LinkedIn profile, but after reading this article, and taking a look at your profile on LinkedIn, I see what I can do to improve mine! I now know why it hasn't "felt right" and why it hasn't been working for me. Thanks again for sharing!

    Juanita Powers

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