November 2016

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The Mindset That Unlocks B2B Copywriting Success

Discover the two mindsets people have and which one will lead you to the B2B copywriting success you want to achieve.

Video: Writing Strategies for Copywriting Success

Watch viral video: Best-selling author Alexander Green reveals 10 secrets for becoming a sought-after writer… something all copywriters NEED to know.

Show up at FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair - Without Leaving Home!

Don't worry if you didn't make it to Bootcamp last month - today AWAI is bringing you access to all of the presentations AND job fair opportunities with our On Demand Home Study Program. Get more information and sign up now!

Making Hard Choices as a Web Writer

Sometimes you get in a situation where making hard choices is what you have to do to move a project forward. Here’s how to make the best of it.

The Disney Movie Secret to Writing Marketing Emails

What does the success of Disney movies have to do with writing marketing emails? Here’s a taste of how Bootcamp presenter Ben Settle explained it.

You May be More Ready for This Than You Think…

Today is the last day to sign up for the upcoming session of Circle of Success. Don't miss out on the chance to accelerated your copywriting success - and take advantage of the exciting new benefits that have been added to this evolving learning program. Sign up and get all the details here!

Sign Up Today! FREE WEBINAR November 9th: How to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

Writing for the Web is one of the most lucrative ways to make a living as a writer. And this Wednesday, you can join Rebecca Matter and her team of successful online copywriters for an exclusive webinar. Find out what you'll learn in this FREE one hour event and sign up here!

The 3-Letter Word that Will Destroy Your Quest for Copywriting Success

It's human nature to want to achieve great things… but then find dozens of reasons not to do what needs to be done. These "buts" keep you from moving forward.

13 Hidden Motivations That Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Converting a prospect into a buyer comes down to tapping into hidden motivations that drive the sale. Here’s 13 ways to do that.

A First-Timer Reveals the Secret of the Copywriting Bootcamp

Even if you weren’t able to go to Bootcamp this year, take advantage of what Circle of Success member Tony discovered is its core secret.

November Issue: Secrets to profiting from stories

The November Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

AWAI’s Brand-New Mentoring Program through Circle of Success

Not only is Circle of Success AWAI's highest level of learning, with a mentor and personalized plan, this could be your fastest path to copywriting success. And it's not too late to register for the upcoming session. Get all the details and sign up here!

The Winning Link the Chicago Cubs and Copywriting Have in Common

The World Series Champion Chicago Cubs and success in copywriting have a lot in common. But you don’t need to wait 108 years, here’s how to win now.

How a Rebel Housewife’s Midlife Crisis Brought Her Closer to The Writer's Life

"Adversity is opportunity dressed in beggars clothing." COS member Sherri Caldwell tells how she pushed past adversity to move toward the writer’s life.

Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a freelancer, it may be time to simplify your copywriting business. Here are some tips to help.

Overcoming My “Chicken Nature” to Become a Better Copywriter

It's natural to feel "chicken" about getting your writing reviewed. But you have to do it to improve. Here’s COS member Lyn Marler’s insights.

Land the Best Copywriting Jobs Thanks to the Circle of Success

The fastest way to a lucrative freelance copywriting career is with the Circle of Success.

Rescuing a Project That’s About to Go Off Track

Sometimes projects get off track. Rescuing a project that’s in trouble means learning to recognize the warning signs and knowing what to do with them.

Use this “Secret Weapon” for More Successful Writing

An essential lesson Circle of Success members learn is to “write tight,” which is all about keeping your writing simple.

3 Steps to Conquering Freelancer Fears

Striking out on your own as a freelance copywriter can be scary. COS member Judi Culp recommends three steps she took to conquer your fears.

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