How to Get Paid Sooner as a Writer

One of the best things about web copywriting is the variety it offers writers …

You could write newsletters for the pet industry …

Sales pages about supplements …

Video Sales Letter scripts for the financial market …

Ads, landing pages, emails, autoresponders, SEO copy, social media … the list goes on and on …

In fact, there’s so much variety … the challenge most web writers face is too many options! It can feel overwhelming.

But here’s something you may not have realized …

You don’t need to know it all to be a working online copywriter!

In fact, you can get up and running much faster than you’d imagine.

Let me explain …

While it could take you a good month to read all 463 pages of AWAI’s Web Copywriting 2.0, go through the Workbook, and launch yourself as a professional web copywriter, you certainly don’t need to wait that long to start getting paid …

Instead, you can choose just one type of writing to start … and shave weeks off your learning curve.

Take "promotional emails," for instance …

Learning how to write these emails is expertly covered in under 100 pages of the program … so you can quickly learn only what you need and start getting paid sooner.

The standard rates for promotional emails are about $250 each on the low-end, for a short email. And even a beginner can finish each of these projects in just a day.

And once you get a little experience under your belt, you can actually charge upwards of $1,000 … for the very same email!

Not only do these projects pay well, but they’re also ongoing … meaning clients need these emails on a regular basis — some monthly, but some as often as daily.

And that’s just one project you might choose to start with …

Another option might be e-newsletters, which are different from promotional emails because they “sell without selling.”

Instead, they entertain and inform readers with stories and simple advice.

And, the pay is nice too: $250-$2,000 for short, 700-1,000 word projects!

Or, maybe you’d rather specialize in writing articles or blog posts. Typically, just 400 to 1,200 words, with standard fees ranging from $50-$500 per post.

And that’s just the beginning … you might decide to tackle some of these other great web projects …

  • Homepages (Standard fee range: $450-$4,500)
  • Sales pages ($450-$10,000)
  • Subscription pages ($450-$4,500)
  • Information pages ($150-$750)
  • Landing pages ($450-$1,000)
  • Page sequences ($750-$5,000)
  • Websites ($1,500-$3,500)

And that’s only a partial list of the potential projects you can take on as an online copywriter!

You can learn one … or you can learn them all! After all, each client you take on will need many (if not all!) of these projects.

But you don’t have to decide which ones you’ll tackle right this second …

You just need to order Web Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

Bob Bly, who is considered “America’s Top Copywriter,” calls this program “the bible of online copywriting” — and I agree …

Not only do I refer to it as my “secret weapon,” but it’s the AWAI program I use every time I sit down to write a piece of web copy.

And since there isn’t a business today without a web presence, it’s understandable why I feel EVERY writer needs this program!

That’s why, when you sign up by November 17th at midnight ET, you’ll immediately save $150!

Go here to sign up now and start taking on paying assignments.

In Web Copywriting 2.0, online copywriting expert, Nick Usborne, reveals absolutely everything you need to become a successful web copywriter within 60 days …

Of course, if you choose to just start with promotional emails, e-newsletters, blog posts, or another type of web copy, you’ll have less to learn and can launch a profitable business even sooner!

All you have to do is follow Nick’s step-by-step instructions at a pace that’s comfortable for you …

And if that’s not enough to get you moving today, we’ve added FIVE additional bonuses to get you up and going even faster …

1.Feedback on your work to give you confidence via a live Spec Assignment for Wealthy Web Writer — our membership site for web writers. (Plus, if I use your copy, you’ll get paid!)

2.Help choosing a profitable niche for your web copywriting business. Often, this is the first big roadblock writers face … but, you’ll be able to keep moving forward without missing a beat.

3.“Follow Along” Instruction for Putting Up a Website. Some copywriters let this step hold them back for months, but you won’t! With Nick’s help, you’ll launch your own freelance website — designed to expertly sell your services — in a matter of HOURS!

4.Help Getting Clients in 30 Days. In this training video, Nick shows you the best ways to land clients in just 30 days, including how to make clients immediately see your value and hire you right away.

5.18 Steps to Successfully Managing a Project with Your Client. This quick webinar reveals what to expect from a typical freelance project so you can feel completely confident working with clients. Even if it’s your first project, your client will assume you’re a pro.

This really is the best offer ever for Web Copywriting 2.0 …

And the fastest way to become a well-paid online copywriter.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Grab your copy now.

Or learn more here.

Just remember, all the bonuses — and your $150 discount — will disappear come midnight ET this Thursday, November 17th.

And just one more thing … when you give Web Copywriting 2.0 a try today, you risk nothing because we’re including a 100% money-back guarantee …

Simply give it a shot — order the program today, choose your specialty, even take on some assignments and get paid …

You’ll get an entire year — that’s 365 days — to test-drive this program, start working as an online copywriter, and see if web copywriting is for you.

If not, simply let us know and you’ll get all your money back. No questions asked.

Find out for yourself just how quickly you can launch a profitable web copywriting business …

Get all the details of this incredible opportunity here.

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

Learn how to become an in-demand online copywriter for companies big and small. Online copywriting expert Nick Usborne shows you how to write web copy that converts. Learn More »

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Published: November 14, 2016

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