The Winning Link the Chicago Cubs and Copywriting Have in Common

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series this week. Even if you don’t follow Major League Baseball, you may have heard it’s been a few years since that’s happened.

108 years, to be exact.

Listening to the post-game interviews, each of the Cubs relived all the factors that finally came together to create this World Series Championship team …

 … An organization willing to take a few years to patiently build a winning foundation.

 … A coach like Joe Maddon, who combines his lifelong passion for baseball with a belief in enjoying life’s pleasures and encouraging players to work on “continual growth.”

 … Players who dedicated themselves to finding little ways to consistently make themselves better. (For example, Coach Maddon mentioned that World Series MVP Ben Zobrist would walk out after each game already planning how to be ready for the next day.)

 … A tight-knit and supportive team mentality. When one player on the team of 25 was struggling, another would be there to help pick him up.

 … The ability to focus on a long-term goal. Coach Maddon said, “You never want to set your goals too low. The problem with that is then you hit them. So set your goals high. Never run away from expectations or the word pressure. Run toward them. There's really good stuff attached to the other side.”

 … The fans who have been cheering for this team — some for decades. It’s impossible for Cubs fans not to recall family and friends who waited and hoped to see this moment. And in memory of all of them, this win feels great.

So, it’s funny that at this moment in Chicago history, I’m thinking about …


You see, there's more things in common with copywriting and the Cubs winning the World Series than you might think. Mainly that achieving success as a copywriter is so much easier when you’re part of a team.

Wait, what?

Everyone knows freelance copywriting is a solo endeavor.

But the plain and simple truth is, becoming a successful copywriter can happen faster and easier when you have a team to help you.

For example, when you’re part of Circle of Success …

 … AWAI makes a promise to stick with you for as long as it takes for you to achieve your copywriting goals. (And luckily, that never takes 108 years.)

 … You’ll have a Career Action Plan meeting to help you set your goals and know what your winning career looks like. You’ll know what you’re aiming for, and you’ll plan the steps to get you there.

 … You have a personal mentor who will help you maximize your strengths and hang in there with you throughout your “continual growth.”

 … You’ll join live interactive learning sessions to build a solid foundation of writing skills.

 … You have a Success Circle of 25 members … a team offering encouragement, feedback, and support if you struggle.

 … And finally, Circle of Success offers a built-in fan base. A group of writers at all different phases of their own careers, always willing to help out someone else. They understand the setbacks you may encounter on your journey, and they’ll cheer for your victories.

As I said, a lot of similarities between Circle of Success and the championship Cubs team.

It took the Chicago Cubs 108 years to finally make their comeback and win the World Series. There's no need for you to wait months, years, or decades to make your writing dreams come true … not when you have the support and encouragement of Circle of Success to do it now.

Just as the 2016 Cubs showed us all, winning is a lot more fun.

Check out what Circle of Success could mean to your copywriting career. Your time is now.

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Published: November 4, 2016

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