December 2016

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Free Webinar and Q&A: Setting Up Your Freelance Writing Business

Get your New Year - and your freelance writing business - off to a great start when Rebecca and Katie join special guest Pam Foster for a FREE webinar and Q&A session this Friday. Get all the details and sign up here!

Last Day to Join PWA for (Effectively) NOTHING!

Today is the last day you can join the Professional Writers' Alliance for half the cost - although it's still a steal - everything you pay towards membership can be used for AWAI programs...but you'll still want to take advantage of this chance to save. Sign up and get more details here!

What Got You Here, Will Not Get You Where You Want to Be

Are you ready to make your New Year’s Resolution to do whatever it takes to achieve the writer's life? Success coach Ted Capshaw says you shouldn’t.

How to Overcome Four Common B2B Copywriting Obstacles

Don't let these four common obstacles keep you from B2B copywriting success. Use these strategies to overcome them and get moving forward.

Am I Good Enough to Make My Dreams Come True?

Is fear of not being “good enough” holding you back from the writer's life? It did for one AWAI member until a Bootcamp session inspired her.

Four Apps Web Writers Can Use to Make Marketing a Habit

When you turn your marketing into a daily habit, that’s when good things start to happen. These marketing apps for web writers can help you succeed.

Finding Copywriter Success with Multiple Projects

This former nurse will write a chapter for an inspirational new book, complete a project for her first client, and more in 2017. It’s her first taste of copywriter success.

How I Rediscovered One of My Greatest Loves at Copywriting Bootcamp

Member Candice Lazar learned one of the most important copywriting secrets at this year’s Bootcamp. And it wasn’t even about writing.

Wanted to Make Sure You Saw This…

As 2016 comes to an end and we start thinking about 2017 - one important event comes to mind...Bootcamp! And if you start investing now, you'll not only get to save $1000 you can make your payments in ten comfortable installments. Get all the details on the Super Early Bird Deal and sign up now!

How Determination and Persistence Led This Copywriter to $10,000

AWAI member Jon Stoltzfus had his hopes set on winning at least one Bootcamp Spec Challenge in 2014. He came away empty-handed. But he didn’t give up.

Mark Ford Interviews 2016 $10K Challenge Winner Jon Stoltzfus

AWAI member Jon Stoltzfus shares his experiences and insights that help lead him to becoming a $10K Challenge Winner.

The Truth: Are Web Copywriting Opportunities Still Hot?

Wondering if the opportunities to become an in-demand web copywriter are drying up? A 10-second check answers this question.

“Best of the Best” Copywriting Tips to Use in 2017

Make 2017 your standout year as a freelance writer by using these "best of the best" copywriting tips.

Fastest Way to Get Paying Projects

Today is your last chance to save $50 on Joshua Boswell's Getting Clients Roadmap. Don't miss out on your chance to get an incredible discount and become unstoppable with Joshua's 12-step action plan!

Amazingly Simple Two-Step Plan for Extraordinary Success in 2017...

AWAI member Sherri Caldwell landed projects using a proven Roadmap from Joshua Boswell. You could do the same. Why not make 2017 your best year yet?

Set Up a System for Automatically Attracting Copywriting Jobs

As a copywriter, you have valuable skills to offer clients. You just need to know how to approach them so you get the highest-paying copywriting jobs.

Build Your Prospect List with Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool for building a list of prospects for your copywriting business. Use these tips to get started.

A Copywriter’s Secret to Automated Client Flow

What do ducks, Joshua Boswell's young son, and an acronym called RAS have to do with your achieving the writer's life?

Cause Marketing Trends You Need to Know for Your Writing Business

Check out these cause marketing trends and see how, as a writer, you can help the organizations and causes you are passionate about all year-round.

Why You Should Land Clients Now – Even if You’re Just Starting Out

Even for new copywriters, getting clients is one of the most important keys to success. Six-figure copywriter Joshua Boswell shows you when and how in Getting Clients Roadmap - learn more about it and sign up now to save $50!

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