December 2016

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Just Do These Two Things to Win… Step 1: Slay the Beasties... Step 2: Switch on Secret #1

Many so-called “success coaches” tell you the best way to deal with roadblocks is to push through them. Not Joshua Boswell. He has better strategies.

The Most Powerful Truck in the World Can’t Break Through Mt. Everest

Every writer faces roadblocks on the way to the writer's life. Joshua Boswell warns the worst way to defeat those roadblocks is to "push ahead."

A Rich Jerk Was Starving My 6 Kids When I Found 3 Secrets to Living The Writer’s Life

Master Copywriter Joshua Boswell found 3 Secrets to landing high-paying clients when he was at the bottom of a financial and emotional hellhole.

A Special Holiday Message from the AWAI Member Services Team

Meet your AWAI Member Services Representatives and check out their special holiday message to you!

The Only 4 Things You Need to Have a Thriving Writing Career

If you're serious about copywriting success, Infinity is one of the best investments you can make. So get on board now before prices go up next year!

Why You Must Ignore the Fussy English Rule Makers

British word expert and author Michael Quinion says, “The job of text is to communicate, not satisfy rule makers." Here’s what that means for your writing.

Connect with Prospects by Understanding Them

Margot Howard has been able to connect with prospects by using her corporate experience to demonstrate that she understands them and their challenges.

My Inside Story: How Copywriting is Helping Me Relieve Hunger in My Community

I started copywriting for the “standard” reasons… A good livelihood and freedom. But I think “fate” pushed me in that direction for a different purpose.

LinkedIn’s New Profinder Is a Service That Helps Clients Find You

LinkedIn Profinder is a new tool on LinkedIn that helps to match professional freelancers with high-quality clients who need their services.

A Multitude of Copywriting Jobs Come Through as Freelancer Cracks the Client-Getting Code

After working with a coach and some smart self-marketing, this freelance copywriter has a full plate of copywriting jobs.

How a Hodgepodge of Jobs Led to Copywriting Success

Susanna Perkins worked a hodgepodge of jobs in her life. But once she discovered copywriting, she was hooked and has been going strong ever since.

Coaching Helps B2B Freelancer Find Copywriter Success

After working with a career coach, this B2B freelancer was able to find her ideal clients and experience true copywriter success.

Harnessing “Love-Based Solutions” for Freelance Copywriting Success

Amanda Foxcroft Taylor has found a way to marry her ideals and writing goals with a career that allows her to write for the joy of it.

B2B Copywriter Lands Top Copywriting Job with the Help of a Coach

After plateauing in his B2B copywriting career, this freelancer turned to a career coach and was able to land his biggest copywriting job to date.

A Copywriter’s Unexpected Success Achieved in Just 13 Days Using This Secret

Great strides toward the writer's life come when you decide to take action. Here's Jean Brewer's story of how she achieved success in just 13 days.

3 Ways a Niche Helps You Land More Copywriter or Content-Writer Jobs

You can make a lot more money and land more paying copywriting jobs on a regular basis if you pick a niche instead of being a generalist.

Free Webinar and Q&A: How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Join Rebecca and Katie - with special guest Ilise Benun for a free webinar this Thursday December 15th where they help you find out how you can make the most of your writer's life with your LinkedIn Profile. Get all the details and sign up here!

This is Getting More Attention Than We Anticipated

There's still time to make the decision to join us in Austin for this year's Web Copy Instensive - but the Super Early-Bird price ends tonight and there's only a few seats left...don't miss out on this special savings AND this chance to transform your web writing career!

Web Copywriting Success Story: Going from Layoff to Life-Changing Opportunity in 3 Months

When Shelley got laid off from FOX Interactive, she thought her writing career was over. But AWAI and web-writing guru Nick Usborne proved her wrong.

Turning Technical Lingo Into Readable Content Spells Copywriter Success

Engineering companies value this B2B copywriter because she knows their industry and can create effective white papers and other marketing copy for their prospects.

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