Amazingly Simple Two-Step Plan for Extraordinary Success in 2017 …

Sherri Caldwell

Wherever you are right now in your six-figure copywriting adventure … 2017 is your year. Your time to LAUNCH —

But … HOW???

Great question!

December can be the craziest month of the year, filled with possibilities, responsibilities, and distractions, both in life and in business.

Many of us are still caught up in post-Bootcamp euphoria, follow-up, and maybe even a bit overwhelmed — after all, Spec Assignments are due!

But before we talk about that, let me back up a bit …

October 2015, I came home from my very first AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair as a Spec Challenge Winner. With my first big client and a check for $1,000 — I was on my way!

I felt good about the writing, thanks to The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. (In fact, I still review Part 3 of that program, with the worksheets, again and again, to write specs and assignments.)

But, there’s still so much to figure out:

  • How to refine and target your niche?
  • Marketing and self-promotion?
  • Client getting strategies?
  • Business-building?

As the end of 2015 drew near, I knew I needed a more organized plan for the year ahead — a sustainable and repeatable system to build my freelance copywriting business.

Years ago, a wise friend told me …

“Sherri, never take advice from someone who isn’t already successfully doing what you want to do. Find the person who is massively successful — that’s your mentor.

“Do what they’re doing.

“Why reinvent the wheel?!

Another bit of wisdom I love:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear …”

So by December 2015, I was ready — and along came the opportunity to participate in the beta test of Joshua Boswell’s Getting Clients Roadmap program …

I’d been reading his articles, and hearing him on AWAI webinars and training programs. And I’d met Joshua at Bootcamp. He had acted as emcee the entire 3½ day event, as well as leading a session or two.

He shared his remarkable story with me and the other 400 aspiring copywriters attending Bootcamp.

And here I was, about to beta test his Getting Clients Roadmap. This self-paced, 12-step journey to success — a repeatable system — answered my “I need clients” prayers.

And so, on January 1, 2016, I officially launched my copywriting career.

I spent the first hour of every day with Joshua's Getting Clients Roadmap, building my copywriting business from the ground up.

It helped me identify my Unique Selling Proposition. It guided me to refine my niche and direction.

It forced me to think about my brand and messaging.

I began working on my website, although I must admit I still have a lot of work to do on it.

But amazingly, the things I’d already done started taking off all around me.

I submitted a pitch, based on the formula in Joshua's Roadmap to a potential client. And suddenly I had a contract for a monthly series of articles — in my specialty niche!

I updated my LinkedIn profile, again based on the formula. Made strategic connections. And landed a face-to-face meeting with a director of our big-city business and civic association … resulting in lucrative networking, paid projects, and opportunities still keeping me busy!

I accelerated through Joshua's Getting Clients Roadmap program. I was even able to set it aside temporarily to do the work and projects I just landed and get paid!

Then all of a sudden, it was October again and Bootcamp was just around the corner and it was time for Spec Assignments again … along with everything that comes after Bootcamp …

Now, here in the craziness of December 2016, after the deadlines have all been met, it will be time to pick up the Roadmap again — to reorganize, re-route, and plan ahead.

Already I’m noticing waypoints and expressways I didn’t take the time to fully explore in the fast lane. Getting back to my website, for example.

Learning to increase my value …

Growing my business …

Taking my career to the next level in 2017 …

What have I learned in 2016, especially what have I learned that I can pass on to you?

My advice is to follow this simple two-step formula:

  1. Find your mentor.
  2. Follow the formula in Joshua's Getting Clients Roadmap. (Repeat as necessary.)

Best wishes for extraordinary success in the New Year ahead!

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Published: December 23, 2016

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