January 2017

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New Freelancer Lands High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

A few months into her new career as a copywriter, this AWAI member has landed two clients on a retainer and she’s working towards landing new copywriting jobs.

Going from “You’ll Never Be a Successful Writer” to The Writer's Life

Many of us have dreamt of being a professional writer only to have our dreams crushed. AWAI member overcame obstacles to achieve the writer's life.

AWAI Member Has Cracked the Code to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Around the Globe

Thanks to copywriting and the writer’s life Mark Andrews has traveled across Asia and beyond for freelance writing jobs.

You Know That Cliché “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog?” T’aint True!

It’s easy to get stuck in doing things the way we’ve always done them. Like learning the secrets of copywriting. But often, a new approach is needed.

Yes You Can! Fighting for Your Copywriting Goals

Your copywriting goals are attainable but you must fight for them. Discover what you can learn from writer Steven Pressfield that can help.

Hands-on Learning for Quicker Copywriter Success

With expert help you can master the secrets of copywriting and experience your own copywriter success faster than doing it on your own.

Freelancer Takes on Multiple Careers in Writing for Income and Personal Fulfillment

Copywriting, publishing, and book writing are the careers in writing this freelancer loves.

Stalled. Discouraged. Stopped. Until I Discovered the Support I Needed

Tackling tasks you must accomplish to grab the writer's life can feel lonely and discouraging. Support from people who care makes all the difference.

How to Evaluate Your Business for Bigger Freelance Profits

It’s important to periodically evaluate your business to see where you can do better. It will increase your freelance earnings and lower your stress.

How a Failed Red Velvet Cake is Leading Me to The Writer's Life

What does a failed attempt at baking a red velvet cake have to do with the pursuit of the writer's life? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

The Secret of Oak Island Isn’t Buried Treasure, It’s Copywriting

The real secret of this popular television show isn't about hidden treasure — it’s about copywriting.

4 Simple Strategies to Make You a More Successful Copywriter

Who would go on a long journey without planning? But too many of us approach learning without planning the best ways to accomplish our goals.

Become a Successful Working Copywriting in 2017 - Get ALL the Skills You Need in Just 10 Hours!

It's a new year and a great time to position yourself to make this the year you start living the writer's life. If you're ready to keep that promise to yourself to finally become a successful copywriter, discover how to get ALL the skills you need in just 10 hours!

Finding a Knowledgeable Companion to Lead You to Copywriting Success

Learning the copywriting secrets crucial for success can be daunting and slow. A knowledgeable companion can speed up the process — a lot.

How to Land B2B Clients with Self-Select Marketing

Discover how to land B2B clients with this easy-to-use method. Self-select marketing will help you get hired by your ideal clients.

How to Conquer Your Greatest Creativity-Killer

What’s your biggest creativity-killer? Clayton Makepeace gives insight on overcoming it before it zaps your career.

Get Coaching from Clayton Makepeace for Copywriter Success

Clayton Makepeace will mentor you – and hire you for real freelance jobs – to help you achieve copywriter success.

How to Find Marketing Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight

Marketing secrets are all around you, hiding in plain sight. Here’s how to find them, and learn from them.

Three More Advanced Techniques from Clayton to Persuade Prospects to Buy

Clayton Makepeace’s strategies for convincing prospects to buy have made him a millionaire many times over. What can they do for you?

Testimonial from Copywriting Job is Perfect for Self-Marketing

Mike Connolly recently completed a copywriting job and his client loved it!

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