Going from “You’ll Never Be a Successful Writer” to The Writer's Life

Will Newman

The other day, the folks at AWAI got a compliment from member Sherrie Roderick that I’d like to share with you.

But I’m going to do more than just share that compliment. I’m going to tell you more of Sherrie’s story. I contacted her after seeing her compliment to find out a little more about her.


Because for her uniqueness, Sherrie is also a lot like you. She’s a newcomer to copywriting and just beginning to learn the ropes.


Sherrie Roderick

Let me start by saying a BIG thank you to AWAI for all you do to support writers!

When I lost my job in mid-June of 2016 as the Director of Agent Development for a local real estate brokerage, I was, to say the least, a little lost.

[FROM WILL: Sherrie felt lost for good reason. Her entire adult life had been centered around real estate. She’d worked as an agent, broker, and owner of several real estate brokerages. She even owned a title company at one time.]

I found myself truly at a crossroads. With my husband's encouragement and support, I began to research what it took to become a professional writer. My dream career has always been to become a writer.

[FROM WILL: Like many would-be writers, though, Sherrie didn’t get early support. She’d been writing since middle school, having friends eager to see her next short story.

Unfortunately, her dream of being a professional writer was crushed by an uncle who said she’d never be successful at it. On top of that, her parents told her to forget writing and go into something more lucrative. Eventually, Sherrie decided to try writing again.]

Fortunately, I found the support I needed when stumbling across AWAI. I immediately became a member.

Finding a place with AWAI, my new family so-to-speak, I found the courage to press on.

I read every single email that comes out. I honestly feel like Will Newman is my personal coach.

Along with Katie and Rebecca, “mentors” who always give 110% all the time.

With only a few months under my belt as a professional freelance writer, I have two solid clients.

My very first writing pitch landed a client that pays me $1,500 a month for a weekly newsletter. The other client, a real estate agent, I knew from my previous job. I write two posts a month for his blog.

Through the AWAI training I’ve taken, I was confident enough to solicit business from local real estate agents by writing their professional bios.

Within only a few short months, I have brought in over $7,200 in paid fees!

When I’m not pitching for more writing assignments and doing work I already have, I’m working on my first e-book.

I’m confident if I stay focused and tuned in to all AWAI has to offer, I will complete the book.

Thank you again to everyone at AWAI.

[FROM WILL: I asked Sherrie if she had anything else she’d like to share with you. Here’s what she said … ]

Let go of self-doubt. Put your best foot forward and submit. Write, then write some more, keep submitting, keep creating. Each time you write, you get better, it's never easy, but it's always worth it.

[FROM WILL: We’d love to hear your feelings about Sherrie’s path to the writer's life. Comment below to let us know.]

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Published: January 20, 2017

9 Responses to “Going from “You’ll Never Be a Successful Writer” to The Writer's Life”

  1. Hello Will!! After joining the Barefoot Writer, Wealthy Web Writer & taking part in the Smart Start Live webinar, I became slightly overwhelmed with all of the information made available to me! I took a week to sort of Process what I just went through & to get refocused. I now realize getting off of Disability & into a "REAL" Profession is now possible! Being on a (very) limited income isn't going to hinder me at all! With the possibilities presented to me...I intend to succeed!

    Terry Burns

  2. IT Shows that one can regain his/here social ,work life in a short time or a better one and that is it from Sherries experience I thought and for WILL Newman I have to say look like some one to follow just looking your face before telling a word and written experiences anyways it shows that I have too a kind of hope thanks.

    Guest (Amrue)

  3. Thank you , Sherrie, for sharing your story with us. It gives me fresh inspiration to keep giving it my best. I also need to learn how to look for support in areas where i struggle. I know I can do this but so many obstacles...

    f e martin

  4. Congratulations Sherrie!
    You deserve the best. Your story has encouraged me as well.


  5. Thanks to Sherrie for that encouraging email.I too am just beginning.I am reading almost every thing that comes by email.And I have taken some of the webinars that AWAI offer.I must admit that I am somewhat nervous about this copy writing business.....because Education and Health have been my career path and I am looking around for a work-from home way to earn an income.
    I am encouraged by the idea of writing Bios.for professionals and also composing blogs.
    I wish you well in you writing journey.Thanks again for sharing your fascinating story.

    Guest (rita)

  6. There is strong reason and purpose of my e-mail and all would get to know as soon as I understand this kind of industry I'm joining. I have no idea where I am however I joined because of a big window opportunity has few business offered the 1yr warranty made it believable. I'm not a writer but I know and have faith that I would succeed because is God's plan. Amen

    Guest (Sonia Alvarez-Serrano)

  7. I have read all of the replies that have been posted.I have really enjoyed the refreshing ideas that have displayed here It is a breath of fresh air to learn some of the reinvent ideas that different people have posted,keep up the good work at 77 yrs young I need all the encouragement I can get.Thanks

    Guest (michael collns)

  8. Thanks everyone for all the information. Right now they are very overwhelming and at the same time very helpful. I am putting the processes together to be able to form a conversation. I have determined to learn to be a writer and I am going to be good at it.


  9. Thanks for a very inspiring story, Sherrie! I too lost my job in the corporate setting last quarter of 2018 as a tech professional and like you, I've also felt sort of lost, as tech is the only thing I know, or so I thought. I've been doing tech projects on the side and pondering on applying for a new tech job, but something just didn't seem right.

    Until I came across AWAI just over a month ago which gave me hope that I could still pursue the writer's life, the kind of life I have always wanted, without sacrificing my income. Thanks for reminding us to let go of self-doubt and to just do it!


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