Wallets, Bank Cards, and Your Success in The Writer's Life

Will Newman

Linda, my life partner of 46 years, laughs about “men and their wallets.”

She’s decided men hate giving up their wallets.

She’s right. My wallet is a tool. After a break-in period, it molds to my rear end comfortably. (I know! I shouldn’t sit on it.)

I hang onto wallets until they’re falling apart. Then, reluctantly, I replace them.

I had to face facts. Time for a new wallet. I went to a well-known online retailer in search of the same brand wallet I’d had before.

In my search on the Web, I discovered a new feature of many wallets is RFID blocking. Banks have added a chip to bank cards as a safety feature against fraud. But they also make those cards vulnerable to thugs with RFID chip readers. Hence, the need for RFID blocking.

Some models of my preferred brand did have RFID blocking. But they lacked a feature I wasn’t willing to give up. Off to the side of the website, an ad for RFID-blocking sleeves caught my attention. 16 sleeves for an excellent price. So, I ordered a pack.

And this brings us to why I’m rambling on about wallets.

Not long after ordering the RFID-blocking sleeves, I got an email welcoming me and telling me I’d made a wise purchase. Not from the online retailer … but from the sleeve company.

The next day, the sleeve company sent a second email …

Your Journey Begins with AbcXyz

Hello Will, Thank you for your order.

This is Robin at AbcXyz. I wanted to let you know your order of RFID-Blocking Sleeves has just left the warehouse, and is on its way to you!

We’re here for you! If you have any issues or questions, please let us know ASAP. We’d love to get you taken care of and happy right away!

Please feel free to contact customer service here at any time: Contact Link

We very much appreciate your business. It's our pleasure to help all our customers as fast as we can.

Have a great day!

Warm regards,

You could have written this email!

I like this company. With so little effort, they won my trust. I’ll buy from them again.

It’s highly likely that a copywriter wrote this email. An increasing number of companies are using these types of emails to build customer loyalty.

And you could be that copywriter!

Email copywriting, especially for businesses, has grown from a small sideline niche into a huge opportunity for writers looking for an easy, lucrative way to achieve the writer's life.

Here’s why this career is so attractive …

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #1
Tons of work in an ever-growing specialty.

Any business with an online presence or website needs email copy … even if they’re not using it now.

Emails are the most effective way for businesses to stay in touch with customers … past, present, and future. And the most cost-effective way. So, businesses serious about making more money will email their customers on a regular basis. This need grows yearly.

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #2
Email copywriters are exceptionally well paid.

As a beginning email copywriter, you can realistically charge $100-$250 for each email. Most clients need 3-10 emails at a time. So, you could be earning $300-$2,500+ per project.

And speaking of being a beginner …

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #3
Writing emails is easy to learn.

You’re already learning foundational secrets and strategies for copywriting through AWAI. So, you can learn how to write email copy in a week … or less.

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #4
Writing emails is enjoyable … simple … quick.

Most emails take less than an hour to write. And once you get more experienced, you could crank out one in 20 minutes. Why are they so easy? Because …

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #5
Most emails you’ll write are short.

Your job as an email copywriter will be getting a potential customer to take an action: click through to a website … sign up for a newsletter … build relationships with new customers … that sort of thing.

No long, emotion-based copy. You write just enough words to get the prospect enticed and motivated.

Business Email Copywriting Advantage #6
Email copywriting is “retainer copywriting.”

We’ve been talking about how retainer contracts provide dependable, long-term stability to your career. Email copywriting can be an ideal way to get those retainer deals. Companies need emails on a consistent basis, making this an ongoing gig for a copywriter.

Are you interested in this rich opportunity? One that’s easy to learn … and easy to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know by commenting below.

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: February 22, 2017

16 Responses to “Wallets, Bank Cards, and Your Success in The Writer's Life”

  1. Hi, Will.

    Great post. And you really *shouldn't* sit on your wallet. ;)

    I love the idea of email copywriting, especially as it relates to customer loyalty. Short, sweet, personal messages really forge a connection.

    Like getting a free dessert at your favorite restaurant on your birthday, it's a thoughtful gesture that costs so little yet makes you feel truly "seen" and valued. And likely to speak highly of the business, helping them reach more customers. A real win-win -- and so simple!


  2. Will, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do, providing insights into the variety of options to the copywriter.
    This one on emails makes sense to me, the one of social media not so much. SM seems like it would be very time consuming and while the money might be good, it just isn't the venue I envisioned when I started down this path. I am working on the six figure copywriting course so despite my interest I will pass on the offer today. Blessings and keep 'em coming.


  3. I know I have the ability and knowledge to be a copywriter, I need to get started as cost effective as possible. I am presently unemployed and would like to start a new path one that I can have more freedom to make good money and have flexibility.

    Thank you

    Guest (Lee)

  4. Your email demonstrated the idea you were selling! I didn't hesitate to clip through to see about your book!
    But the absence of price was a point of hesitation. I love to write, and quite effectively but have a paltry budget. What is the least expensive way to do what you do for Paying clients?

    Guest (MaverickNorth)

  5. Absolutely

    Guest (Christina)

  6. Thank you for the excellent article Will! Spot on and very timely for me. I have finally gotten the nerve up to put out my shingle and email is a specialty I am looking forward to pursuing.

    All your quality work is greatly appreciated.

    Guest (Rick)

  7. Hi Will Emails are great for businesses.


  8. Hi Will Emails are great for Businesses.


  9. I would love to learn and do this type of projects for businesses ,all is a training and an insite on prospective clients.

    Guest (Ekene)

  10. Thank you Will,

    I`d not mind starting my writing career with email copywriting though as I`ll later progress to writing B2B copy.

    I liked the fact that most emails are short, haha, because I like writing, but short script is my preference.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful opportunities, I`ll start as soon as I put my house in order, financially.



    Guest (Michael)

  11. Very nice article! I am just starting out and already know I want to write autoresponders. I have read all the back issues of 2015 and 2016 Barefoot Writer Magazines and am ready to begin my copywriting career as an autoresponder copywriter. Do I need to take the "Accelerated" course first, or can I just jump right into "Email Copy Made Easy?" and be successful?


  12. I want to get started, I just need to wait for money to pay the price of the member ship

    Guest (Anthony Berens )

  13. Hello Will,

    Thanks For Taking Time To Fill Us In On The Great Opportunities To Becoming A Copywriter And Enjoying The Benefits That Follow "The Writer's Life."

    I'm Very Interested In Pursuing Theses Opportunities Offered,If Only Starting With Emails.I Want To Become An Expert Copywriter.

    I Just Need The Finances To Invest In This Dream And Career.I Look Forward To Sending The Email That Says "YES,I Am Ready To Start" Change Me And My Children's Lives Forever!

    -Sincerely LaKeshia

    Guest (LaKeshia Bradley)

  14. Thanks Will for giving insight on what seems like a perfect fit for me. I have been reading many of the offerings and none have "hit" me til now. As a lifelong customer service minded professional I automatically want to start s conversation of help or feedback with companies I do business with. But I really want the freedom beyond a 9-5 position in that field. I believe I would be a natural at creating the kind of templates that would boost a company while meeting the needs of customers in a top notch fashion!
    I have recently lost family members and am finally feeling able to rejoin the work world, but want this season to be truly different - will plan to sign up for Jay's program in a few months.

    Guest (Nancy )

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