This AWAI Member Doesn’t Like Writing Long-Form Sales Copy. What’s His Secret to Achieving The Writer's Life So Quickly?

Will Newman

John Brewer doesn’t like writing long-form sales copy.

But he’s making huge progress on achieving the writer's life … and has done so in just two years.

His secret?

Peek at this interview AWAI did with John a short time back to learn what it is.

AWAI: How long have you been freelancing?
As a copywriter, about two years now.

What did you learn in your previous employment that has helped you achieve success as a copywriter?
As a builder in New Zealand, and then later in Australia, I learned about peoples’ needs and wants.

I came to realize early in business that it is all about the customer. It’s all about what the client wants. People don’t care about you. They just want to know how you can help them solve their problems.

From the age of 20, I had my own business as a builder. This has enabled me to handle the business side of my copywriting. And this is key: As a writer, you are running a business. You can be the best copywriter in the world, but if no one knows about you, how can you earn a decent income?

My previous business taught me how to market myself. I also wrote a flyer for my building business many years ago which was a huge success. I still meet people today who have kept this flyer, much to my amusement. I always asked my clients about themselves, their families, and interests, which built rapport. I use the same tactics with copywriting prospects and clients.

What drew you to B2B copywriting?
I enjoy LinkedIn for its business tips and information. Suddenly, I realized that here was where most businesses hang out. I just had to figure out how to use it to attract clients to my copywriting venture. So B2B was a natural choice.

What made you start promoting yourself on LinkedIn?
I had tried marketing myself through different ways. Yet nothing seemed to work for me. I kept being knocked down.

But with sheer determination, I dragged myself back up and tried something different. I think this is where most people give up and quit.

Then I had a brain wave. I woke up in the middle of the night with an amazing plan. I would write useful articles and post them on LinkedIn. If I wrote every day, it would improve my writing skills and attract prospects for my copywriting business.

How has that helped you grow your copywriting business?
IT WORKED! My plan worked out great. It took a while to get the wheels turning and to attract an audience, but it kept getting better.

I started to get comments like: “Man, your articles are getting better.” “Love your stuff.” “Thanks for the useful information.” A nd best of all, “How much do you charge for an article like this?”

The other best part is that the opportunity is unlimited. There are over 400 million potential business clients on LinkedIn.

What’s one thing about you no one knows?
I’m nervous dealing with people. No one knows this but my wife. I put on a confident face, but underneath it all, I’m always worried about upsetting people because I’m outspoken.

Sounds like John found a way to build a copywriting business that’s perfect for his personality and interests. We certainly wish him continued success!

Does writing Business-to-Business copy sound like an interesting path to the writer's life for you? Comment below to let us know.

And be sure to come back tomorrow to find out more about building a copywriting business without needing to write long-form sales copy.

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Modern B2B Copywriting

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Published: February 2, 2017

8 Responses to “This AWAI Member Doesn’t Like Writing Long-Form Sales Copy. What’s His Secret to Achieving The Writer's Life So Quickly?”

  1. This is brilliant! The only thing it doesn't mention is how the articles are kept short. After all, the title is about how to avoid writing long copy.

    Guest (Jean)

  2. Hello yes it do i have been writing alot some time i i dont becuze i have five children but i love writting i been writting since i was very young sometimes i like to write than talk experience myself with no yelling and getting loud recently ive been writing more than ever because im going through seperation but i dont know how to set up where to begin i feel not only will my writing help some one but its a testimony to others and my wriiting is not just a page or a chapter but my life .

    Guest (Rayna M Travis)

  3. Hi Will!

    I loved this article. And appreciate John's approach In working with clients. I haven't transition to the writers life yet (still working the 9-5).

    But I'm taking steps :)

    My primary comment is about the transition in the P.S.

    I know the offer is approaching. But you smoothly move through it every time.

    The lesson I pulled from this article - linkage. Each small sentence linked artfully from John's experience to the companion series.

    I loved seeing that.

    Thanks Will and John!


  4. Thank you for this letter of encouragement. I toyed with the idea of increasing my LinkedIn profile, but let other things get in the way. Time to move!

    Guest (Lynette)

  5. I'm another one who thinks B2B is the right fit! While working in education, I once wrote an Annual Report, and another time I wrote a brochure for a Bed & Breakfast. I LOVED it! I'd rather do shorter things than longer writing. I'm studying hard now to make my dreams come true!

    Guest (Kathleen)

  6. Hi, Will, John Brewer peeked into my own copywriting journey so far. I, too, discovered B2B was a much better path for me. I've learned a lot from the AWAI Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy. I recommend that course for those electing B2B over the longer sales letters. Way to go John! And Will!
    Holly Helscher

    Guest (Holly Helscher)

  7. Will John has been pushed around in his world of troubles and now have the Writer life dream come true.


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