How B2B Writing Saved Christopher Dean from the Torture of Retail Employment

Will Newman

“The transition to working with clients who don’t need endless hours of work each day has been great!”

These are the words of AWAI member Christopher Dean, who used to work 11 to 12 hours a day as a retail manager.

You can bet he needed a change … possibly feeling much like you do.

Christopher got his change quite by accident when he discovered Business-to-Business (B2B) copywriting. And he’s sure glad he did.

AWAI interviewed Christopher to hear more of his story, which I know will resonate with you.

AWAI: What led you to life as a writer?

Christopher: I first heard about copywriting from a good friend of mine. He’s a graphic designer and needed a bit of writing done. At the time, I had no idea what copywriting was, so I hit the library to learn the basics.

It started with writing a brochure for him, and then brochures for another graphic designer I knew. As I kept learning more, I eventually decided on B2B because of its editorial tone.

And I must say, writing and working from home is a nice change of pace from the grind I used to do as a manager. I frequently had 11- or 12-hour days, and I got burnt out. The transition to working with clients who don’t need endless hours of work each day has been great!

AWAI: What’s your favorite type of B2B writing project?

Christopher: I specifically enjoy writing customer case studies in the B2B world. The storytelling aspect, along with the classic structure of someone facing a challenge, finding a solution, and coming to a resolution with excellent results is appealing to me. I also enjoy interviewing people, pulling out the best quotes, and weaving a story around everything they tell me.

AWAI: What works in marketing yourself and attracting clients?

Christopher: I’ve had good luck when I contact a company and let them know who I am and what I do. I usually try email first, but I’m not afraid to pick up the phone if calling makes sense. Also, once I niched myself as a B2B case study writer — that helped potential clients find me because they were searching for that type of writing.

AWAI: Tell us about a project you’re proud of.

Christopher: Breaking into the B2B market with a good high-tech company was a big success. I wanted to get into case studies, but struggled to find clients who needed them. I’ve always had an interest in technology, but I have the mind of a writer, not a computer programmer.

So, when I got that first client in the marketing department, who does web-based security, I was excited. Together, we’ve done three case studies, and we’re slated for more.

AWAI: What do you think was the most important thing you did to find success as a freelancer?

Christopher: I think taking action and getting started was the most important step. After that, it’s all about persistence and not letting the failures keep you down.

AWAI: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Christopher: At this point, I’m happy living in the Greater Seattle area. All my close friends and family are here, so life is good. I grew up as a military brat, so I’ve lived in five different states. Plus, in college, I lived in Japan as an exchange student for over a year. I’ve moved around enough.

AWAI: What would your top advice to our members be?

Christopher: Don’t quit going after the writer's life. Writing can be challenging. And running a business is challenging, too. But don’t get discouraged when the going gets tough. Just keep going forward.

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Published: April 18, 2017

5 Responses to “How B2B Writing Saved Christopher Dean from the Torture of Retail Employment”

  1. Hi Will and Christopher, Christopher learned the skills,now write copy,Great Success Christopher.


  2. Hi, Christopher has made his mark as a B2B writer. I was also a Senior Manager in a nationalized bank but sought voluntary retirement so as to become a writer and a film maker. I am now an established and published writer but as far as copy writing is concerned I could not succeed. Only because the funda of direct response copy writing is not prevalent in India. Christopher has suggested not to quit. And there is I am. I will never quit and go on doing by best and I am committed to that.

    Guest (Mahesh Seelvi)

  3. Working in retail is what convinced me as a teenager that college offered a much better path, so Christopher's story resonates. My challenge, however, is different. Having spent thirty years in the oil and gas industry I now find myself having to start over. Copywriting and in particular B2B offers me an opportunity to leverage the years I spent writing technical project reports into a career with the flexibility I have enjoyed as a consultant.


  4. It is interesting but I am a student still. I don't have money to go about it, also how to create write-ups, or do I just pick topic and research on?

    I will like to see a work done by a member to see how the started.

    Guest (Precious)

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