How the Secret of FOCUS Will Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals Faster

I love living in my rural, mountain community. But for all its benefits, it comes with some disadvantages.

Those of you who also live in rural communities know what I’m talking about.

For example, unless you want to drive an hour and a half or more to the “big city,” you must plan your shopping carefully.

Kind of like planning your successful copywriting career to achieve the writer's life.

This is where the Secret of FOCUS becomes important.

Let me tell you what I mean. Imagine it’s Saturday, and you need to shop at five different stores. First, you head to the feed store, 10 miles north, for dog food.

You’re about halfway there when you remember you need to go to Rite Aid, which is 3 miles east. So, you turn off the highway near Lake Street and head toward Rite Aid.

Almost there, but you decide to save that for later and head instead to the supermarket for your week’s groceries.

As you pull into the parking lot, it starts raining. You decide you better go to the feed store after all since they close when the weather gets bad.

You climb back into your car. Then rain turns to snow … so you head home before it dumps.

You get the picture.

Without focus and a plan, you get nowhere. Or if you do, it takes you much longer to get there. And you’re likely not to be successful.

It’s the same when planning your career.

When you become an AWAI member, you have tons of high-impact programs to choose from to power your quest for the writer's life.

For example, you can choose from …

  • The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, or …
  • Secrets of Writing for the Health Market, or …
  • Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market, or
  • Copywriting for Nonprofits: How to Write Inspiring Copy for the Fundraising Market, or …
  • Any of over 50 programs to help you become a master of your chosen niche

But you see the problem here.

It’s a problem you face whether you take AWAI programs or not. It’s a problem even if you decide to “go it alone” and use whatever resources — some good, some not so good — you cobble together from the Internet.

The problem:

You won’t get anywhere unless you FOCUS.

FOCUS is an acronym the AWAI team and instructors like me use to remind members that to succeed, you must Follow One Course Until Successful.

You must chart your route to the writer's life in one direction. How do you do this?

  • Study the foundational secrets of all good copywriting (such as you learn in The Accelerated Program) …
  • Choose one niche that interests you and ties into experience you’ve already had …
  • Study programs that build understanding, skills, and success in your niche …
  • Get clients (another aspect of AWAI programs and training) …
  • And write all the time!

So, what if you’re interested in the alternative health niche and fundraising (like I was way back when I started)?

It’s tempting to think, “I can do that. No problem!”

But think back to our misdirected shopping trip. Without focus and planning, you got nothing and you got nowhere before the skies opened up and forced you back to where you started.

And without FOCUS — Follow One Course Until Successful — your quest for the writer's life risks going nowhere just as much.

But with FOCUS, you will get there … sooner than you think!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how FOCUS will help you achieve your writing goals faster. Tell us all by commenting below.

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Published: May 30, 2017

14 Responses to “How the Secret of FOCUS Will Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals Faster”

  1. Will, I know what you're talking about! I live an hour from the city, and any "short" trip there turns into a day-long expedition. We must plan how to get our errands done by 2:15 when we must leave to pick up our kids from school.

    I wish I'd had a better plan for my writing career.

    I wasted years finding what I enjoy to write most. I always made a living, but I often worked on projects that weren't right for me.

    Beginners: please FOCUS. You will get where you're going much faster.

    Gordon Graham

  2. I don't generally comment, but this message was timely for me. Money is funny. Job is on sinking sand. A son needs life saving surgery and financial support. When pressed in the vice called life, a life saving and changing course of action is needed. STAT! With all of my well intentions, I decided that completing the Accelerated course is plenty for now. I'm a nurse who chooses to be an Alternative Health Copywriter. The rest will come in time. BABY STEPS!!
    [FROM WILL: Baby steps, maybe. But in fact, given the pressures you're feeling right now, finishing the Accelerated Program is a huge step…the one you need to take. Good luck!]

    Linda Beauty Marks

  3. This article is perfectly timed! Although I have been a member since last Fall, I just began this new adventure in the Spring. I have been so distracted reading the 270+ saved emails, and the many things the emails offer me to read and view on the AWAI website, that I have not even started the Accelerated course I initially paid for...thank you for reminding me to FOCUS.

    [FROM WILL: And as I just said in the previous message, finishing the Accelerated Program is crucial. Priority 1!]

    Guest (Susan)

  4. That's a piece of advice that's so key for a beginnng copywriter. Thanks Will.

    Dylan James Media

  5. Great article! I am currently that beginner who is all over the place and needs to focus. But it's hard when there are so many amazing deals for AWAI courses (50% off, I mean c'mon!)... I just don't want to miss out on any of them!

    Krystal R

  6. Thanks for this focus time Will. This will help me going forward, focusing on the AWAI programs I have. As many members of AWAI know you get more than expected in the programs.

    Guest (David Harmon)

  7. Dear Will, you are a life saver. I was just about ready to jump into another class before taking the final, final paid exam for Accelerated Copywriting. I have a tendency to take on too much at one time so your message to slow down offers encouragement to me to get on the FOCUS path.

    Betty Glaz

  8. FOCUS, the main force for your all endeavors, lets you help achieve your goals. Without focus, you will never gain success in any field. Choose what you want to do and focus on it untill you get perfection and success. Without focus, your mind wavers here and there and you reach no where. Train your mind in such a way that what is in your hand on which you are focusing, you get essence of it. If your mind wavers you cannot focus on anything.

    Mahesh Seelvi

  9. Very timely article! I have been working full time, and trying to naviage how to FOCUS on how to make this a career change! I know I can't take all the classes, so I will really try to figure out how to prioritize. And narrow my focus. TY


  10. Hi Rebecca and Will,I do not let time to write go to waste .I write all the time,I stay Focus on the programs, AWAI has to offer.

    Guest (Darrick)

  11. I totally agree with the idea of one step before another, the FOCUS that is. As much as we are aware of the rewards of following or developing the principle of 'Follow One Course Until Successful', we tend to deviate, from time to time which is not advisable.

    Guest (clement)

  12. Thanks, Will Newman. You just made my day and positioned me for the right direction. This is the kind of push we new comers will like to see, always.

    Solomon Okpali

  13. Great advice, and one of my challenges today, and everyday of life. I've been setting a schedule and doing my best to keep it,starting my days with my classes even if that means I get up at 5:30 am. Working toward my end goals of becoming a copywriter, having some freedoms in life I've worked so hard for. I am excited about the learning....thank you for the advice.


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