How to Make Good Money as a Writer WITHOUT Having to Beg for Work

Make Good Money as a Writer

Hi, Nick Usborne here.

This is the first in a series of four articles I’ll be writing about one of my favorite topics — how to make good money as a writer WITHOUT working with clients.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy working with clients. I do.

But I don’t much like the hassle and stress of trying to find NEW clients. I don’t like asking for work, and I definitely don’t like being turned down.

Even after freelancing for over 30 years, I still haven’t developed a very thick skin.

It still stings when companies reject my proposals and say No to me.

So I’ve always had my eyes open for opportunities to make money as a writer without clients.

Put another way … I’ve always been looking for a way to make good money as a writer without it being WORK. I just wanted to make money by writing for PLEASURE.

Sounds good, right?

Maybe it sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t.

I know that for a fact, because I’ve been writing page after page after page for PLEASURE for 10 years now …

 … and those pages earn me enough to pay my mortgage every month, and my utilities … and more.

So while I still work for clients as a professional online writer and copywriter, I don’t feel the same pressure anymore.

I don’t start each month worried about my bills, and praying I get enough client work to pay them.

I don’t have that worry, because my biggest bills are already taken care of.

Which reminds me … this passive income I get from writing for pleasure is VERY consistent.

It’s not exactly the same every month, but it doesn’t vary wildly either.

So yes, I pretty much know where I stand financially each month. And can approach looking for client work with a lot more confidence.

And when I negotiate fees with those clients, I’m negotiating from a position of strength too. Because I know I already have my major bills covered.

So if prospective clients try to beat me down too much on my estimate, I can just say No and walk away. Sweet! :)

Okay … so maybe right now you’re wondering how I do this? How can you make good money as a writer? What is this “writing for pleasure” thing? What is this magical source of passive income that flows into my account month after month, and year after year?

It all comes from my website,

Take a peek at it. That’s my site. I own it, 100%. I have written the whole thing. I have taken 90% of the photos you’ll see on the site. And as I said, I’ve been doing it for 10 years now.

And I don’t anticipate stopping anytime soon because I ENJOY writing about coffee. It’s a PLEASURE for me to create more and more pages.

And, of course, this is how I pay those bills each month.

Stick with me over this series of articles and you’ll find out how I actually make money from writing about coffee.

You’ll also discover I’m not alone, and that hundreds of other people have learned from my experience and are doing the same thing as me … with topics THEY love to write about.

Funny thing … some of them make more passive income from their sites than I do from mine! The students are out-performing their teacher!

I love that!

Okay … in Monday’s article, I’ll tell you how a site like this can actually make you good money.

But before you go, be sure to leave any thoughts, comments, or questions below. I read them all and reply to as many as I can!

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Published: June 16, 2017

29 Responses to “How to Make Good Money as a Writer WITHOUT Having to Beg for Work”

  1. Oh goodie... it is web writing time again. This always gives me new ideas. And I learn so much more than just writing "copy." Oops, maybe I should not say that here.... but each time I take this class... it expands my living space.

    Guest (Nancy)

  2. I really want to learn how to make money from my writing. I am a good writer, but I have not succeed sufficiently in creating a steady flow of income. I read carefully your advice. Kathleen

    Guest (Kathleen Tonn)

  3. Looking forward to reading more; thank you.

    Guest (Charlie-Rose)

  4. Nick, I have been trying to get a web site up and running and keep stepping on the process hard. It just will not come together for me. I have an affiliate already lined up to put on the site, but have lost instructions on how to do it. Any suggestions on what I could do to get it up? I am using Word Press to do changes to the site, but it is not intuitively easy for me.
    I do have a background in computer coding, but it was with Fortran and Cobol. Early computer science languages.

    Guest (Jack Boehm)

  5. If I understand right, you're saying that a niche website will generate what is needed so that you can get the client work when you want to instead of when you need it. How much does it cost to get started? And how did you monetize it?

    Guest (Detrick Cornelsen )

  6. Nick,

    Looking forward to you follow up missives.



    Guest (bob grytten)

  7. Hi Nick! By far you are most exciting teacher on AWAI because you are a master and I learn from every word you say or write. I soaked up your courses, "Web 2.0", and "Money Making Websites" because they speak dead-on to what I am trying to accomplish as a new pro copywriter with AWAI: writing copy for the web and my own money making website. I'll be sending you a "burning" question of mine every day for this special presentation. My first question is, Can you elaborate on what you mean by pages?

    R Michael Woron

  8. Just in the embryonic stage of designing my site.Can the same thing be done with a blog only?

    Guest (Rita)

  9. Your articles and courses are always right on, Nick ... or, as Rebecca says -- "Right on".

    So i'm looking forward to your series next week.

    Do you call it "invoiceless living" or "working with no collar and no leash"?

    Guest (David Crellen)

  10. Hi Nick, I've been wanting to create my own money making website for quite a while now, but I'm afraid what I'm passionate about won't be successful. I'm passionate about Marine Mammals and that's what I'd like to write about. Could that topic be successful for me?


  11. Hello Nick, and thanks much for your compelling letter!
    I'm looking forward to taking your course in web-writing, but first...would you recommend that I complete a more "basic" course in web-writing before I begin yours? I'm currently working on AWAI's Accelerated Copywriting and Companion program, and would like to at least finish that before I start yours.
    Thanks for any input you can give me.
    D L Cothern

    D L Cothern

  12. the biggest hurdle I see is building the page to be professional and then getting it to come up in searches. I am on a tight budget. does the program tell how to accomplish these things?

    Guest (Mark Studie)

  13. It has taken me a year to verbalize a topic that will meet readers' needs as well as keep my interest. My writing for my first website, which wasn't published, will supply articles for the final. AdultFamilyHomeCare dot com A friend is building it for me and will continue to support it. I tried SB! and WP without much success. This approach is not recommended by AWAI, but my sanity is crucial to survival to say nothing of peaceful living. Lots of websites about dementia but none about a business that cares for disabled folk. Here's to passive income!

    Guest (Maxine Brink)

  14. I am David Attaway. I am disabled an I need help on what to write about.
    I am a poet an can write freelance. I can't even afford to join, cause I am barely getting by here. I am stuck, an not sure where to begun. I was robbed an stole my laptop. All I got us my phone. What can I do to make money writing. Thank you David

    Guest (David Attaway)

  15. Hi Rebecca and Nick,I read this article on how to make money, it's great.thanks

    Guest (Darrick)

  16. I would love to learn how to set up my own website writing about something I am very interested in!

    Guest (Andrew LaPenta )

  17. Tabitha:

    Are you kidding? Haven't you ever heard of National Geographic? I know I and thousands of others (at least) would love to read about marine mammals. Get busy! Please!

    Guest (Mark Willis)

  18. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the encouragement. :-) I have decided to write my website about not only Marine Mammals, but about the Oceans themselves. I all ready have a name selected and have begun gathering my research for my pages. I hope you and everyone else will find my message informing.



  19. Tabitha:

    Glad to encourage someone with a great idea, like you. However, I am worried about your response that you are going to expand your site to include the oceans in general. It sounds like you might be violating Nick's rule about not making your topic too broad. To use his example, instead of writing about gardening, write about growing vegetables in cold northern states. Same with you. Instead of writing about the oceans in general, stick with your original idea, marine mammals. Good luck.

    Guest (Mark Willis)

  20. Tabitha:

    P.S. Don't forget Nick's other piece of advice. Once you have your first website up and running, you can always add additional, related websites about other specific ocean topics. For instance, Nick has two websites about coffee. So instead of having one broad website about the oceans in general, have several different ones about very specific topics that will appeal to several different interest groups. And again, good luck. I really think that you are onto something good.

    Guest (Mark Willis)

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