Banish Indecision and Make Big Decisions with Total Confidence

We all have decisions to make. Both short-term and long-term decisions. Big and small decisions. Problem is, and if you are like me, you often find yourself indecisive. Not only indecisive but freaked out. Freaked out, because you have thought of all the negative repercussions of the decision.

Stop freaking yourself out. Stop losing sleep. And lean into big decisions with a different approach. How? Watch my video and I will talk you through a process I use. A process that has led me to make some life-changing decisions. Decisions that have me living my ‘rich’ life today.

My video is only 5 minutes and 46 seconds — 346 seconds — long.

But those 346 seconds could be the most valuable time you spend in front of a screen this year.

So, to view Ted's video click here.

When you finish watching, be sure to leave me a comment! I’ll be standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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Published: June 2, 2017

28 Responses to “Banish Indecision and Make Big Decisions with Total Confidence [video]”

  1. Dear Ted, I took the 6 figure copywriting course several years ago, and felt that catalog copywriting would be a great niche for me. However, I was too scared to act on that desire at the time. I "went to war" with myself last August,and made the leap. I took AWAI's catalog copywriting course, as well as Simple Path,and officially started GC Copywriting in November. I'm still working on getting my first client,but I'm glad I did this!

    Thanks for the video and the inspiration, Gina Crisci

    Guest (Gina)

  2. Great video Ted. Thank you so much for reminding us that the risks go both ways. I'm jumping in!

    Carol Hillegas

  3. Love this advice! I heard Ted Capshaw speak at the last Bootcamp and was so inspired! I'm glad you made the decision to "go for it" Ted. Thank you for your inspiring words!

    Guest (Mary Kay Seales)

  4. Very good advice. I truly do believe that fear of the unknown is what holds us back from putting ourselves out there. I know is has held me back in some situations.


  5. "War" - was a soul song written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong back in the late 60s. But the thing about your version were the last three letters; IID. As in WAR - IID. What Are (the) Risks - If I Don't. The last three letters are what brings the first three letters into clear focus. Thank you for helping me to bring new focus.

    Guest (Jim Fortune)

  6. Thanks AWAI and Ted Capshaw. Most of my life I have been a risk taker.Right now,I am taking the plunge on building a web page.This short message certainly is an inspiration and helps me to move in the direction of becoming a copy writer.

    Guest (Rita)

  7. Interesting acronym “What’s at Risk”. I think fear of failure is what holds us all back. What’s at risk will take away that fear.

    Billy H

  8. Well, I heard you and agree that fewer people ask themselves at the time of taking decisions what if I don't take the risk.
    I find it an encouraging question to take or make a decision. But what I'm wondering is if there is an age limit to decide to take the risk, or as long as one is breathing can or should ask this question before deciding.
    I am at the retirement stage and want to know if it is worth to start a copywriter's life at this point?
    AWAI master copywriters have long experience, twenty to thirty years to reach the penacal. I presumingly don't have that much time. Someone inside me yells at me to take the risk but then there is strong opposition too. What should I do?

    Guest (Nusrat Shahnawaz)

  9. WAR - I like it. I've used the pro and con lists for years. This does put it in a different perspective. For me the "if I don't" risks are much higher and that keeps me on track and moving forward.
    I made the first leap 35 years ago when I went into business for myself. Now I'm leaping again as I shift into a full-time writing dependent career.
    Your words were most timely as I had just missed making a financial goal by the end of May. Stay on track, focus, make it happen.


  10. Ted,

    Thanks for the timely discussion about decision-making. I have been in corporate distribution management for almost 15 years, but have always wanted to do better for myself and my family. I want better hours, financial freedom, and the reduced stress levels.

    I just recently joined AWAI and am working through the Accelerated Program. I'm believing I can do this, but thinking back on "what do I lose if I DO" and "what do I lose if I DON'T", I'm confident a bright future is there for me!


  11. Ted,

    Thanks for your video and considered points. The message I received is don't overthink it and start. You can train later to hone the craft, but most of all start and do not take counsel of your fears.

    Guest (Steve)

  12. Thanks for the advice, Ted.
    I bought the accelerated program in 2009, started it ... and felt that type of writing was too "hypey" for me.
    Since then, I still haven't had the guts to make the leap.
    @Nusrat Shahnawaz, I'm in a similar position. Close to retirement and dreading failure, so I stay in the "safe JOB."


  13. Great advice, Ted. I've often made "pro and con" lists when making decisions, but I like the perspective you get when you compare W-A-R if you do . . . and W-A-R if you don't. I'll remember that in the future!

    Donna Kaluzniak

  14. Great video thank you. I just became a fan . Great content

    Guest (Jason)

  15. Good point. W.A.R. Thank you for sharing Ted. I want to be a paid writer more than anything in the world but this self-doubt is almost paralyzing. Yet, I continue to face the fear and push through. Copywriting is the key to living out all of my dreams.

    Guest (Sheirah W)

  16. Thank you Ted, I needed that. Hesitation has been my middle name.


  17. Wonderful inspiration! I've literally just made that leap of faith from a high paying, secure job and benefits to ... to I'm not sure what! But did it on a hope and prayer of "the writer's life". I'm battling my huge insecurities by the moment! At war with them! Praying that the mortgage will still be paid but knowing that I just had to give this journey a fair try. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    Guest (ruth hoover)

  18. Ted,

    I am exactly where you were six years ago and I needed to make that decision. I just attended Joshua Boswell's Denver Launch Your Writer's Life in a Day event and joined his 12 Week coaching program. I am scared to death. But your WAR acronym gave me the perspective I needed to surge forward to do what I need to do to achieve my Writer's Life as quickly as possible to reach my vision and goals.


    Stephen Wertzbaugher


  19. Thanks! I'm going to use the WAR acronym when talking to friends and family about some decisions that need to be made. I really like the way you described it - jump off the cliff into the writer's life. It really feels like that. I'm taking up cliff jumping. ;)


  20. @Schalk I felt the same as you while going through the Accelerated program - I don't like 'hype' & don't think I could ever write authentically in that style. But that is just one style. There are plenty of others. Having said that, I got so much from the Accelerated program. I just don't use it for hyped-up sales copy.
    Check out Nick Usborne's stuff - his Web 2.0 course is brilliant for all types of online writing, and he has a few great short courses on Udemy.
    Or maybe a B2B future is more your thing? Less hype in B2B writing. I got a lot from checking out the B2B pages here.
    Stick with it - you started for a reason. Get that back and you'll be well on your way.


  21. A very good presentation, albeit lacking in specifics and clarity. It parrallels Benjamin Franklin's method of drawing a line down the middle of a sheet of paper listing the plus side on the left and the minus side on the right. One then weighs the balance in making a decision. Fear, as well as unrelistic expectations can lead to bad choices and failure.
    What does "incorporating yourself" have to do with making a commitment to full time writing?

    Guest (Jim Harden)

  22. It seems so simple, but perhaps that works. I always got stuck by fear in my life. I guess with the risks. The wrong side of it. But I got the base 6-Figure program with the little money I had so that I could do more. It may be the reminder I need to keep breaking through my fear when it's time for clients. That part scares me most. Jobs tend to be hard to get so this is it. I will love writing for a living. That perspective should keep me ahead.

    Tamara Kratzer

  23. Thank you very much for your video. I like the acronym W.A.R. My hesitation is what if I fail. I have wanted to be a writer since I was a child of 3 or 4 so thank you again for this. I will definitely remember to use it. And by the way I am new to AWAI.

    Guest (J Davis)

  24. The WAR you talk about,TED,is only the beginning of the battle. Once the WAR to jump in is done, then the other WAR is what to do once you are in!!! That is a whole other WAR in itself! Thanks for your presentation. H. James Hulton III, The Write Stuff, North Wales,PA 19454

    The Write Stuff

  25. If you jump off a cliff do you make provisions to survive, or do you just do it willy nilly? (Haphazardly, without direction or planning), of course not! We’re talking survival here. Without proper preparation(tools)you’re in for a rough landing. In my previous comment I cited my temporary conditions which are not procrastinations, I’m actually setting the stage for my inevitable success! So count me in.👍 Mere obstacles won’t deter me! I was sold with your 1st email. Hell nor high water will 🛑 me! Manuel

    Guest (Manuel)

  26. I submitted my well thoughtout comment and at the end your msg read: an error was committed. And my comment was deleted.So instead of painstakingly reconstructing the comment(s); let me say this: I was sold by your first ever email. So you must understand, I’m not procrastinating! I’m using the “Hammer Of Thor” to remove minor ‘temporary’obstacles from my path. Unlike Ted I’ll jump from the cliff fully armed with intentions(TOOLS) to succeed exceed- influence! Voila! Thank y’all much, Manuel

    Guest (Manuel)

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