July 2017

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Bootcamp BUZZ Mid-July 2017: The Latest Logistics on Your Event

Bootcamp is just three months away and we're here with more exciting details for you on this year's event. Read all about it and sign up before it's too late!

How I Got My Boss to Pay for My Copywriting Training and Writer’s Life

Dreaming of the writer’s life? Get your boss to pay for your training! And become a more valuable asset to your company at the same time.

An Easy 5-Step Email Copywriting Formula

When you’re writing promotional emails, this copywriting formula will keep you on track so your emails gets results.

Networking Tips That Work… Even If You Think You Hate Networking

If the idea of networking makes you want to hide, don’t give up on it just yet. Try these great networking tips for anyone who usually hates networking.

Why Email Copywriting Pays 300% More

Quickly boost your writing income with a Business-to-Business (B2B) copywriting project that typically pays three times more than the others.

Get Paid Sooner When You Simplify This 9-Step Blueprint

In-house copywriter Tim Matassa tuned into our latest Inside AWAI call and came back with some great insight on how you can make reach copywriting success by focusing on just one project. Read all about his experience here!

8 Reasons to Write Email Copy for B2B Companies

Business-to-Business (B2B) companies do a LOT of email marketing — creating big demand for writers. Steve Slaunwhite reveals 8 reasons it’s a terrific gig.

The Highest-Paying “Short Copy” Gig in B2B

Business-to-Business (B2B) expert Steve Slaunwhite found a project you can complete in half a day — and command top fees for writing. He reveals all here.

What Clients Look for in a B2B Copywriter

One of the easiest ways to create recurring monthly writing income is to become a B2B copywriter. Here are six foolproof guidelines for getting started.

The Fastest Way to More Than Double Your Freelance Income

Freelance copywriting used to be isolating — but now you can make more money and have more of an impact by NOT working alone. Nick Usborne shares six tips.

Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Transform Your Life

Copywriting gives people the tools to transform their lives — it’s a recession-proof contingency plan that allows writers to live where they want, work the hours they want, and build their own income of up to six or even seven-figures a year. If you have even a hint of desire to write your own check with copywriting... don’t miss this opportunity because of doubt or fear. Just take a look...

3 B2B Copywriting Productivity Tips

These B2B copywriting productivity tips are a bit unusual but they can help you write copy much faster without sacrificing quality. Give them a try!

How I Managed to Find TWO Investments with a Guaranteed Return for Life

It’s very rare to find an ideal investment that guarantees a lifetime return. Yet Nan Hughes managed to find two!

The Key Component That’s Missing From Your Web-Writing Business

If you’re struggling with getting your copywriting business off the ground it may be because you’re focused on tactics without strategy.

Mentors Lead to Copywriting Jobs

Nicole Piper is just starting out as a freelancer, but she’s already landed several copywriting jobs. Here’s how she did it.

How Much Money You Need to Spend to Be a Successful Copywriter

Looking for the exact amount you need to spend? Read on as Rebecca Matter gives the answer and dispels a big myth about copywriting success.

2016's Copywriter of The Year and Fan Favorite to Return to Bootcamp

It won’t take much training for you to be able to land high-paying B2B copywriting jobs and launch your freelance business.

How to Get Your Prospect to Say Yes to Your Offer

Every prospect reading your sales letter is having an internal conversation on whether to pull out their wallet or not. Here’s how to get them to say yes.

Have You Found the Starting Point on Your Journey to The Writer’s Life?

To get to the writer’s life, you need to define where you are now. Do this exercise to discover your true starting point so you can properly move forward.

Your Copywriter Success Made Easy

With all these resources at your fingertips you’ll be able to achieve copywriter success faster and easier.

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