How to Get Copy Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry

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Today I’m going to show you one of the BEST ways to become an EXPERT — or, at least, a PERCEIVED expert — in your industry.

But, before I tell you the secret, let me ask you this:

Who makes more money …

A general practitioner or a cardiologist?

A general practice attorney or an intellectual property litigator?

A school teacher or a college professor?

Even if you don’t know for sure, you can probably guess!

In just about every instance, you’re going to make more money as a specialist instead of a jack-of-all-trades!

So, today’s tip … correction — today’s advisement (doesn’t that sound more expensive than “tip”) … is to niche yourself. The sooner, the better!

A “niche” is a TINY, distinct segment of a market. A niche makes you a specialist in the land of generalists.

For example:

“I’m a copywriter.” That’s general — and there’s a huge pool of folks to draw from.

“I’m a direct-response copywriter.” Okay, that’s a little more specific — but still a crowded field.

“I’m an alternative health direct-mail copywriter” — now, you’re talking about a tiny segment — and I’m ONE of the elite members!

So, my specialist title sends a message: Don’t come talking to me about writing for the financial market … Can’t help you with your nonprofit mailings … Not interested in helping you sell People magazine.

But, if you’re looking for the BEST in the sliver of the market called alternative health — well, look no further — you’re about to get the crème of the crème!

You get what I’m saying?

When I decided to niche myself as an alternative health direct-mail copywriter — my business changed in three ways:

#1: I write faster copy.

I’m immersed in my niche. I know the alternative health field — so I don’t need to “learn” it with every new project. I can focus on the uniqueness of the product I’m writing about, and the background info about health just comes naturally to me. Writing faster copy means I can write more promotions — and that increases my odds of getting more successes!

#2: I become more credible.

When I turn down — or refer to others — projects writing for the financial or gardening markets, because they’re not my “field of expertise,” I’m being viewed as a health writer by clients … and, eventually, a health expert! It wasn’t intentional on my part — I wasn’t that smart back then. But I’m sure glad it happened!

#3: I charge more money!

After all, I’m an EXPERT! It would be an insult to my clients NOT to charge them top dollar. Think about it: if you can buy a Rolex for the price of a Timex … hmmmm … are you getting a REAL Rolex?

So, if you forget everything else I’ve said today, just remember this one thing: Find your niche — and become a master in it!

And, if you’re having trouble identifying your niche — let’s talk about it! Share your comments below.

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Published: July 26, 2017

6 Responses to “How to Get Copy Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry”

  1. I agree with you Carline. I'm in the process of changing my websites to reflect my specialty, palliative care copywriting. But, I am also an alternative health provider. I am specializing in telling the world about alternative health choices for chronic conditions and end of life situations.

    So, when people come to my websites, they already know I am a provider and user of palliative care services and products. It does make me very visible in my field.

    Alternative Health Copywriter Susan Fox

  2. I am in week 2 of the Copywriter Companion Series, so I have not formally chosen a niche. However, I am in my early 30's and have enjoyed cooking for most of my life. I do not enjoy wine, cocktails or any other adult beverages. I have determined that neither food and wine nor food and drinks would be the best fit for me. I sm passionate about cooking seasonally and about using food as a component of wellness. Can I have food and cooking as my niche? I would appreciate some feedback.

    Kelsey Lane

  3. Great tip, oops, advisement! Health has been ingrained in me since childhood. Who remembers the old guy on the cover of the Grape Nuts cereal box- in the early 70's? I do, Euell Gibbons. Thanks again for the tip, oops, advisement.

    Terri Laurian

  4. Hi Kelsey, Why not specialize in Healing Foods copy? You can niche yourself as an alternative health writer and then create a niche within a niche with Healing foods! Try playing with that idea and see what develops from it!

    Guest (Carline)

  5. Thank you for your response, Carline. I have spent some time today exploring food as alternative medicine and healing foods. From what I read both today and during the summer of 2016, it makes me sad and uninspired. This is because of the amount of restrictions involved. Some examples are being vegan or eliminating grains. By contrast, the potential niche of health and wellness gives me more joy. Perhaps this focus could involve meditation and nutrtion.

    Kelsey Lane

  6. Very helpful for a beginning writer. Gave me a few ideas. Would like to see more articles like this.


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