The Highest-Paying “Short Copy” Gig in B2B

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I admit it. When it comes to copywriting, I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner. Although I take on long copy projects, I much prefer shorter assignments I can finish quickly — ideally, within a day.

So, when writing for Business-to-Business (B2B) companies, what types of projects fit this profile? Well, there are website product pages, sell sheets, online ads, and blogs posts. Most of those come in at under 800 words. (With a few exceptions.)

But the short copy project that trumps them all is email.

Writing email copy for B2B companies is, by far, my favorite type of gig. And for good reason. These projects are usually short and they tend to pay very, very well.


Let’s start with the length …

It’s rare that you’ll receive a long email packed with emotionally-charged copy from a B2B company trying to convince you to buy. That because these companies typically have long selling cycles involving several steps. So most emails are designed to simply get you to take the next step, like downloading a white paper, for example, or agreeing to a call with a sales rep.

You don’t need long copy to accomplish that.

Even with inexpensive B2B products with short sales cycles, the emails are anything but wordy. I recently wrote a series of follow-up emails for a software company that promotes its product with a free 30-day trial. Those emails — seven in the series — averaged just 500 words each. (Yet, the series beat the control!)

Don’t get me wrong. Short copy doesn’t mean easy. It’s an art to create a highly-persuasive message using just a few hundred words. (Something you can learn how to do, by the way, if you’re interested in writing email copy for B2B companies.)

Now, let’s talk about money. Why are B2B companies willing to pony up big-time to hire a good email copywriter?

B2B companies are having a love affair with email marketing right now. They use it to generate leads, follow up on those leads, build relationships with their target audiences, and sell their products and services. According to the DMA, these companies will spend 50% more on email marketing than last year. So there’s a lot of money being poured into the pot!

B2B companies also know — all too well — that the more compelling and persuasive their emails are, the better results they’ll get. They want higher open rates (from better subject lines), higher click-through rates (from better email messages), and higher conversion rates (from better “reply form” landing pages.) Why? Because a boost in any of these metrics can mean substantially more sales and revenues.

Here’s a typical example:

Say a technology company launches a new gizmo. They want to encourage prospects to visit their booth at an upcoming trade show to see that gizmo in action. So they hire you to write a series of emails to encourage their prospects to stop by their booth, perhaps using a special offer such as a 20% discount coupon.

Clearly, the more effective those emails are, the more prospects will come, see the product, become interested, and buy.

It’s no wonder companies are more than willing to pay a professional rate to a top-notch email copywriter. They know that investment is likely to pay off in better results. Trust me, they won’t be scouring the Internet for cheapo writers.

So those are the reasons why writing email copy for B2B companies is such a high-paying “short copy” gig. But there’s something else I almost forgot to tell you …

These projects are also a heck of a lot of fun to write. I love being able to start and finish an email project in less than half a day, and then see the results of my work make such an impact for my client. In fact, just a few months ago, a client was so excited by the emails I wrote for her company that she raved about my work on Twitter!

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Interested in breaking into writing emails for B2B companies? You’ll simply need to master the formats, writing formulas, and techniques. (AWAI has made that easy for you here.)

What do you think about writing email copy for B2B companies? What questions do you have about the opportunity? Let us know in the comments below.

Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies

Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies — Your Complete Guide to Writing and Winning These Profitable Projects

In the world of B2B (Business-to-Business), there’s an often-overlooked writing specialty with massive demand for short projects that are easy to learn and fun to write: Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies! Learn More »

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Published: July 17, 2017

7 Responses to “The Highest-Paying “Short Copy” Gig in B2B”

  1. Hi! I'd like to get started doing this...but I'm working full time in the niche I want to write for (healthcare). How do I get started and keep it going until I can quit my day job?? Thanks!!

    Guest (PD Sonnier)

  2. Hi AWAI Team! I just want to ask if this new program called " Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies" will be a good fit for someone who doesn't have any background or experience as a copywriter please? Someone who is totally a newbie to copywriting field but wanted to learn this specific skillset. Also, what would be the shortest possible amount of time to be able to learn this particular craft for someone who is new in this industry? Thanks in advance!

    Guest (EJ)

  3. I would love learning such a skill as writing emails for B2B companies I have no one particular style of writing. I'm open to learning and prospering because of my own style of writing which I refer to as eclectic so I'm open to learning new writing concepts or ideas.. So from what I've been reading about B2B email writing is almost perfect for me because creating ads to attract consumer and businesses by creating emails that are appealing colorful and assures the group of people we are pitching to not only trust me, but leave them reassured and confident that I'm not only talented at my art, I love the work, and that my ability to produce is at the top, and my ability to learn more about my craft, is as clear as the mediteranium...

    Guest (Gail Mackey)

  4. When is the program on B2B email and letter writing course begin? Is it advisable to take the 10 week accelerated program in copywriting before taking programs such as B2B email writing. Or can I take this program in B2B email writing and letter writing as a stand alone to get started and then take the accelerated program? I need to know asap, also I need to know when these programs begin? What date? Please let me know asap.

    Guest (Kathy Bjorn)

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