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September 2017

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The Formula for Properly Pricing Your Freelance Copywriting Fees

If you use this formula, you’ll find that figuring out fees for your copywriting services is easy and lands you more profitable assignments.

Learn a Super-Easy Tactic to Impress Prospects and Land More Gigs

You can make one small change in how you work at home and get immediate results with prospective clients. Find out what it is in this 2-minute video by Nick Usborne.

Answers to the Top 3 Questions New Copywriters Ask

Watch this video for answers to the top 3 questions aspiring copywriters ask. You’ll move forward with clarity thanks to Joshua Boswell’s informative and inspirational message.

September Issue: Play Your Chips Now for Major Career Payoff

The September Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Breaking News … Bootcamp 2017 Has Officially Sold Out

Bootcamp is officially sold out - but if you add your name to the waitlist today, there's still a good chance you can make it to this career changing event and your shot at the writer’s life.

4 Negotiating Tips for Copywriters to Get the Best Deal

Clients will try to negotiate. But if you follow these four simple guidelines, you’ll learn exactly what to say so you get the best possible fee.

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