Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing — Without Having to Find Clients

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Most of us like to write. It’s our craft, and we enjoy it.

But while we are happy to hunker down and write, we often feel a lot less comfortable when trying to sell our services to potential clients.

There’s nothing too strange about that. Truth be told, many writers are introverts.

Unfortunately, as freelance writers, selling ourselves is part of the package. At least, it is if you want to reach out and get some decent clients who will pay you well. So we all have to bite the bullet, swallow our fear of selling ourselves, and do what it takes to land that next project.

But … and here’s some good news … we don’t have to rely on clients for ALL of our writing income.

There is a way to write for a living that doesn’t involve clients at all.

  • You don’t have to write about products and services you don’t really believe in, or enjoy writing about.
  • There are no deadlines, other than the ones you set yourself.
  • Nobody else has to approve your writing before it is published.
  • Write what you want. On the topic you want. When you want. In the style you want.

How is this possible?

It’s possible when you write and publish your own website.

Let me give you an example.

One of the great pleasures in my own life is coffee. I love it. I love trying quality, gourmet coffees, and enjoy brewing them in different ways with different equipment.

And, as a writer, I enjoy writing about coffee.

So I decided to write and publish my own website about coffee. It’s called

I started writing it 10 years ago now.

I add pages to the site when I have time, and when I feel like it. I write only what I want to write. I don’t usually spend more than 1-3 hours a week. I’m the owner, publisher, editor, and writer of my own site.

That doesn’t mean I’m answerable to nobody. I’m actually answerable to my readers. They let me know what they want to learn about. And they make it clear to me which types of content they like the most, and the least.

And I like that. There is a sense of community within the site. I love listening to my readers. They’re not my “boss,” but they really help me out when I’m thinking about what to write next.

It’s fun. It’s a hobby.

Better still, it’s a hobby with benefits.

How so? Because my coffee website has created interesting opportunities — and even better, it makes me money.

It makes enough to pay my mortgage and bunch of other monthly bills. It’s reinvented my writer’s life. In fact, since I started it, it has made me a total of over $315,000 in passive revenue.

Not bad for something I do for fun just a few hours a week.

With no clients. And no compromise.

So, how does a hobby site like mine make a regular, monthly income?

Let’s get into that … but first let me quickly point out that my website makes passive income. Which means I don’t have to be in my office for it to generate income. I don’t have to deal with products or customers. I can walk away from my desk for a day, a week, or even several weeks without it making any significant difference to how much money my website makes.

Now, here are three ways you can create passive income from a Money-Making Website …

#1. Make passive income through Google AdSense ads.

When you do a search on Google, the first four results are ads. These are known as AdSense ads.

As the publisher of a website, you can sign up with Google and place these ads on the pages of your site.

Take a look at any page on and you’ll see up to three AdSense ads. Some are text-only, others are graphic with photos or other images.

Do they generate passive income? Absolutely. When I build a new page, I add a short piece of code that Google gives me. I add that code once, when I create the page. After that, I do nothing — ever again.

I have pages on the site that have been up there for 10 years now. I copied and pasted the Google code into those pages when I first created them.

Since then, I have had to do nothing … except enjoy the money I make every single time someone clicks on one of those ads.

That’s passive income. Copy and paste once … and then no further work.

#2. Make passive income as an affiliate.

Perhaps the best-known affiliate program is the one run by Amazon.

Here’s how it works.

I write a coffee maker review on my site. I don’t sell coffee makers myself, but Amazon does.

So at the end of my review, I might say something like, “If you can’t find this coffee maker locally, you can get it through here.”

Those last few words are linked to a product page at Amazon where you can buy the brewer.

I have signed up with Amazon and have an affiliate number and code. And my code is embedded in that link to the page where you buy the brewer.

This means Amazon knows I was the person who referred that visitor. And if the visitor buys the brewer, or anything else during that visit, I get a commission on the sale.

Same thing as with Google AdSense. I add the code once and then there’s nothing more for me to do … ever. I just sit back and wait for my commission check each month.

#3. Make passive income selling e-books.

I’m only selling one e-book on my coffee site right now. But I know other website owners who have written several e-books on their topic and make a lot of money selling them.

Selling an e-book is passive income because it’s a digital product that people can buy and download … even if you’re on a beach in the Caribbean at the time.

You don’t have to pack it, address it, or ship it, because it’s digital.

Sale and delivery are automated.

Once again, just sit back and wait for the money to flow into your account.

Passive income is the BEST income

It’s the best because it gives you freedom.

As I mentioned, you’re never tied to your desk or an office. You’re never being told what to do and when to do it by anyone else.

No clients! No bosses!

Just put in the time you want, when you want.

You just need to choose your passion, and then start writing. Maybe you’re a dog lover, gardening lover, hiking lover, knitting lover, home décor lover … Whatever you love, you can make money writing about it.

Just imagine how it would feel to make enough money in passive income to pay your major bills … and still have a little cash left over for that beach vacation in the Caribbean!

All from a Money-Making Website you write for yourself — without answering to any clients.

What questions do you have for Nick about creating extra income with your own Money-Making Website? Post them in the comments below and he’ll answer them for you.

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Published: December 27, 2017

5 Responses to “Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing — Without Having to Find Clients”


    Guest (Rhonda)

  2. Hello Nick,

    I wish to start a money-making website, but fear most of the good ideas are gone. While I have hobbies I enjoy, I do not know if they can make money passively.

    Any ideas?

    Guest (Lorie)

  3. Hi Nick. I have belonged to Barefoot Writers and AWAI for more than a year now. I have yet to get my feet wet. First, the money. Second, the fear of doing something and then not knowing what or how to do the next step. Third, the fear of failing. I have failed my whole life with many jobs and education. I have a desire to succeed; yet, at 70 years old, I am still flondering in deep water.

    Guest (LINDA)

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