May 2018

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Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Michael Katz

Michael Katz on the profound advantage you already have.

How to Become a Genuine, Recognized Expert in Your Field

Becoming a recognized expert is important today, even as the internet creates “gurus” based on follower numbers. Here’s how to attain true expert status.

In-Demand Writing Projects: Get Paid to Write a Simple 30-Character Headline

Writing Pay-Per-Click ads is one way writers can earn big fees. Companies rely on PPC ads to bring in leads and customers. Here are tips for writing them.

The Best Way to Pick Up Multiple Retainer Clients

If you want to guarantee your income as a copywriter, you'll want a retainer agreement. And these days, Social Media is a one way to do that. Social Media is also one of the 8 AWAI "Badges" you can become verified in. Find out more - and sign up today!

These Members are on Track for Copywriter Success

Copywriting success is within the grasp of these AWAI members thanks to this intensive certification program

Finding Success in Copywriting Jobs Combining Wine and Social Media

Ange Payton is working on copywriting jobs in the wine industry and getting big results for her clients … and she’s loving it.

Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Online Ad Writing Contest

From 700 submissions, the three winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest in The Writer’s Life have been chosen by Nick Usborne.

5 Simple Ways to Prove Your Value to Copywriting Clients

It’s easy to show prospective clients you’re the best writer for the job. Rebecca Matter shares five simple ways you can prove your value and land the work.

Go After the Best Copywriting Jobs Armed with These Key Skills

Master these 8 different copy projects to land today’s top copywriting jobs.

Opportunity to Learn from a Grand Master AND Get Paid Well at the Same Time

Train with AND work for one of the best in the financial publishing industry. Get more details about this exciting opportunity here.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This Will Change The Way Clients Hire New Writers

How do you let potential clients know you have the skills they're looking for? Check out this video message from Rebecca about the program that will give you the skills and confidence for your copywriting success. But don't wait too long - availability is limited and so is your chance to save!

Demand Is Growing for These 8 Copy Projects

In this era of online marketing, there are more opportunities for writers than ever. Here are 8 in-demand projects you could offer copy clients right now.

How to Pitch Articles to B2B Trade Publications

Getting articles published in B2B trade publications raises your profile as an expert clients want to hire. Here’s how to pitch ideas so editors say yes.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Steenie Harvey

The unmatchable wisdom and wit of travel writer Steenie Harvey.

The Skills You Need for High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

It’s an intensive program. But you can quickly gain the expertise in the most in-demand copywriting jobs.

Pass the Tests and Get Ready for High Paying Copywriting Jobs

As a Badge-certified copywriter you’ll be in line for top copywriting jobs.

Help Your Clients with Their Remarketing Campaigns

This tactic is used by companies of all sizes and it’s creating an endless amount of copywriting opportunities. Learn how it’s changing the copy industry.

Do You Make This Common Marketing Mistake?

There’s a common marketing mistake many new copywriters make when looking for potential clients. Even some experienced copywriters fall into this trap.

Your Pricing Projects Solved!

When it comes to negotiating fees, there's no need to guess. Know what you should be earning for each project AND how to take control when talking pricing with clients - with our Simplets Guide to Pricing Copy Projects ... available for $150 discount for a limited time!

Make More Money on Every Project when You Control the “Money Conversation”

With AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Project, you'll know what to charge for all of your copy projects AND have the confidence to negotiate.

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