Leverage Your Product Knowledge as a B2B Copywriter

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Would you like to save time, reduce stress, and make more money per project?

You can when you leverage your product knowledge.

Let me give you an example.

I’ve never been a Realtor or a real estate agent. But because I write for several clients that sell products and services to Realtors, I know a lot about them.

I have a very high comfort level and advanced knowledge of the products and services that Realtors buy to help grow their businesses — the products that help them get more clients, more leads, and close more sales.

So, when a potential new client calls about a product they sell to Realtors and asks me if I can write some email copy, I get excited.

I already know a lot about the products and services that Realtors buy so I can get up to speed very quickly. I can write the copy they need quickly and authoritatively because I have advanced product knowledge in this industry.

With this new client, I’m able to write their copy faster, easier, and better. It becomes a fun and lucrative project for me. So that’s why I get excited when a company calls and their target audience is Realtors.

In fact, this happened just a couple of months ago. I got a call from a prospect who needed an e-book written. Because their target audience was Realtors, I was able to write the e-book very quickly and they loved it from the first draft.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking on projects in new areas. But when you work on a project and you don’t have a lot of product knowledge, it takes more time and is less profitable than when you can leverage your product knowledge.

So, what do I mean then by leveraging your product knowledge?

When you get a high degree of product knowledge in a particular niche in the B2B market, it makes sense to go after other companies with similar products and services.

As I shared in my example, I have a high degree of product knowledge when it comes to products and services sold to Realtors.

I know when I land a project with one of these clients, I’ll be able to write it quickly. It will be a lot more fun for me. The copy is going to be accurate and persuasive, and better compared to other copywriters who have less product knowledge than I do.

How to Leverage Your Product Knowledge

How can you use this tactic to break into the well-paying world of B2B copywriting?

My recommendation is to start in an industry you know well and that interests you.

If you have a background in teaching, for example, consider writing for corporate training companies. If you’ve worked at a bank for 15 years, take a look at writing for B2B financial services. Got a technical background? There are dozens of industries in B2B that are looking for writers who can get their heads around technical products.

You can leverage your knowledge to go after companies who need a copywriter who understands their products.

Chances are, they’re going to be very interested in talking to you. Believe me, business owners and marketing directors are very interested in hiring copywriters who have a lot of product knowledge in their area.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints I hear from clients about copywriters is that they don’t understand the client, their target audience, or their products very well.

Now, what are some of the benefits of this technique of leveraging your product knowledge?

#1. Clients Will Love You

Clients love it when you have a lot of product knowledge, especially when it comes to writing projects where you need to write authoritatively about what a company does and what they’re all about.

I can’t emphasize enough how much clients love finding a copywriter who understands their products and their market.

If a marketing director hears from a copywriter like you who knows a lot about the type of products and services that her company markets, she’s going to be interested in talking to you. I can almost guarantee that.

Besides finding a great copywriter who can do great writing, the number two criteria of marketing directors of B2B companies and business owners of B2B companies is finding a copywriter who understands them, their type of products and services, and their target audience.

Another big benefit of this leveraging technique is that when you get a new project from a new client, you don’t have to start from ground zero and learn all about their market.

You already know a lot about the type of products and services they offer, so you’ll be able to do a better job.

And when you’re able to do a better job on a client’s marketing materials, they’re more likely to use your services again.

#2. Reduces Stress

Another big benefit of this leveraging technique is that it’s far less stressful.

If you get a call from a client who wants you to write some web copy and emails for their engineered industrial valves for marine applications, and you know nothing about that, then you’re in for a headache.

It’s going to take you some time to figure out what engineered industrial valves are and how valves are used in marine applications.

But if a client calls you with a type of product or service where you have a high product knowledge, then your worry thermometer goes from 10 to 1.

You don’t worry about it at all because you already have a high comfort level and you’ll be able to start writing for them quickly.

#3. Increased Productivity

You’ll also be much more productive. When I write for companies that sell to Realtors, I can write that copy very quickly.

Now, I may have to ask my client some specific questions and get some specific details, but I’ll understand the answers. I’m able to write copy quickly for them, and that’s more productive for me.

As a copywriter, the faster you can write something, the more money you make, so it becomes much more profitable for me and a lot more fun as well.

So, the next time you spend time learning about a new product or service that you’re writing for, leverage that product knowledge. You’ll have more fun with projects, it will save you a lot of time, and you’ll make more money.

Interested in leveraging your knowledge into writing emails for B2B companies? You’ll simply need to master the formats, writing formulas, and techniques. And AWAI has made that easy for you right here.

Do you have any questions about using your work experience or knowledge to get started as B2B email copywriter? Please comment below so we can help.

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Published: May 10, 2018

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  1. As a retired professional aviator it would be helpful to know about the B2B opportunities in the aviation industry for a copywriter.


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