Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Online Ad Writing Contest

We’re excited to announce the three winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest in The Writer’s Life newsletter.

The challenge was to write an online ad of just 83 words to “sell” a new fitness tracker.

Readers were given a copywriting brief like you’d receive from a real client. You can check out the Practice Assignment and valuable tips for how to write an effective online ad here.

Now, over to Nick Usborne to announce the names of the three members who will be receiving checks from AWAI, and to share their winning submissions …

Well, paint me officially shocked and amazed! ;)

When I came up with the idea of writing a post that turned
into a copywriting brief for a fitness tracker … well, I didn’t
think much beyond just writing the brief.

Honestly, I never gave any thought to how many people
might jump in and give it a try.

If I HAD thought about it, I imagine I would have guessed
that perhaps 50 people might send in a submission.

And if I HAD thought about choosing three winners out of
those 50, well … how hard could that be? Right?

Soooo …

It came as a HUGE surprise to find we had OVER 700

AND … the overall quality of the submissions was freakin’

I thought I’d have an easy time finding the three best out of
maybe 50 submissions.

But out of over 700 really good entries?

Ha! There was nothing easy about it.

And to do everyone’s work justice, there was no way I could
do this on my own.

In the end, we put together a team of 10 experienced
copywriters and began working our way through everyone’s

Huge task!

We went from 700 to a first shortlist of 30.

Then from 30 to a final shortlist of six.

And then out of those six, I had the final, scary task of
choosing just three winners.

Did I mention that the overall quality of everyone’s work was
amazingly good?

So yes … we have our three winners.

But for everyone else … you came close. Seriously. The gap
between those first three and the other 700 or so entries … it
wasn’t that big.

So … a massive, well-deserved, group high-five for everyone.

And special congratulations to …

Drum roll …

Eric Kurowski, Ria Ghose, and Shandee Niswander.

Our three winners!

We’ll be in touch with each of you to arrange payment of
your $200 copywriting fee.

As for everyone else … great work … and thank you for taking

Be sure to include your work as a sample within your own

Best wishes,
Nick Usborne

The 3 Winning Entries

New Fitness Tracker Is Sleek, Simple, And Ripped!

MovTrax Pro’s new fitness tracker is a lightweight beast. This slim motivator coaches you through caloric burns and zone transitions. Lightning fast processors spit out body analysis on a bright display. Precise sensors track cardio efficiencies on trails or in deep waters. Long battery life keeps you moving for days. This non-techie tracker is workout ready right out of the box. Get back to basics with the MovTrax Pro and advance to the next level.

- Eric Kurowski

Challenge Your Ultimate Fitness Competitor: YOU

When you’re competing with yourself — every step matters, every calorie counts. And the most accurate way to track your progress is MovTrax Pro.

MovTrax Pro has all features to hold you accountable. And none that'll slow you down.

Sleek, lightweight, form-fitting — MovTrax Pro is fashionable. But it’s much more: it's Power to harness your strength. Audacity to set impossible goals. Resilience to move forward.

If you’re ready to beat your best, try MovTrax Pro now.

- Ria Ghose

Your 1 oz. Personal Trainer.
No Distractions. Just Results.

[photo of fitness tracker]

A professional trainer doesn’t care what your calendar looks like. They don’t waste time on text messages. They don’t hang on your arm and weigh you down. They focus completely on one thing: Your Results.

And so should your fitness tracker.

Movtrax Pro’s streamlined design and self-sufficient technology eliminates the distractions and chunky extra deadweight. No pinched wrists. No installations. No failed synching headaches.

All Results!

Click below to meet your new personal fitness trainer.

[The “More Info” Button]

- Shandee Niswander

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

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Published: May 18, 2018

29 Responses to “Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Online Ad Writing Contest”

  1. Congratulations Eric, Ria and Shandee!

    Carol Hillegas

  2. Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants! And thanks to Nick and AWAI for this contest. It was a lot of fun and hope to see more like this in the future!


  3. CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 Winners (and to all participants) on a job well done!!

    I know I enjoyed the putting together an entry, and love the awesome positive feedback from Nick and the whole team at AWAI and The Writer's Life...

    Thanks again for the opportunity to participate and a Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Eric, Ria, and Shandee!

    - Tim G.

    Guest (Tim G)

  4. Nick Usborne, AWAI, and AWAI - The Writer's Life; I thoroughly enjoyed developing, drafting, editing, re-editing, finalizing, re-editing, redrafting, re-envisioning, drafting, editing, re-editing, etc., etc., and submitting the copy for this Contest... Thank you for the challenge! 👍

    AND and Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 Winners: Eric, Ria, and Shandee!!

    Tim Geiger

  5. This was a great opportunity to try out my copywriting chops! I hope, upon special request, my submission could be briefly evaluated so I can make the improvements necessary for it to be the best possible I can include in my portfolio of writing samples for potential clients. Please do more of these “open call” type of contests in the future. It’s great realistic training & awards could be programs offered by AWAI instead of monetary. The three winners wrote rockin’ copy - congratulations guys!

    June Frost

  6. Oh really, Nick? You put a challenge in front of this group and were "surprised" that you got 700 entries?

    Dropping a pound of raw hamburger in a tank of piranhas would get less of a reaction than throwing down the gauntlet in front of a bunch of talented/hungry copywriters.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this...even though I didn't win LOL. Nothing like a little competition to raise everyone's game.

    Congrats to the winners for taking it to the next level.


  7. Great copy Shandee, Ria and Eric! Way to go!

    Steve C

  8. Congratulations, you guys!

    Well done. These are quite good.

    Tina Johnson

  9. I see that 2 of them went ever so slightly over the word count. I'm still learning, so I guess moving forward, going over a word or two is okay. Good to know...

    Tina Johnson

  10. Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who put together an entry!

    Thanks for doing this contest. I learned a lot - onward and upward!

    Guest (Valerie)

  11. The three winning submissions were awesome. I don't know whether I'm more awestruck or jealous. Cudos to the contest winners! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

    Guest (Leland)

  12. Congrats to my fellow winners Ria and Eric! I love what you both did with your writing.

    Thank you, everyone, for your congratulations and well wishes!

    And a big THANKYOU to Nick and the judging panel, and the supporting staff that helped make this all happen. If I remember correctly, this was the first of such contests. I want to shout out a congratulations to you for hosting it so well, with the far larger than expected turnout at that!

    Shandee Niswander

  13. Interested in some critique on my submission. How did I do compared to other submissions?

    Guest (Phil Herrick)

  14. Will you be able to provide feedback on the other entries?


  15. Loved this contest guys. My first of many I hope. Bring it on! It made me feel alive and active as a beginning copywriter. Many thanks to everyone. CONGRATS to all the WINNERS! C.R.

    Cindy Redding

  16. Congrats to the winners! That was so much fun - hope to see more contests in the future!

    Rosemary F

  17. Congratulations Eric, Ria and Shandee!

    Great contest! Really enjoyed getting involved and using my training to try for my best results.

    Greg Strand

  18. Way to go, Eric, Ria and Shandee! I'm going to study your submissions and use them to help me improve my own.

    And a big thank you to Nick and AWAI for what I hope is indeed the first of many contests (even if we do overwhelm you).

    The only downside is that all the research I did had an unintended consequence -- it caused my husband and me to go out and buy fitness trackers!

    Nancy Wills

  19. I loved this contest! This is the most (current) community involvement that I've seen, and it's wonderful to see that there are other people working toward the same thrilling goals.

    Heartfelt congratulations to the winners. I still like my ad, but I can't argue with the results. You guys wrote some powerful copy!

    Carey E

  20. Eric, Ria, and Shandee: Wow, I need to MovTrax now! Great work, and congrats to the other 699 entrants. Thanks to the judges for their effort too. Stay a step ahead with AWAI.


  21. Nick:

    Thank you for the opportunity to simulate a “live” email client briefing request.

    The work, research, headline and body composition under “briefing constraints” with a deadline were stimulating and challenging.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Thank you again.

    James Hall

  22. Congrats to the winners!! This was an excellent experience and competition. I learned something more about copywriting. Thank you Nick and AWAI team.

    Guest (Sonja Slijepcevic )

  23. Congratulations to the WINNERS (Eric, Ria and Shandee).

    It was very interesting, I am at the beginning of The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting (A must-have for ALL writers!).

    The world of AWAI is a wonderful world for copywriters.

    Thanks for the encouragement Nick and all the AWAI team.

    Guest (Marvin L)

  24. Congrats to the Winners, really great job guys! That was so much fun!Thanks Nick! I can't wait for the next contest... Hint, hint! I've learned so much from everyone at AWAI,Thank you all! Lots of Love!

    Guest (C Gillmore)

  25. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Nick (et al) for making the rest of us feel we are (almost) winners too!
    I hope AWAI will do more contests in the future.
    Several others asked for a personal critique. That's what I was hoping for too! I feel pretty confident about my entry but would like to know how to make it totally awesome! (On the other hand I realize personal critiques for 700 people is prohibitive.)
    Anyway, thanks again and CONGRATULATIONS to Eric, Ria and Shandee!!!


  26. Congratulations to Eric, Ria and Shandee! And thank you, Nick, for this great type of comtest. Please repeat in near future. I posted my very first assignment! Thrilling experience!

    Bo Tjellstrom

  27. Bravo! Well done.

    Sidney Dawson

  28. Great job and many CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge - and even though I didn't officially "win," I went ahead and used the sample in an updated portfolio I sent to a prospective client.
    I landed the, I did win. :)
    Please have more challenges like this, they are great practice and good fun.

    Guest (Suzanna Fitzgerald)

  29. I too, was hoping for feedback, but it is too time consuming for them. That being said, is anyone who entered interested in doing any peer feedback exchange?


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