June 2018

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Podcasting Provides Breakthrough for Money-Making Website

Irene Gabelnick has been promoting her money-making website in various ways … and it’s paid off.

Building a Money-Making Website “Empire” Helps Put Kids through Med and Law Schools

Creating Money-Making Websites allows Kathy Widenhouse to combine her passions for writing and helping others. They’re also a “cash cow” for her family.

The #1 Very Best Label for Where You Are Now as a Writer

What label do you use to describe yourself? Your choice could be impacting your success. Discover three common labels and what’s best for your career now.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Jason Holland

Writer and Editor Jason Holland on his Costa Rican writer’s life.

Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing — Without Having to Find Clients

Nick Usborne spends 1-3 hours a week writing about a topic he’s passionate about. In return, he generates income three ways — without a single client.

Why Not Start Your Own Money-Making Website?

Client-free, stress-free income… What better way to make money than writing about a topic that interests you? This is why you need a Money-Making Website.

Successful Careers in Writing: Free Webinar and Q&A

To be a well-paid writer, you need to become a full-time freelancer, right? Not so fast. We’ll show you how this is just one of several options to make a living as a writer. Join AWAI on June 22nd at 1 p.m. (ET) — where we’ll discuss several different ways professional copywriters are thriving today.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Kathy Widenhouse

Ready for a career change, Kathy Widenhouse knew she had a talent for writing but wasn’t sure if she could earn enough income from it. Find out how she achieved copywriting success

Discover Your Incredible Secret Writing Superpower

Tap into your personal superpower (you have one, even if you don’t know it) to launch your writing career faster. Christy Goldfeder shows you how.

When Should You Charge for B2B Copywriting Revisions?

When a client wants revisions to your copywriting project, you might be justified in asking for more money. Here’s how to have that difficult conversation.

2018 Trends in B2B Copywriting

Discover the latest trends you can take advantage of in B2B copywriting, so you can get your share of this growing $6.5 trillion industry.

Millennials Bring Change — and New Opportunities — for B2B Copywriters

Thanks to Millennials, B2B copywriting is changing. But the opportunity to land high-paying projects is as great as ever.

Want to Blog, but Can’t Find the Time?

If you want to blog for your web-writing business, but find the prospect overwhelming, here’s a strategy that will help you make time for blogging.

Veteran Freelancer Pinpoints Copywriting as the Smartest Career Option

After experiencing a variety of employment scenarios, Dave Vranicar found career freedom and flexibility that pays off now and long into his golden years.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Donna Baier Stein

Multi-talented writer Donna Baier Stein on what she’s learned during her 32-year writing career.

B2B Copywriting Boring? Think Again...

B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be boring or technical. In this $6.5-trillion market, there are clients in unexpected places. Here’s how to spot them.

All the experts — all in one place — all for one reason: YOU!

All of the biggest names in copywriting gather in one place every year. Put yourself in the same place and make connections and build relationships.

The $16,000 Copywriting Job

Jean Greene has just started going after clients for copywriting jobs. But she knows her stuff. And a client has hired her to write their website for $16,000.

B2B Was My Lucky Break. Could It Be Yours?

Steve Slaunwhite “backed into” a lucrative career and found a variety of in-demand projects and high professional fees, even for beginners. How’d he do it?

Three Little-Known Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Storytelling Secrets Will Make Your Sales Copy Stronger

A good story makes your copy more engaging and compelling, which increases response rates. Here are 3 storytelling secrets from a Hollywood blockbuster.

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